pain is the pits

I was diagnosed with fibro in 1996… have relieved 98% of my symptoms and agree that PET THERAPY of the pit bull variety kind helps a lot… since pibbles are funny dogs… goofy… warm… cuddly and silly… much comic relief, lots of laugh, plus calming warmth and an abundance of licks… of course I am biased…

pain is the pits… this morning my lower back was hurting, cici is applying her special therapy upon it and my back feels better already…

more about how I have relieved my pain from fibro is here…

loved that Animal Planet had pit bull puppies in their Too Cute segment but miss Pit Bulls and Parolees, which will be on again January 5.  below is just a Dogs 101 segment about American Pit Bull Terriers…

what do you think????

merry pitti


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3 responses to “pain is the pits

  1. Hi,

    Mahalo for the video of the interactive dog/cat feeders. I have been telling clients to put a tennis ball in their dogs bowl, but many of the dogs just furiously eat around the ball…possibly faster than they might without it. : ) I will be passing information along.

    With Warm Aloha,

  2. Having suffered from depression and anxiety, I have found my animal companions to be the best treatment for my symptoms. Not only do they take my mind off my own troubles they bring me out of the blues, by their companionship or by getting me out of the house and walking. Dogs are social animals and they facilitate meeting new people all the time. I am grateful for the gift of my animals.

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