Dog friendly wineries Napa/Sonoma

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, in a few days, you might want to visit some dog friendly wineries if you are in the Napa Sonoma area. Below are a few of the ones that allow dogs on the property. If you want to have a romantic night on the town sans pooch, you can make it up to the dog with some extra treats and belly rubs. And if you and Fido are having a fun date, you might consider enjoying a little bit of wine tasting with cheese for your dog (no wine for the dog).

Thanks to Mary Alice and Chloe at Dog Jaunt who are in the area and reminded us to do this round up of dog friendly wineries.


check the dogs allowed box


larson family winery


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4 responses to “Dog friendly wineries Napa/Sonoma

  1. Thanks for sharing this great vacation idea for the entire family, CeliaSue!

  2. barkandchatter

    Very nice! We probably won’t ever make to any, but it’s fun to day dream! 🙂

  3. Eko and I have been lucky enough to visit a few different pet-friendly wineries. He gets a great walk and he is always a hit with other visitors.

  4. great post. it helps me a lot. thanks for posting! keep it up 😀

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