Mother’s day gifts for pet mamas

If you have friends, sisters, grandmothers, friends or loved ones who are doggie mamas, then here are some gift ideas for Mother’s day, May 13…

1.  Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know

This book is a MUST Read. It is written by 11 tell all dogs, told to Jeff Johnson, Hy Conrad (Monk) and Steve Martin…

Dogs reveal a lot of secrets including:

Why do we circle? Why do we eat grass? Why do we chase cars?

The book includes revelations such as:

o   We can poop the second we start our walk (but choose not to)

o   The reason we ate the sofa (leather tastes very similar to rawhide)

o   Human words we actually understand (dinner time and walk are easy, nicknames not so much)

o   What we really think of costumes

Even our pet peeves are finally aired, including:

o   Tiny dogs do NOT think they’re big dogs

o   Digging stuff out of the garbage and eating it is our form of recycling

o   Humans should really try to honor the bed rules (it’s our bed, not yours),

o   Tricks with treats (seriously, am I just getting a treat or are you trying to lure me into the bathtub?)

Here’s what you’ll also learn. You’re the center of our lives. We can’t live without you. We love you so much we never want you to leave (and will sabotage your planned vacation by any means necessary).

2. Zeke’s Butterscotch 

This is the best butterscotch I’ve ever eaten. The candy gets its unique flavor from the ingredients from a recipe from Zeke’s mother, Old Wuss as she was called, who found it in a cookbook that was published in Chicago around 1860, way before imitation flavors were invented.   REAL butterscotch is made with real ingredients.  The main ingredients are Hawaiian pure cane sugar, butter, Grade AA Creamery Butter and lots of it and unsulphered molasses which gives Zeke’s Butterscotch its deep, rich flavor.  The apple cider vinegar in the candy creates a chemical reaction that softens the butterscotch when it is warmed – as in your mouth, and that’s when you’ll start drooling.  It has a very juicy, buttery flavor.  Two more minor but very important ingredients are water (pure and natural) and salt.

Zeke’s Candy Company, formerly Cotton’s Candy Kitchen Co., is owned and operated by Sheila and Jeff Cotton in Cedarville, Ca. and has been in operation since 1988. The two married candy connoisseurs love making vintage candy butterscotch.

3.  Chocolate…If your mama digs caffeine (I cannot tolerate it), check out:

Torn Ranch (  Café Time, a new line of gourmet goods that features delicious handmade chocolates, dragées and baked goods.

 Café Time is manufactured by Torn Ranch in California’s Sonoma Valley using local hormone-free butter, Columbian Supremo beans and real vanilla.

4. Sticks and Stones

Create a beautiful piece of art with your pet or mama’s name…

Sticks and Stones custom keepsakes featuring alphabet photography name art is the perfect personalized gift for all occasions.

For a discount, use this code:    JEIAEI

5. The French dog, in this gorgeous  coffee table book, Rachael Hale captures a host of unforgettable dogs–dachshunds, poodles, Labradors, bulldogs, and more–in a variety of locations, from stately chateaux to chic Paris addresses to cobblestoned streets in quiet villages.  Artwork and quotes from famous French dog lovers and literary greats are also included.

For more photos and info:

6. Look ma, no hands

I love my hipzbag… cram it full of goodies, keys, lip gloss, waste bags, treats, credit cards, cash, cell phone… great for taking to the dog park. hooks onto your belt.

All Hipzbags are ONE SIZE FITS ALL. They are adjustable to comfortably accommodate anyone with a size 24″ – 40+” waist.

You could also:

Give a coupon for a specific amount of time/ hours of dog walking/pet sitting that you will give as a gift.

Write a poem about them and their pet.

Draw a picture of the dog(s) and/or take photos and create a book of memories.

Bake some dog treats/cookies for their dog and some cookies for the mama (their favorite).

Spend the day at the zoo, a farm, visiting a shelter, hiking or going to the beach with the dog along or other fun activity you can do together. Be creative.

Visit a dog friendly winery and take a wine tour together.

Knit/crochet a blanket for the mama and pet to share or donate one to your local pet shelter (in honor of your mother, grandmother, aunt or loved one).

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