Patrick’s abuser trial

Latest word from NJSPCA…


Patrick Case Update : No decision today, Defense again argued that they needed more time (laughable actually) Continuance date has now been set for July 31st. Do not get angry over yet another delay as the single most important thing in this entire case is Patrick and his well being. As every day passes I firmly believe that it solidifies Patrick’s future with the Scavellis. Capt


Tomorrow, Monday, July 9, 2012 will be a BIG day for both Patrick and Lennox… and dog lovers worldwide.

Update: Kisha Curtis trial Monday July 9, 2012

Curtis has asked for pretrial intervention program (PTI), she appears before the judge Monday morning. The judge will grant her the PTI or proceed to sentence her.

If people do not show up in masses, the judge will rule as if it were just one of the many hundreds of animal abuse cases that have come before him so many times.

Kisha Curtis court date:

9:00 am Monday, the Courthouse is located 50 West Market Street

Newark, New Jersey 973-693-5700.


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3 responses to “Patrick’s abuser trial

  1. heather boise

    i hope they give her more then a slap on the wrist and she should have to pay patricks medical bills and do ALOT of jail time and some time without food

  2. Lisa Paul

    Although Patrick deserved a second chance…..she DOES NOT!!!!!!….She had a choice when she was abusing and neglecting him….HE DID NOT!!!! I think the judge should sentence her to the same fate she attempted to give Patrick….oh wait she has RIGHTS…..BULL S***!!!!

  3. Mary Howe

    Wish I lived in New Jersey so I could be there

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