the ultimate pit bulls

I loved watching the TV series Charmed. And Kaley Cuoco played Billie, a superwitch, who became the Charmed ones friend and helper and for a very short time enemy. Billie and her sister became the Ultimate Power. And of course good won out over evil.

Now, in real life, Kaley Cuoco has THREE rescued pit bulls, one of whom loves a good soak in the hot tub and a dip in the pool to cool off… smart dog… and she brought a video of her pooch with her to share with Ellen DeGeneres…

(Thanks to Robert from Seattle DogSpot for this story and the one about Walgreen’s below)…

and Kaley and her dogs were also on national TV (People’s Choice Awards… cannot imagine Cici being that well behaved, wow, I am impressed

It is wonderful having Pit Bulls and Parolees and Pit Boss back on Animal Planet.

pls let Walgreen’s know u do not want them selling pepper spray to hurt pit bulls, the most abused dogs on the planet…we need stupidity repellent not pepper spray… take the spray and signs off their shelves NOW !!!!  seems like Walgreen’s is opening up their company to lawsuits…  if ANY crazy person were to spray my dog with pepper spray, I would sue Walgreen’s and the person, LIABILITY ISSUES

Here’s what Walgreen’s are telling people on their FB page: We apologize to everyone about the pit bull spray that was sold at a few isolated locations. We can assure you that this was not a corporately purchased item. It was never our company’s intent to condone the inappropriate singling out of any one breed of dog. Instead, a very small number of our stores obtained it for sale on their own. As a result of us becoming aware of the product, we have told those few stores who are carrying the item to stop selling it immediately. We also will ensure other locations don’t carry it, too. Thank you and be well.



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2 responses to “the ultimate pit bulls

  1. Will and Eko

    That video is hilarious! A pool and a hot tub? That is one lucky dog.

  2. Thanks for posting, Celia Sue!

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