Cleaning the dog

bathing your dog does not have to be a fiasco anymore.

two lovely products, a foam and a powder, make bathing a breeze, waterless, no muss, no fuss… both smell really good with great ingredients, too. And when you are traveling with your dog, you may want to bathe her in between her regular bath time. All you’ve got to do is bring the Fresh Dog foam or powder with you.

Cici does not like dog washing bath time. She shakes and acts like water is enemy number one. But with these products, you don’t need water. One is a foam and the other a powder. So all I have to do is give her a massage with the foam or sprinkle some powder on her and it’s no big deal. And the end result is she smells fresh.  Of course, afterwards, she is going to roll in the grass at the park to get rid of the nice clean scent. But it’s good to be able to have options for keeping her clean. Give her a regular bath with water once in awhile and in between, use the foam or powder and voila. Clean dog!

Lavender Rosemary Scent
• For All Hair/Fur Types
• Infused with Essential Oils
• Perfect pH Balance

Directions: Shake powder onto your stinky pooch. Then, massage vigorously into fur with hands, cloth or brush. No water needed. Wipe away excess. Give your dog a hug.


• Fresh Grapefruit Scent
• No water needed!
• No sticky residue
• For all hair/fur types
• Repels dirt, dries quickly
• Doesn’t strip topical flea treatments

Directions: Dispense foam into palm of hand. Massage onto stinky dog until coat feels damp throughout. Towel dry. Give that fresh dog a treat.

I love that the company’s products were born out of a need for washing their dog Hammy while taking care of an infant.

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