Wallace’s bucket list

Sweet Wallace has a bucket list… perhaps you can help make some of his dreams come true…Roo and Clara do not know how long he has to live since he was diagnosed with cancer but plan on his quality of life as their most important priority…

excerpt from book:


how to help





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2 responses to “Wallace’s bucket list

  1. I downloaded this on my Kindle but have not read it yet. I’m a sucker for animal/dog books but this one REALLY intrigues me! I cant wait to start reading it! Just have to finish the current book I have now. 🙂 Thanks for posting about this, I may have to follow in your prints and put a little something together on mine. We have to get the word out!

  2. Hang in there, Wallace. Such a gorgeous dog — but aren’t they all? There is something about his connection to the disc, to the man — all a big, happy, glorious triangle. Thank you for spreading the word about pit bulls. (By the way, the motorcycle sidecar is my personal favorite. Nobody looks better in a sidecar than a pittie with goggles, a big scarf and a smile!)

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