Just one day in June

It’s a good day to Adopt a Shelter pet today… as shelters across the nation put down their euthanasia apparatus for Just One Day and have pledged to focus on ADOPTIONS instead…When shelters partner with the community, amazing things happen.

Some shelters are reporting they’ve run out of animals for adoption, others have lots of empty cages because they’d done more adoptions today than they normally do in a week, one animal control shelter reported mass crying by their staff as the animals went out the front door in the loving arms of new families in droves.In just one community, 88 out of 100 dogs and 28 out of 30 cats were adopted by 11 am. In another, they stopped at 186 adoptions because they ran out.If you are one of those communities, don’t close shop. It is still early. Call neighboring shelters, call local rescue groups, have them bring animals for adoption to your facility! Imagine being an animal control shelter and RESCUING animals FROM rescue groups!

The level of success that shelters are experiencing is in direct proportion to the level of effort put in. Those shelters that heavily marketed and hosted Just One Day events are reporting that animals are being adopted in droves. Some shelters are completely empty. Every available animal was adopted. Other shelters are having more modest results. But there is a central lesson here: When you engage and partner with the public, when shelters work with rescue groups, when they reach out to the media, and when they make it easy for people to do the right thing, great things happen. They empty the shelter the good way.

Florence AL reports “amazing results” including a $1,000 donation. Morristown TN says they’ve done “huge” numbers of adoptions. Greensville SC reports 78 animals went home. Another shelter reports 94 dogs and 37 cats saved.

FREE registration to any MUNICIPAL shelter director who took the Just One Day pledge and wants to attend the No Kill Conference to learn how to end the killing now and forever (While supplies last). For more information, contact them at www.nokillconference.org.

Four million pets a year are put to sleep across America. But not today.


Adorable puppies, kittens, cats and dogs – all available for adoption – will put their best paw forward to encourage Americans to open their hearts and homes and adopt. Special adoption events will take place all across the nation.

What is a day?There are many ways to answer that question.A day is 24 hours.  One day represents 10,411 lives needlessly lost.
Imagine a day as a No Kill nation.
Shelters across the USA took a pledge not to kill any savable animals on June 11, 2012. For Just One Day, “Euthanasia Technicians” will put down their syringes and pick up cameras. Instead of injecting animals with lethal doses of sodium pentobarbital, they will photograph them and post them on the Internet, on Facebook, on Twitter. On June 11, 2012, they will market their animals to the public, they will reach out to rescue groups, they will host adoption events with discounted rates, they will stay open for extended hours, and they will ask their communities to help them empty the shelter the good way.
Instead of going into body bags in freezers, the animals will go out the front door in the loving arms of families. At the end of the day, the shelters will be emptier than when the day started. And, no one will have had to die in order to make that happen.
On average, if each animal shelter in the USA adopted out or transferred to rescue groups an extra three animals on June 11, the USA can become a no kill nation. And if we can do it today, we can also do it on June 12 for Just Another Day. . .
Please do your part to make today a Success… for the love of animals.  No healthy pet deserves to die when they can be adopted and have a good home.
Shelters should become Adoption Centers and work with local rescue organizations. A place where animals are housed temporarily until they find their forever home.  If not now, when?  Today is the day to make it happen.
What can you do/are doing today to make this event a Success?

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