letters to Belfast and beyond




Lennox is scheduled to DIE on Monday or Tuesday, July 9 or 10, 2012.

WORLDWIDE protests…

Victoria Stilwell, Jeff Coltenback, Cesar Millan and even the Italian ministers have offered HOMES for Lennox… at their OWN Expense… NO response yet… Awaiting Victoria Stilwell’s message since she is in Belfast meeting with the family and the Belfast City Council.


Ways you can help


What is the next step in this historic BSL case?

The family of Lennox will appeal to the Higher Court of England in hopes his case is accepted in their court.

How you can help?

If you live in America contact the President of the United States or your congressional leader asking for their support for the release of Lennox.

Contact the Companion Animal Welfare Council asking for their support.

Sign the Save Lennox petition.

Contact your favorite Celebrity asking for their support.

Please keep all pleas for help respectful and dignified.


can u help a lil girl and her service dog? His name is Lennox & he was taken away 2 yrs ago http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hr305p

Here is a letter I wrote and a list of celebrities on twitter.  Ask Ellen and Anderson to have the Barnes family on the show to tell their story.

Dear Betty White, Brad Pitt, Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Jon Stewart, Madonna, Linda Blair, Jennifer Aniston, Bernadette Peters, and other dog lovers,

    • A disabled child and her service dog need your help asap.
    • Brooke Barnes is a 13 year old girl in Belfast, Ireland. Her dog, Lennox, was taken from her home in May 2010 because “he looks like a pit bull.” He is an American Bulldog and Labrador mix.  He has been isolated, left to sit in his own feces in a concrete cell hidden away from the world for two years now while the Barnes family have had to share their plight and go through legislation hierarchy in Ireland in order to get Brooke’s dog back. Lennox is Brooke’s “bestest friend.”
    • He is NOT a dangerous dog according to dog trainer experts Victoria Stilwell and Cesar Millan.
    • In fact, Lennox was at home with his family when officials from the Belfast city Council came to visit and seized him because “he looked like a pit bull.” He never showed any sign of aggression. He was mostly at home, muzzled and leashed when taken out in public, microchipped, neutered and in good health.
    • Now Lennox and Brooke’s health are both failing due to this long ordeal. And another Judge has ordered that Lennox be destroyed, based on the testimony of a Dog Warden. There are photos of this Dog Warden with Lennox showing him licking her in the face (see link to article below for proof).
    • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joan-k-smith/lennox-the-dog-belfast_b_1591800.html
    • Clearly, Lennox needs to GO HOME. He is not a danger to anyone. And Brooke and his family need him to be safe.
    • Can you please help Lennox GO HOME?
    • Thank you.
    • Sincerely,

The Patrick Movement for NJ

A special request (as posted) ~~

“Would everyone please write an understated, respectful, non-hysterical plea to the Belfast City Council? I wrote one, you are welcome to use it or just compose one from the heart. These are not petitions or hate letters; just appeals to reason and compassion; we have nothing to lose by trying.

“To: complaints@belfastcity.gov.uk

here is my letter:
Dear Sirs,

Everyone in life has a choice to make each day, myriad of choices every day… to act for the highest good of all or not.. to hurt other people or to not inflict unnecessary pain. to play the role of a hero or a villain.  every time we make a choice, we step UP or FALL DOWN.  NO ONE ELSE is responsible for the choices we make. We are each, held accountable, as individuals for our choices.

What choice are YOU going to make regarding Lennox, an innocent dog who has been vilified for the way he looks and NO OTHER REASONABLE REASON?

Many thousands of people around the world are watching and DO NOT understand how you possibly have been able to justify taking an innocent service dog away from an innocent DISABLED child for two years, refused the dog all contact with his family, held him in isolated and dirty conditions, not allowed him to see a vet for his illness and other heartless cruelties all for the sake of WHAT???  Fear of what might happen????

Other options have been offered to you besides murdering this dog and so far our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Famous dog experts from around the world have tried to intervene for the sake of the dog and his family.

The dog experts agree that Lennox is NOT a dangerous dog…

Does Lennox fit any of the criteria for a dangerous dog set forth in the Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise (a 20 year well researched book by a dog expert)?

Let’s look at the facts:

he supposedly LOOKS like a pit bull, that is his ONLY crime, you say he looks like a pit bull therefore, he must die?  he is a bulldog/Labradog cross  for this he must die?

he is not intact, he is neutered

not been chained up, he IS a beloved socialized therapy and family dog

not a guard dog

previous to his isolation, he was not an abused nor neglected dog

not a starved dog

not an unsupervised dog

never shown any sign of aggression, even in photos with your dog wardens

Lennox is NOT NOT NOT a dangerous dog yet he has been sentenced to die in Belfast, Ireland for no reason other than his looks????

Will you act IN GOOD FAITH TODAY AND LET LENNOX GO HOME or to a new home if you deem that necessary or will the eyes of the world watching you have to witness yet another cruel act done by you?????  Will you cause more pain today or will you let LOVE and wisdom Prevail????

It is your choice.

We pray that you DO THE RIGHT THING and take the HIGH ROAD and CHOOSE WISELY for the sake of a DISABLED CHILD and her family and the rest of humanity.


CeliaSue Hecht

cc:   newseditor@belfasttelegraph.co.uk


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3 responses to “letters to Belfast and beyond

  1. karine lenaerts

    Re-home Lennox and everybody will be happy….that’s to me the best solution, it was done before….Plse plse plse show some true feelings hre…thank you!!!

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  3. nancy ryan

    I will give lennox a home…please let him out of prison

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