Top 10 Most Expensive Pets

interesting stats…we love our pets and they  can be costly. Food, toys, treats, and health care add up. Do you have pet insurance for your pets?

1. Rottweiler

2. Bernese Mountain

3. Siamese

4. Great Dane

5. English Bulldog

6. Bengal

7. French Bulldog

8. Maine Coone

9. Ragdoll

10. Himalayan

 Pet Insurance

  • Without insurance, vet bills can skyrocket—and we’re less likely to foot the bill the higher costs go (check statistics in the infographic per dog and cat).

  • An average of 27% of pet owners feel pet insurance is a good way to save money (It could cover up to 90% of a vet bill).

  • Only 3% of dogs are insured and 1% of cats. Less than 1% of all pets are so dogs and cats are among the most commonly insured pets.

  • Also there are 11 major pet insurance providers in America.

  • There are 78 million dogs and 86.4 million cats in America.

  • By 2011 an estimate of $50.84 billion were spent on pet expenses and $25.51 billion on medical costs!

  • There is more than 1 pet per 2 people!


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