15 biz success secrets

15 biz success secrets I learned from my polka dot princess and other dogs

Claim your top spot throne, hog the bed… / limelight / garner the maximum attention

an awesome trendsetting divalicious babe… Be happy in your own body and style!

A top dog makes lots of friends by meeting people, networking every day and finding out what they have in common

Be positive, enthusiastic, optimistic at all times or when in doubt, yawn…

Steal people’s hearts with your unconditional love, acceptance,  kindness and that special look

Charm the treats out of them by making people laugh (be flexible and roll over for belly rubs)

One treat is never enough, go for the gold, lick the one you love

Roll in the grass, smell the roses, bark at the birds, have fun and play every day

Beach Dog Yoga

Keep focused, get your priorities straight, have a dream, go for what you want, be persistent stare into their eyes, look sad, wag tail… until you get what you want

Appreciate your friends, biz associates, co-workers, clients, love the ones you are with, best friends

Why settle for less, when you can have the best

Be yourself even if you have a bad reputation

Sleep soundly, rest between naps

Show/prove your loyalty

Use your imagination, be creative, challenge yourself, have an adventure, venture where you’ve never gone before

what Cici can learn from Alfie 

what’s it all about, Alfie? Keep your enemies close, sleep with the enemy, besides, cats make great bedfellows

and if you are in a stressful situation…do what a dog would do…


what have you learned from your dog/cat/pets???

Wordless Wed. blog hop, catch the code


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4 responses to “15 biz success secrets

  1. AnnieS

    Great post. I especially loved the visual aids!

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  3. Haha I absolutely love these, especially beach yoga dog doing his/her morning exercise.

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