Eat healthy on the road for less

For you and pooch

1. Travel with your own stainless steel reusable water bottle and a cooler or two (soft kind). Pack the cooler with plastic forks and spoons, napkins, paper plates, bowls and a few glasses along with items listed below.

2. Carry a large plastic mug and pack some individual packages of oatmeal, hot chocolate and a small supply of 2-minute noodle soups (there are rice noodle versions and kelp noodles). It’s easy to get hot water almost anywhere you go.

3. there are times during the day when you really need a snack. Stopping for fast food or buying chocolate bars quickly eats up your cash and ultimately drains energy. Bring your own snacks of nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, popcorn, chips, granola and other bars for quick easy snacks. If you have leftovers from the breakfast buffet, muffins or fruit, take them along to eat later. Orange, apple, lemonade, cranberry juice and yogurt are good, too.

4.  Pack a picnic lunch or dinner, chips and cheese, tuna, salmon and / or chicken salad, wrap sandwiches, avocadoes, hard boiled eggs, hot dogs, tins of sardines and cold cuts (to share with pooch, of course). For dessert, bring along a supply of apples, pears and oranges for a day or two.  If you need mayo, ketchup or mustard, you can always pick up packets from fast food places and/or convenience stores.

5. Bring your own tea or coffee rather than spend a lot of money and time at coffee places (unless you want to logon into the Internet for free). You can also bring your favorite muffins, cookies (wheat free Paul Newman’s) or tea biscuits and crackers.

6. A nice meal at a good restaurant is part of the fun when you travel. Eating out is enjoyable and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Have lunch rather than dinner out. Guaranteed you’ll be eating the same dishes at a much more affordable price. And, hopefully you will find or know about pet friendly dining choices along the way. Google, ask your hotel concierge or local tourism visitor conference center / chamber of commerce.

7.  Buy discounted bakery goods and produce at the market. Are there farmers markets along your travel path? Perhaps a pet friendly farm that sells goat’s milk cheese with samples. Take a farm tour. Pick fruit from trees at a DIY orchard. Or visit a pet friendly winery where you can get out, stretch the legs and paws and taste some good wine without splurging. You drink the wine, pooch gets treats.

8. Is there a Panera’s bakery, Jamba Juice or Starbuck’s on your route. use their bathrooms (save on tipping) and log onto their free WIFI.  Have a bagel and/or a delicious smoothie while checking emails, Facebook and twitter.

9. Bring  your pet’s favorite food, bowls and treats with you. Put food in a plastic bin or sort into smaller bags for each day you’re away. Take bones and toys to munch on, too.

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