Demand Proof of Life for Lennox  RIP LENNOX

First Minister Peter Robinson calls for Lennox to be rehomed to the USA

from Victoria Stilwell... Still no response or movement from the BCC today, but NI’s First Minister has publicly joined the calls asking them to let me take him to the US. Let’s hope the mayor and council are willing to listen to him. Meanwhile, news outlets continue to apply pressure…

please please remain polite with all bcc correspondence and keep mailing Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams.  When you write ask:

Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams,
Please offer another application to the court for other options to be reconsidered for Lennox!

Mr George Richardson from the HIGHCOURTS of Belfast has just confirmed that although there is a destruction order that the matter of rehoming Lennox to Victoria Stillwell is ENTIRELY in the hands of BCC!! Needless to say keep polite in all emails to bcc and Mrs O’Neil of DARDNI whilst asking for them to release Lennox for rehoming with Victoria Stilwell.
please please remain polite with all bcc correspondence and keep mailing Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams

Latest Update from Victoria Stilwell and URGENT email request…

pls share, latest UPDATE, join protest in NYC Mon. July 9 to #SaveLennox the dog #End BSL

If Lennox was already dead why would Victoria Stilwell be going to Belfast to see what can be done about getting Lennox to sanctuary in the USA????

I apologize for jumping to unconfirmed conclusions after reading several articles written by the North county Gazette.  I did NOT know that the North County Gazette should have reported that the BCC was IGNORING requests to rehome Lennox because the NCG published that the requests were DENIED. So I thought that the BCC had refused Victoria Stilwell’s request. That has NOT happened.  Nor has Jeff Coltenback’s request been denied (ignored but not denied).

But when I thought that it seemed that the unthinkable had happened, that either the Belfast City Council has already killed Lennox or he is in such deplorably ill condition and at death’s door that they do not want anyone to see him, I wrote to demand proof of life. Otherwise, why refuse to allow him to be rehomed in the USA and deny that the family to see him one last time????

I still wonder cannot the family hold the BCC accountable for their deplorable treatment of Lennox, no vet care, sleeping in feces, etc. ???? seems cruel, inhumane and unusual punishment…

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck- odds are, it’s a duck. When was Lennox last seen alive by someone other than than the BCC, Animal Control and court officials? Where is the “Proof of Life”? Has this entire affair been a simple cover-up of the fact Lennox died in the care of officials long ago, and they simply can’t admit the mistake? It all looks very duck-like. I”m not stating this as fact- I’m asking the questions. Let’s see the dog. ~John

There was an article published by June Maxam from the North County Gazette which was an UNconfirmed Denial of rehoming Lennox which should have stated that the BCC was ignoring requests.  Either she made up the Denial to incite people or ?????  see below…

WE DO NOT KNOW THAT the BCC has Denied Any Request to Rehome Lennox

What we DO know is that the Belfast City Council has so far IGNORED requests to rehome Lennox as stated here…

ignoring requests is different than denying requests (denying is what the North County Gazette wrote). May be semantics or splitting hairs to some but a DENIAL is a definite NO while ignoring leaves a door open, a sliver though that might be at this point.

Here is Jeff Coltenback’s latest letter as of July 5, 2012… he has not heard back from the BCC.

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been contacting your Government for a few months now regarding the dog, Lennox, who has been at the center of attention worldwide due to an ongoing legal issue surrounding Breed Specific Legislation in your Country. I have not heard back from anyone regarding my plea. Yesterday, July 4th, I called three of your Government offices: Parliament, Belfast City Council and Northern Ireland Court Systems. I was bounced around between the three offices and was finally given an email address to forward my mail to. However, I have decided to email as many of your Government’s addresses as possible in the hopes it gets to someone with the authority and compassion to facilitate my plea.
I wish to adopt Lennox into my care here in New Jersey, USA. I have been a dog trainer since the mid- 1990’s and I also have been rescuing animals for over a decade. Additionally, I am a New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officer (Certified in 2003). My websites are below if you would like to learn more about me. I have also included my phone numbers and email as well. I have a large support group willing to help me financially and logistically with the transfer of Lennox to New Jersey. I urge you to consider this plea of mine. In fact, I beg you to have compassion on this dog and allow him to live and leave your country. I live in a State where Breed Specific Legislation is actually prohibited.

So, between my experience and the laws under which I live, I would be a great fit for Lennox. I understand this issue has been emotional for many. I also understand the criticism and turmoil your Government has faced while dealing with this.
So, how is this a solution for you? Well, if you decide to euthanize Lennox, it is unclear what type of negative ramifications this could have on Northern Ireland. Being from the US, I have no idea what those ramifications might be. I do know that your Country will experience further ridicule, criticism and maybe even worldwide protest. I know no one wants this to end badly for anyone, especially Lennox.

So, the solution to your problem would be to show compassion to the world and allow him to leave your Country alive! Doing so will accomplish two things. First, your Country’s laws will be upheld and you will continue to enforce your local laws, as misguided as I think they are. No precedent will be set for other citizens to attempt to challenge your law. This certainly will keep your legal infrastructure intact. Secondly, and most importantly, allowing Lennox to leave alive will show the world that your Country does have compassion. The world will be more forgiving and this situation will likely pass without any negative ramifications.

