Wag the dog

Wallace the SuperStar and Roo on the cover of their local new pet magazine called Wagazine…



Shorty Rossi, the Pit Boss on Animal Planet, is now doing his part to fund pit bull rescues medical and financial needs.  If you are a non-profit rescue and need assistance, contact them for help.

Please “like” the page Shorty’s Charities Inc and visit this week’s recipient of the Fund-A-Pitty campaign, Florida Big Dog Rescue.

They are in need of YOUR help.

To donate visit http://www.floridabigdogrescue.com/

Thank you,
~Julie for Shorty’s


‎”Fund-A-Pitty” is Shorty’s way of helping rescues with medical needs dogs. Once a week, a 501c3 nonprofit charity rescue group will receive promotional assistance via the Shorty Rossi & Hercules Facebook fan page. Email your requests for extraordinary and urgent needs for aid to julie@shortyscharities.org.  Only 501c3 charities apply. Need can be of medical and/or urgent financial assistance in nature. Dog must be RESCUED, safe and in need of a home and a Bully Breed.

By: Shorty’s Charities Inc




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