Getting a hot doggone date

With summer coming up, more and more singles will be taking their dogs for walks at the local park (an especially good place to find a date).   Klooff just conducted an extensive survey of men and women to get their attitudes on what you can learn about a person from their choice of pet.

The result is the world’s top five dog breeds for attracting the girl or guy of your dreams:


(in reverse order, with “1” being the best):

5. Beagles
4. Poodles
3. Chihuahuas
2. Labrador Retrievers
1. Golden Retrievers


5. French Bulldogs
4. Siberian Huskies
3. Labrador Retrievers
2. Golden Retrievers
1. German Shepherds

Men are overwhelmingly more likely to see a woman who owns a Golden Retriever as girlfriend material than a woman who owns a Chihuahua.
The vast majority of men think that a woman who owns a Chihuahua is more likely to be dumb.

and if you want to be seen around town with the richest dog (oh no, he’s married now)… here’s Beast, Mark Zuckerberg’s dog…

More details about Klooff can be found at:
check out the hot polka dot princess…

Klooff is the new iPhone app for pet lovers.

About Klooff

Klooff is the premier app for Pet Lovers, where users can express themselves and show off their pets in a fun and stylish way. With Klooff, users can create profiles for their pets, post pics of them to Facebook and create cool custom products featuring their lovable pooches and kitties.

The app is also super fun to use, since Klooff users can earn points and badges, according to how active they are with their pets.  Badges are earned when other users vote on Klooff pet photos. Pets can be voted as “Cute” “Posh”, “Tuff” or “Funny.” For example, Fluffie, who has 5 pics that score more than 10 “Cute” votes, will earn the “Cute” badge.

Users can also advance through several different “Pet Lover” levels to prove just how much of an animal lover they really are.

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