news for Lennox UPDATE

‎#HowlingforLennox  RIP LENNOX


Lennox is scheduled to DIE on Monday or Tuesday, July 9 or 10, 2012.

WORLDWIDE protests…

Victoria Stilwell, Jeff Coltenback, Cesar Millan and even the Italian ministers have offered HOMES for Lennox… at their OWN Expense… NO response yet… Awaiting Victoria Stilwell’s message since she is in Belfast meeting with the family and the Belfast City Council.

turns out what I had written was prophetic, sadly…

The latest on Lennox:

The info I had posted before was INCORRECT… I AM SO SORRY… The link I originally posted was from a year ago…

this is the latest info… Please continue to pray for Lennox and his family !!!

Lennox has NOW been sentenced to die.

I think I found a loophole, because it seems that Belfast, Ireland has been targeting and discriminating against disabled people and taking their dogs away from them. Ms Barnes is disabled and there is even an anti-discrimination law in Ireland.


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10 responses to “news for Lennox UPDATE

  1. Sandi

    The link you have listed on here is from LAST year. Lennox has not yet had is appeal decided!

  2. lisa

    This news story is not news. its over a year old. nothing has changed.


    Youre News article is dated from Last Year and was posted on Facebook pages by mistake. Like all rumours its taken wings. I am from official Lennox Campaign and I can promise you no decision has been made yet about Lennox


    The above article you have used is from 2011, Someone has posted it on facebook and its taken wings. My name is Ange and I am one of The Official Lennox Campaign Admin. Lennox is very much alive no sentence has been passed. The LCJ will be at least another week to make a decision

  5. End BSL

    The Belfast Telegraph story is from March 2011. The judge has not yet made a decision on Lennox, based on this May 26, 2012 Belfast Telegraph article:

  6. Shayla

    Actually as far as I know right now, Lennox’s life is still being fought for. He has been held away from his family for two years, not 10 months. And their family, and the world, is still fighting hard for his release.

  7. Thank you so much for quick Edit xxxxxx

  8. Peggy

    Thank goodness I was just devastated

  9. Mary Stephens

    Happy to see lennox is still alive. He should be able to go back to his family after his long absence. I’m sure he’s a wonderful good cannine.

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