Les Miserables Animal Ads

Thanks to my facebook friend/fellow blogger Edie Jarolim for her inspiration for this blog post…

If, like me, you have been at home watching TV movies or programs and in between there comes that music and you cringe, grab the remote and / or want to throw something at the TV set. The song used to be Sarah McLachlan “In the Arms of an Angel.” A beautiful song now used to promote cruelty. The ASPCA has changed its tune to “You are so Beautiful,” another great song.  But Cici wonders how humans can be so hypocritcal and cruel. She is a pit bull and many of her kind have been abused and killed in shelters supported by the ASPCA.  Plus, Cici spent her puppy time in doggie jail for no other reason than how she looks.


we will remember you, will you remember the animals?


Your ads are so ugly to me

Your ads are so ugly to me

Can’t you see

You’re ads are everything we don’t want

Your ads are everything we don’t need

Your ads are so ugly to me

Your ads are completely misleading… they don’t tell the tales about the way you treat pets and allow too many healthy pets to die. Your ads are simply abominable. NO ONE wants to adopt these pets you say. Yet it is YOUR policies that keep pets from being adopted and living happy lives. Sane people want to see RESULTS, the SUCCESSES, HAPPY pets. The Subaru ads are a great example of fun ads that make people want to adopt pets. Your ads COULD inspire millions of people to adopt pets. But oh no, you focus on the misery.  ASPCA is part of the problem NOT the solution. And they could CHANGE and be part of the SOLUTION IF THEY WANTED TO BE…

You know that your animal ads are not good if they make people want to barf, change the channel or kill themselves, hah… you know your ads ARE great if they INSPIRE people to adopt shelter pets!!!

Check out Edie Jarolim’s blog post about positive pet adoption videos that actually uplift, make people laugh and want to adopt pets from shelters.


In the ASPCA ads, they show off a parade of horribly abused animals and basically suggest that the ASPCA is the pet’s savior. The message is that if you send the ASPCA MONEY, they will rescue the animals and give them new homes. But what they don’t tell folks is they have ONE shelter, that the local SPCA’s are not at all funded by them, and that they allow rampant abuse of animals  (and should know better). The founder of the ASPCA, Henry Bergh, is rolling in his grave. His legacy has been disgraced.

The ASPCA Allows Dogs to Starve

“Last year, the ASPCA had total revenues which were just shy of $150 million dollars. That not only made it the richest SPCA in the country, it is one of the richest 200 charities in the nation. Yet, it adopts out less animals than some rescue groups and small shelters. It fights progressive shelter reform legislation that would save lives. It defends corrupt shelters who neglect and then needlessly kill animals. It fights No Kill efforts nationwide. Rather than treat them, it sends animals, including kittens, to the local pound to be killed. Its animal hospital has a history of abuse. And now an expose by a local news station has uncovered that its humane law enforcement division is allowing abused animals to die all over New York City.”


Pet Prisoners in your shelters 

(sung to the tune of the Look Down work song)

Look down, look down

Don’t look ’em in the eye

Look down, look down,

You’re here until you die

The sun is strong

It’s hot as hell below

Look down, look down,

There’s not long to go

I’ve done no wrong!

Sweet Jesus hear my prayer!

Look down, look down,

Sweet Jesus doesn’t care

I know she’ll adopt,

I know that she’ll be true!

Look down, look down,

They’ve all forgotten you

When I get free ya won’t see me

Here for dust!

Look down, look down

Don’t look ’em in the eye

How long O Lord

Before I die?

Look down, look down,

You’ll always be a slave

Look down, look down,

You’re standing in your grave

24601   24601  24601

My name is Honey Bun

Oreo and Oreo’s Law

“Meet Oreo. Oreo was a one-year-old dog who was thrown off the roof of a six-floor Brooklyn apartment building in 2009. Oreo suffered two broken legs and a fractured rib. Several of the neighbors in the building reported having heard the sound of her being beaten. The ASPCA nursed her back to health and arrested the perpetrator. They also dubbed her the “miracle dog” and fundraised off her plight. But the miracle was short lived.

“According to ASPCA President Ed Sayres, when Oreo recovered from her injuries, she started to show signs of aggression. After the money was counted and safely deposited into ASPCA bank accounts, Sayres made the decision to kill her. (Although there were videos taken of Oreo, the ASPCA has refused to release them and the only public documentation of Oreo is photographs of ASPCA employees hugging her—their own faces inches from hers—which do not demonstrate any aggression). The New York Times reported the story the day before Oreo’s scheduled execution. The reaction among animal lovers was strong and swift.

“If it was true that Oreo was still traumatized and untrusting, who could blame her? She needed time. Although the ASPCA could have cared for Oreo as long as it took to get her to trust again, Sayres refused. But others came forward to offer what the ASPCA would not: time and space to learn that not all humans are abusers.”



“The ASPCA co-opts meaningful shelter reform legislation largely by copying it but then including weasel words like substituting “may” for “shall”. So instead of requiringshelters to work with outside rescue groups, it simply says that they can if they choose to. Other meaningful reforms, like requiring shelters to scan for microchips, post found animals online, and make an effort to match lost and found animals are scuttled by including an exception if the shelter does not find it “practicable” to do so. Well, given the choice, they won’t find it practicable, which is why we need legislation that mandates it.”


“I used to live near the ASPCA’s home turf of New York City, and I’ve known the ugly reality hidden behind the cute calendars for many years—since the early-mid 1980s, to be more precise, when I first heard the parable of the accountant and the veterinarian*, which I recounted in a previous article about the ASPCA’s opposition to Oreo’s Law.

The ASPCA has long been a nice comfortable killing machine.”




Please share and donate your time, energy, resources to your local shelters and rescues. 


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  1. I had no idea this type of thing was going on! My humans don’t have a tv so I didn’t realize the ASPCA advertised on television. I feel so bad for you guys because I know al lot of pit bulls and other dogs with “bad reputations” who are really nice and like to give lickies.

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