World loves Lennox

A disabled young girl in ill health, an innocent dog and a world full of dog lovers… vs. cruel bureaucracy in Belfast, Ireland… Please show your support for Lennox…

First Minister Peter Robinson calls for Lennox to be rehomed to the USA

from Victoria Stilwell... Still no response or movement from the BCC today, but NI’s First Minister has publicly joined the calls asking them to let me take him to the US. Let’s hope the mayor and council are willing to listen to him. Meanwhile, news outlets continue to apply pressure…

please please remain polite with all bcc correspondence and keep mailing Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams.  When you write ask:

Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams,
Please offer another application to the court for other options to be reconsidered for Lennox!

Mr George Richardson from the HIGHCOURTS of Belfast has just confirmed that although there is a destruction order that the matter of rehoming Lennox to Victoria Stillwell is ENTIRELY in the hands of BCC!! Needless to say keep polite in all emails to bcc and Mrs O’Neil of DARDNI whilst asking for them to release Lennox for rehoming with Victoria Stilwell.
please please remain polite with all bcc correspondence and keep mailing Mrs O’Neill and Mr Adams

Latest word from Victoria Stilwell is that the BCC has not responded to her requests to meet with her.

On Sunday, she told in an emailed statement: (Victoria stilwell)
“Despite my repeated public and private requests for a meeting with the Belfast City Council to discuss positive alternatives to the euthanasia of Lennox, they have inexplicably refused to even discuss these possibilities with me, the family or their legal team. Although I’ve previously given the benefit of the doubt about the BCC’s motives, I now fear that their collective decision-making has been clouded by personal and potentially vindictive reasoning while exhibiting an unreasonable obstinance to even exploring positive solutions. I sincerely hope they relent and accept my offer of an all-expenses paid, face-saving rehoming process for this poor dog.”

“Spent a great afternoon with the courageous and beautiful Barnes family in Belfast. Their passion not only for saving Lennox but also for making the world safer for all dogs is humbling and awesome to behold. No matter the outcome, we must all unite worldwide to overturn BSL everywhere and make sure their ordeal has not been in vain.

Inexplicably, thus far the Belfast City Council has denied my repeated requests to meet privately and discuss alternatives for Lennox. We’re not finished fighting this, though, and will keep you updated.”

Monday, July 9, PROTESTERS Including CELEBRITIES from the Entertainment and 

Sporting Worlds, Will Gather at the British Consulate Office in New York City, 845 Third Avenue, New York City

 (between 51st & 52nd Streets)

The Protest will also go to the Irish Consulate Office at noon.

345 Park Avenue, NYC

(between 44th & 45th Streets – Grand Central Station)
It is expected that the National Networks will Provide Media Coverage of the Protest.
Final Push… please send email below to the following…, Please support the plea for the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for LennoxCopy and paste this exact wording and sign your name:I am writing to you as one of over 182,500 people worldwide who have signed a petition to support and demand the release of Lennox who is currently held at an unknown location by Belfast City Council. Following a legal appeal heard by the Court of Appeal NI, Lennox has been sentenced to die and we urgently request a stay of execution of the dog Lennox by the power vested in you until the following has been clarified:
A request for clemency has been submitted to Her Majesty the Queen and to all senior politicians in Northern Ireland, requesting that Lennox be spared the death sentence and be allowed to be exported out of the UK to wheresafe sanctuary is waiting for him.
We believe there have been irregularities in the judicial handling of the case and there is worldwide anger and serious reservations concerning the treatment of the dog and that this may be a cover-up to hide the damage done to him while in the care of Belfast City Council
Failing clemency, with no permission to export, the right of the family to have a final visit with their dog and be allowed to receive his body (currently rumoured to be withheld by Belfast C.C) is surely a basic right for a family grieving for their family member.
A death penalty, issued to an innocent animal, is due to be executed by Tuesday 10th July. Lennox, a much loved family companion, was seized two years ago, by council officials in Belfast City Council as an alleged “pit bull type”, he has been ordered by the courts to be destroyed and this decision was tragically upheld by the Court of Appeal NI.
Lennox has never harmed anyone; he has been prosecuted based on his appearance-for looking the wrong shape and size under breed specific legislation in NI.
Her Majesty the Queen and all senior politicians are urgently requested to use the Royal Prerogative of Mercy, which we understand starts where the law finishes and applies where a conviction and sentence has been arrived at; Lennox’s family and thousands of supporters worldwide plead for mercy.
We understand that The Royal Prerogative has been applied in NI, being used in the past by the then Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson and that a Judicial Review IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE IN NORTHERN IRELAND McGeough’s (Terence) Application[2012] NIQB 11 also examined this power as did a Judicial Review (EWHC 3102 Admin) on 17th Dec. 2008 in the case of Michael Shields before the High Courts of Justice in London. We understand that it should only be exercised where no other remedies exist and that the effect of a pardon is not to quash the conviction but releases the recipient from “all pains, penalties and punishments whatsoever that from the said conviction may ensure”.
Please, we beg you, to intervene, order a stay of execution; whilst you investigate an application for clemency and any and all other legal routes to enable Lennox to be exported out of Northern Ireland. Failing that, please insist on a stay of execution so that a clear and transparent investigation is carried out in this case so that this dog is not wrongfully put to death and doubts regarding his current condition are set at rest.
Citizens from all over the world are asking you to restore faith in the judicial system on behalf of the citizens of Northern Ireland.
I beg you to intervene urgently, please order a stay of execution and have this case investigated urgently and any and all avenues to enable the export of Lennox fully reviewed.
Your Name

Ex Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini has called for clemency

The National Animal Control Authority (ENPA) asked for clemency to the Queen and has offered to host Lennox in Italy. 


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