Pray for Lennox

Peace, Truth and Justice and Healing for Lennox and his family…

Latest Update from Victoria Stilwell and URGENT email request…

pls share, latest UPDATE, join protest in NYC Mon. July 9 to #SaveLennox the dog #End BSL

There are 1,000+ peaceful protesters in Belfast today and will be protests in NYC and other places on Monday.  On Sunday, Victoria Stilwell will be meeting with the Barnes family.  Apparently protests and news has gone worldwide, all over Europe…

The National Animal Control Authority (ENPA) has asked for clemency to the Queen and has offered to host Lennox in Italy. Behold, for once, we give a lesson in civility to the English.

Ex Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini has also called for clemency

watch the video here…

apparently the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET it seems who can pardon Lennox and allow him to live is Minister of Agriculture, Michelle O’Neil. Here is her direct email address to use of the weekend. Monday is the day determined as to whether or not innocent puppy Lennox will be killed: I understand Madam O’Neil is the only one who has the power to grant a Pardon to Lennox at this point in time. Hurry!  after hours direct e-mail:
send emails and pass this on:

call early Sun/Monday morning, too if you can…  0300 200 7852  there is a time difference, not sure what time is best…


any article that says Stilwell was refused is BOGUS, inaccurate info… and has NO credibility. “Stillwell has yet to hear back about her efforts,” she wrote.


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