For Brooke…Justice for Lennox

for Brooke and her bestest friend in the whole world… Lennox…

May we ALL take comfort in the fact of KNOWING that Lennox is NO LONGER in the hands of those who caused him pain…

from the family/Save Lennox:

RIP Lennox… No longer at the hands of those that caused him pain.
Lennox was murdered at 7am this morning, the family weren’t allowed to say goodbye, his family were refused to be allowed to be by his side.Love you pup, you will forever be remembered for your bravery, the amazing people you brought together, and for those you helped.You are loved sweet boy, run free, we will meet again someday, you will always be alive in the hearts of many who fought for you.No longer at the hands of those that cause you pain.

Such brave and beautiful people, the Barnes family…

I pray that Lennox comes to Brooke and/or Carolyn in a dream and lets them know that he is good and healthy now that he is over the Rainbow Bridge… it may take awhile for this to happen… But in the name of ALL that is Good and Holy and Decent, may the Angels comfort  and Love this family, Heal this family and Protest them from all harm… Amen…

what kind of heartless creatures CHOOSE to murder a CHILD’s bestest friend?

the BEASTS of the Belfast City Council…

What are parents supposed to tell their children now?

Oh, the BCC had plenty of other options but instead

they chose to HIDE the evidence of their cruelty

by killing Brooke’s dog…

The BCC has shown No Decency… No Mercy…

may they REAP what they have SOWED for eternity

and may this evil Breed Specific Legislation

be BANISHED from the face of the Earth Forever

Belfast, Ireland, home of children’s pet KILLERS

The world MUST show the BCC the same Mercy they showed Brooke and Lennox… NONE

Hold the BCC accountable… for Brooke’s and Lennox’s sake…


Victoria Stilwell:  Just got confirmation that despite other options, pleas for mercy from hundreds of thousands and personal appeals from the First Minister, the BCC killed Lennox this morning. I’m sickened, outraged, and devastated for the Barnes family.

as am I… what kind of creatures Kill a little girl’s bestest friend????

and know this to be true… Lennox was MURDERED/KILLED NOT NOT NOT put to sleep or another euphemism as this brilliant piece so aptly points out…


RIP LENNOX… Run free… Peace and Healing and Justice for the Barnes family…

That life is eternal
And love is immortal
And death is only a horizon
Life is eternal
As we move into the light
And a horizon is nothing
Save the limit of our sight
Save the limit of our sight

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a beautiful place called “The Rainbow Bridge”.

When a beloved pet dies, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.
It is a land of meadows, hills and colorful
valleys with lush green grass.
There is always plenty of food, water and sunshine
and our little friends are warm and comfortable.

There all the animals who had been ill and old
are young again, restored to health and vigor.
Those who have been hurt or maimed are made whole and strong.
The animals play all day and are happy and content
but there is one thing missing.
They each miss someone who they left behind.

Someone very special who loved and cared for them on earth.
Then the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up.
The bright eyes are intent and the body quivers with excitement.
Suddenly that one runs away from the group
flying over the green grass, running faster and faster.

You have been spotted.
And when you and your special friend meet again,
you take them in your arms and embrace.
Happy kisses rain upon your face. Your hands caress your beloved friend.
You look once more into the trusting eyes of your faithful pet.

And then together you cross over “The Rainbow Bridge” into heaven

….. Never to be separated again.

Author Unknown


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17 responses to “For Brooke…Justice for Lennox

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  8. AnnieS

    Not only did they KILL Lennox but it is clear to me that by not allowing Brooke to say good bye, or returning his body to to the Barnes family to cremate or burry in order for them to have closure and to process their grief, it is further proof that they abused Lennox caused his health to deteriorate and LIED to cover their criminal misconduct!

    Will someone explain to me where in their so-called “dangerous dog act” it is stated that once the BCC (Bastards, Cheats and Crooks) confiscates your dog you will not have any rights to have the body returned?

    There is only one reason, ONE REASON, that they would not return his body. And that is, they want to hide the proof of his deteriorated health while in their custody following his abduction.

    I hope that the momentum for justice continues to remain strong and everyone continues to support the Barnes family. As an international community of animal lovers we can not fail in the fight to protect against animal cruelty and abuse, even when it is done but a government institution!

    • yup, exactly…

      and today of all days, they are laughing about what they did…showing the world who the truly dangerous creatures are…

      they can keep on laughing and snorting… I have a letter I am writing and going to send to them that I will be posting here soon.

    • Rose

      Annie S … I do so agree. This is no time to give up. We need to double and triple our efforts to stop them. This needs to be even bigger now and those laws MUST be changed and those idiots at the BCC must be removed. I am unhappy with the Royal family who is supposed to love dogs. They did nothing to help this poor dog. At the least they could have spoken out in favor of letting the dog go with Ms. Stilwell. It is so obvious that the dog was abused in all ways. God knows what they did to that sweet baby. They are laughing and making animal noises when people call them. That shows what they really are. To call them beasts, animals, inhuman is to insult the non-human souls on this earth. They are lower than scum. The people of Ireland need to join together to stop them and vote them out and change that stupid law.

      • you’re right, Rose. In the Animals of Belfast, I called them pigs, I apologize to the pigs and animals. these criminals are the lowest of the low.

  9. Chiquita Box in San Diego, CA

    for some reasons I do believe Lennox has been killed long time ago… :((( words can’t describe how angry and sad I am over this… Brooke and the Barnes family, know that the world united for Lennox, how awesome is that :))

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  11. Rose

    To the BCC.
    You must be so proud. You have killed a helpless dog.

    That dog was ripped from the only people and 2 dog companions that he knew and loved
    since he was a few weeks old.

    He was shoved into a horrible place and was exposed to heat and extreme cold and starved and
    left to have his skin rot off. He was left alone and friendless for years. He was abused and taunted
    and tortured. He was treated like a prisoner of war. You drove that poor dog crazy.

    You might be erratic too if you were subjected to that kind of abuse. He probably lunged at the
    fence because he thought the person was leaving and he wanted them to stay. He wanted out
    of that hell hole. He wanted to live and be safe and loved. OH MY GOD how can you people
    be so clueless. Dumb and dumber.

    With Ireland’s history I guess I should not be surprised by your lack of common sense and lack of
    compassion. You are all idiots. You have no intelligence or understanding.

    Lennox was one dog in thousands you have killed for no reason. You are the crazy and erratic
    murderers NOT the innocent dogs.

    It is unbelievable that you could kill him with dog experts standing by to take him. That would
    have been the easy and the right thing to do.

    You now have a stain on yourselves for ever and a stain on Ireland and the entire UK forever. People
    will not forget this and they will not stop taking about your stupidity and inhuman behavior.

    You should ALL lose your jobs and be replaced with people who have a clue. Your evil will come back upon you 1000 fold. There is a thing called Karma so enjoy your laughter and joy in the murder of an innocent soul. It will not last.

  12. LM Duke

    Channel 4 UK has said they will investigate with enough requests. You can contact them via Facebook at

  13. Brianna

    Thas very sad how they had to do that! I feel sooo bad for you guys. Its sad how you couldnt say goodbye, visit him, see his body and brin him home and get his collar! Thats ridiculas! Im soo sorry for you. ❤
    R.I.P Lennox! You will never be forgoten! ❤

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