I beg you to please allow Lennox to leave your Country and come into my care where he can live out his life in a safe environment with lots of parks and dog friendly settings. Thank you for hearing my plea. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Jeff Coltenback
Bloomfield, NJ USA

we await word from Victoria Stilwell and hope and pray for the best outcome for Lennox and his family.

Here is Victoria’s latest update from Ireland…

If you want, please email the Lord Mayor of Belfast:

ask him to let Lennox Come to America.

Thank you.

no matter what happens, remember that Love is bigger than hate… and Truth and Justice WILL prevail eventually.

Please send requests for mercy for Lennox, asking that he be allowed to move to the United States to the following e-mail address:

The world is watching, Belfast City Council. How do you want to be remembered when it comes to the case of Lennox? As the finally-compassionate people who did the right thing and allowed a much-loved dog to live, or the ones who killed him while hundreds of thousands of voices begged for mercy for him?

PS: here is the Gazette writer’s response to my questions as to what specific request was denied and could she please correct her article… she never answered my question. Instead she called me names and blocked me. Completely unprofessional and irresponsible. as you can see below.  Note: some time after this happened, she also banned and deleted other folks who dared to question her about her facts and the situation. Do the math. If someone is defensive, calls people names, refuses to answer questions, accuses others of attacking when that is what they are doing, what does that tell you about them???

June Maxam
8:16 AM (2 minutes ago)

to me
listen, my article was correct so don’t come over here trying to pick a fight because I won’t tolerate it.  The motion to the COURT was denied.  My article clearly states that the  family is in negotation with the BCC regarding the offers by Stilwell and others  I’m not CORRECTING anything.  Stay off my website
June Maxam
8:17 AM (1 minute ago)

to me
you are an ass
quite a Professional Journalist, huh… NOT…
so now we know that her articles have little credibility. Other articles are actually FACT checked with due diligence. I have it on good authority that Bonnie Snider is one reporter at the Examiner who double checks her FACTS and does not try to MISLEAD her readers.  Thank you very much.
DENIAL ain’t just a river in Egypt… when someone continuously supplies incorrect and/or unreliable info, why would anyone rely on them as a source of news info?  I do not ESPECIALLY when the person refuses to admit she has made any mistakes and bullies other people.  recently in 2013, she posted info about the Patrick/Kisha Curtis case, info that was turned out to be false. (see below the irrefutable proof of a conversation I had online with Capt. Yocum of the NJSPCA who said that there was NO court case on Jan. 18, 2013. Someone from the Patrick movement apparently had gotten info from the Gazette and posted that Kisha Curtis was going to court on that date. I did not know the source of the info and posted it and now she is accusing me once again. I explained how I got the info (from the Patrick movement) and she has her panties in a twist once again. I guess she enjoys accusing the world of doing her wrong. I did nothing wrong as you can see below)…
Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 5.59.59 AM


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28 responses to “Demand Proof of Life for Lennox

  1. Jair Ferreira de Souza

    É absolutamente inacreditável o que está acontecendo na Irlanda do Norte, em Belfast. Lennox merece viver. Eu moro no Brasil e fiquei estarrecido de ver que a vida de um animalzinho ser colocada em risco por um governo que se diz democrático. Não ao assassinato de Lennox.

  2. katie

    What is needed is an emergency Mareva injunction or an Anton Piller Order to prevent destruction of evidence. Anyone can apply…. The more people do this the better the chances. At the very least, if BCC have already killed Lennox, they are guilty of fraud as they have wasted public assets fighting a futile and malicious case….this is illegal for a public body and would warrant an inquiry if BCC could not prove otherwise.

    • ok, Katie, no idea what this is, am American, can you do this, does a lawyer have to do this????

      • katie

        It can be applied for ex parte, which means the other party (BCC) does not have to be involved in the decision, it can be applied for and decided without them. It is usually used for freezing assets in cases concerned with money, but it has been used to prevent the disposal of evidence. There has to be a good Prima facie case, which in basic translation means “at first sight”, so a good enough case to make the judge ponder if there is a case to answer. I would say that if BCC can not give evidence that Lennox is still alive, or give a good reason why they are withholding that evidence, then that is a fairly substantial Prima facie case. Any one has the right to challenge BCC on this matter. Both the Order and the injunction apply in UK and the Commonwealth. I am not sure about other countries, but I will do some research. It would be a Prima facie case of fraud and abuse of public funds by a public body if the BCC have done this….It would mean that they have used public money to fight this case and if it was futile (i.e. Lennox was already dead), there would be a case to answer on many levels. Of course, Lennox would be the “evidence” which would have to be seized :-). This would have to be done tomorrow in order to hold up proceedings on Monday.

        Any more help/advise I can give you please ask.

        K x

      • ok, thanks, but wouldn’t the Barnes family’s lawyer do this already or could you do this or ??? frankly, am at a loss about this, how to do it and get it done since I am American and not a lawyer. If we wrote to the media in England/Ireland about this, would this help ??? I am still waiting to hear from Victoria Stilwell, she has not written anything on her page and she is THERE with the family to help them find a solution. If she has been unable to do that is still not confirmed as far as I know. And we had a case in America last year, with a pit bull named Ace who was killed and it was covered up and it finally came out (as these things always do). So at this point, we are all voicing our suspicions.

