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“We could be a No Kill nation today. But we aren’t. And we aren’t for one reason and one reason only—shelter managers find killing easier than doing what is necessary to stop it…”   Winograd, Nathan J.  (2009-11-12). Irreconcilable Differences

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“There is a great hypocrisy in the humane movement. While shelters decry the public’s irresponsibility, shelters reject responsibility for the animals in their care. And while they tell the public not to treat the animals as disposable, they treat animals exactly that way by killing them—and literally disposing of their bodies in landfills.”

“the problem is a lack of lifesaving programs for all the categories of animals entering shelters and poor efforts in finding homes for animals who need one. From poor customer service, to a lack of weekend and evening hours, to dirty facilities, to under-performing staff, to a lack of marketing, to a failure to do offsite adoptions, to exorbitant fees, SPCAs and animal control agencies across the country are not run effectively, efficiently, or humanely, and thus are needlessly killing animals.”

Winograd, Nathan J.  (2009-11-12). Irreconcilable Differences

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Imagine, when shelters get creative and implement these and other programs:

1. cats and dogs are sent off to live in jails for programs with inmates  (if every jail had a dog and cat) that would be homes for thousands of cats and dogs…

there are about 3,000 jails in america.

there are 1821 prisons nationwide, 102 are federal prisons and 1719 are state.

415 of those 1821 are actually privately owned prisons.

2. techie toys for cats where people can interact with the kitties

3. shelter dog parks where doggies can socialize with one another

4. adoption events and fundraisers regularly with lots of public / community participation

5. every orphanage and homeless shelter should have a dog and cat

6. every senior living place, retirement, nursing home should have a dog and cat

7. every foster home should have a dog or cat or both

8. every school, community college and university should have a mascot live animal to support and live on campus

9. every holiday, offer free photos with pets to be and just adopted, dressed up in costumes (halloween, xmas, valentine’s day, easter, etc)

10.  follow the no kill equation  (see below)

Tender Loving Dog Care Adoptions
Mansfield Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 788, Mansfield, OH 44901
(419) 525-4455, ext. 2010

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
PMB 351
450 Shrewsbury Plaza
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702-4332

TLC Greyhound Adoption
323 2400 Avenue, Solomon, KS 67480
(785) 655-2208

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
Animal Safe Hospice
(602) 256-1923

Ohio Wildlife Center
2661 Billingsley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235

more than one million men, women and young adults are living their lives in confinement. They’re there for a variety of reasons—anger, drug abuse, robbery, murder—but in time, most will get a chance at a better future. Meanwhile, 15 million prisoners of a different sort are facing a possible death sentence. They’re animals with whom we share our world—dogs, cats, horses and even wildlife. They’ve committed no crime, but they will be punished unless someone steps forward and gives them a second chance at life.

No Kill Equation. These programs include: Comprehensive adoption opportunities including incentives, weekend and evening hours, and offsite adoption venues; Foster care for underaged animals, those not ready for adoption, those who may need more focused care, and when space at the shelter is at a premium; Socialization and behavior care and rehabilitation efforts to keep or to get dogs and cats happy and healthy; Thorough cleaning and care standards so animals do not get sick; Medical care and rehabilitation as prevention and for care of already ill/injured animals; Working with rescue groups; Trap-neuter-release (TNR) programs for feral and other free-roaming outdoor cats; Helping people overcome behavior, medical or environmental conditions that cause them to relinquish animals; Proactive efforts to help reunite lost pets with their families; and, An effective public relations strategy so that shelters effectively compete with commercial sources of animals.

Winograd, Nathan J.  (2009-11-12). Irreconcilable Differences

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