Snacks on the go

If you are anything like me, when you go to the dog park, travel with your dog, or take your dog to the beach, you bring snacks and treats and other doggie stuff but do you remember to bring snacks for yourself? I get low blood sugar so it’s important for me to have sweets on hand. Otherwise, finding a candy bar at the beach or dog park is often fruitless. Pun intended. Also, candy bars are chocolicious but not the greatest snack.

I’ve bought trail mixes of different kinds with dried fruits but found them too much to pack and forget to bring them. Some dried fruits come with too much sugar and/or sulfites and preservatives.

So when the folks from Peeled asked me to review their organic fruit snacks, I agreed. The Mango is delish. No added sugar no sulfites. And organic to boot.

I was amazed, no astonished, when Cici surprised me and ate a Mango treat all by itself. Definitely thought I’d have to wrap it up with meat jerky of some kind…

My favorite flavor was the Much Ado about Mango, definitely the best. It was not all sugary like other dried Mango snacks I’ve tried. And organic. and no added sugar! Much-ado-about-Mango is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Excellent source of: 2% Calcium, 2% Iron, 20% Vitamin C, and 30% Vitamin A. Gluten, dairy, wheat and cholesterol free.

The other flavors were apricot, pineapple, figs and dates (my least favorite just because I do not like figs and dates).

Paradise found

Organic mango, pineapple & banana

would love to try the Cherry-go-round and any berries (blueberries, strawberries, if they are going to offer them)…

Dog treats

The Barkers Dozen

Thanked us for helping them let people know about a fundraiser they had. They sent Cici several bags (three bags of three different flavors of dog treats) Delicious dog goodies… Cici especially LOVED the new organic Blueberry Bone-anza treats.  She also liked the Sweet Paw-tato Gluten-Free, Organic Dog Treats and the Chicken treats.


  • Organic Sweet Potatoes
  • Organic Steel Cut Oats
  • Vitamin E

All of the treats they sent Cici are gluten-free, meaning they do not contain wheat flour or products. This ensures that dogs with allergies or sensitive systems can enjoy wholesome, gourmet dog treats, and their owners can provide them with confidence. These dog treats contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, and the treats are baked on-demand to ensure freshness and quality.

We measured the treats for their “drool-worthiness” and “tail-wag velocity” and other scientific measures.

Lacey’s Barkery

Cici got to review the peanut butter bacon dog treats, which comes in different sizes… Cici thought that they were yummy, although not many to share with her pals.

Lacey’s Barkery has other yummy dog treats too. Oat treats made with banana, blueberry, sweet potato, carrot, or carob. And they also have dehydrated sweet potato, banana, or apple treats. These dehydrated treats are organic.

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One response to “Snacks on the go

  1. These really do sound like yummy dog treats! Makes you want to have a taste of these organic goodies before giving it to your doggies right? It’s good that more and more owners are choosing a healthy diet even for their pets. Maybe soon enough, there’ll be dogs and cats going vegan as well!

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