  3. katie

    I will try and state a case tomorrow. I don’t know if I will be in time or even successful as the courts don’t work quickly unless you are very rich or influential. Sad but true…does not say much for British justice I know…I have a national TV station on the case too and they will be asking questions tomorrow…We will not back down or let BCC hide..

    There are other people on the internet following this story who may have a better chance as long as they proceed by points of law and not emotion….Don’t get me wrong, emotion is my biggest weakness/battle, but in law it counts for nothing.

    I heard about Ace. I may not be able to do anything to help Lennox if they have already killed him, but I will surely fight to get the story told and justice done.

    K x

    • Bless you, Katie, and thank you so much for this. Justice for Lennox must happen.

    • Janet Royle

      We’re all behind you, anything that will spare Lennox you have my full support x

    • Katie… do you have knowledge of any legal angle where Belfast has to provide credible proof of life that Lennox is alive? Also, are you saying that you will launch the process that you described in your first comment? Thank you for offering this hope that Belfast might face severe penalty with Lennox being the heart shattering sacrificial lamb.

  4. grit engelmann

    unfortunately lots my e-mails returned so the recepients have blocked us in some way. will try again and again…hoping lennox is alive and will be returned or rehomed. bcc, rot in hell.

  5. Janet Royle

    I totally agree, all this time I have believed Lennox is still here, can feel the love, but with these latest revelations dark suspicions are creeping into my mind. I will email all these people first thing tomorrow demanding proof! Any ideas for a template??? Thx

  6. Teresa

    I always thought that they had put him down already. Seems like every time the family wants to see him they deny and that sounds a little fishy to me. I hope he is alright and alive but unfortunately my gut says he has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  7. Thank you Kate for all this valuable information. I do hope that this will help to make a difference one way or another.

  8. O que vocês decidirem estou com vocês. Justiça para Lennox!!!!

  9. I wrote a letter to the Lord Mayor earlier this evening (apparently he is the head city coundil man.) It said that it sent. His e-mail address is: if anyone is interested

  10. Wendy Hayes

    This has been a despicable Case and a Despicable Law which ‘must’ be made to change and quickly! Katie is right – emotion cannot come into this now only cold hard facts that if presented in time to the Court will ‘have’ to be considered by the Judge. I don’t understand the Law but after reading all the information to date it is definitely time BCC were brought to task and solid proof that Lennox is still alive presented and the exact and precise reasons ‘why’ no one, especially his family is allowed to see him ‘ever’ again! I’m of the opinion that if Lennox is released it would set a ‘precedent’ for pit-bull-types and that is the sole reason why they are ‘hell-bent’ in their determination that he will die! I hope everything will get through in time and that the family will have the opportunity of taking this to the Supreme Court, even the House of Lords for that matter.

    • Wendy, the family has decided to NOT take the case to the Supreme Court of London. We are all awaiting to hear what Victoria Stilwell will accomplish. She is there right now. thanks.

  11. debbie

    Is Lennox still alive? The world is watching and we want proof

    • Debbie, apparently he has to be. If Lennox was already dead why would Victoria Stilwell be going to Belfast to see what can be done about getting Lennox to sanctuary in the USA???? Victoria Stilwell will tell us what is up soon. I know waiting is horrible. thanks.

      • grit engelmann

        I really hope you are right. I have been faithful and full of hope all through the passed months, but now I am getting suspicious…creepy feeling. I don’t think, Victoria knows more than we or the family do. even if she is there and tries what she can, Lennox could still be gone. Hopefully not. :((( xxx

      • the Irish laws are different than in the USA. So they could not have killed him yet… and it certainly seems creepy and wrong on so many levels.

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  14. Lennox is alive, Celia and Miss Maxam shouldnt be writing the alphabet with spaghetti. PS Bonnie Snider is with the Examiner , I should think she would hate to be so close to the NCG

    • this is what you wrote, I copied it from your page… “I’m actually quite shocked at this article. Using the NCG as a reference. It has little or no credibility and has posted complete and total fairy tales that wouldn’t look out of place by Grimm. If Lennox was already dead why would Victoria Stilwell be going to Belfast to see what can be done about getting Lennox to sanctuary in the USA. I’m sad to have to write this on another writers work but I will. The only contributor who has continually been correct and factual about Lennox is Bonnie Snider, she confirms and checks her stories before she puts them to bed.”

      • Sarah Franklin

        I am wondering the fate of Lennox the dog. My family and I have been keeping up on this case here in Rossville Indiana in the USA. I have not heard any updates. Please let me know. Thank you.

      • Sarah, please read my latest post Save Lennox Now… I am heartsick and sorry to say that at any moment now the BCC may kill him. They have refused to meet with Victoria Stilwell who has offered to meet with them. She is there in Belfast and offered to take him to the USA at her own expense. She was just on TV, lots of media coverage and celebs and protests. But the BCC still will not budge.

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