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Saving Lives

Walk through most animal shelters (and vet hospitals where they board animals) and the noise can be deafening. Animals are stressed out, scared, even terrified, and are making lots of noise barking, crying, and other sounds to indicate their distress.  I also believe that animals are not dummies. At high kill shelters, the animals KNOW that they are going to be killed and/or that is what is on the agenda. Animals know the difference between loving people and abusive ones and want to escape the abuse.

so what would happen if this music was played in shelters throughout the USA ???   if your local shelter is not listed, why not donate a CD to them today?  It is FREE to shelters and for $5 shipping you can donate one.

am glad to see that Marin Humane and Mendocino Humane both have the music… I got some sent to Best Friends for the Vicktory dogs, now what about the Monterey SPCA, NJ SPCA, and Villalobos?

this music has been increasing adoption rates in over 1,500 shelters/rescues worldwide.

The Through a Dog’s Ear Shelter/Rescue Program offers an hour of clinically tested classical piano music free to dog advocacy groups, such as animal shelters and dog rescues. The music provided isMusic to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol 2. The qualifying factor for free CDs is a non-profit facility that temporarily houses five or more dogs for adoption or placement that has a music system of moderate quality or better.

The 2002 research of noted animal behaviorist, Deborah Wells, Ph.D. (Belfast, N. Ireland), proved that classical music had the strongest relaxation effect on shelter dogs when compared to other musical styles.


There are also CD’s for especially fearful dogs with phobias such as those who are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks and NOISE.


Does your dog suffer from a fear of thunderstorms? Does his anxiety level increase when the storm clouds roll in? Thunderstorm phobia is a very common condition among dogs all over the world. The terror that results can be an incredibly distressing, debilitating problem not only for dogs, but also for their owners who feel powerless to help. This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with thunderstorms rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds. When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the behavioral modification protocols included in the CD liner notes, you have an excellent chance of rehabilitating your thunder-phobic dog and preventing thunder-phobia from ever developing in younger dogs.


Action Alert: Please ask Virginia officials to repeal PETA’s shelter designation since they do NOT shelter animals, and kill a majority of the animals they supposedly rescue.

Since employees of “animal shelters” are the only non-veterinarians authorized by Virginia law to kill animals, removing PETA’s designation as a shelter will put the brakes on PETA killing.


Do you have what it takes to save lives? Find out:

And then apply:

San Marcos, TX:

St. Paul, MN:

Bozeman, MT:

Addison County, VT:

Chittenden, VT:

Longview, TX:

Oklahoma City, OK:

Pasado’s Safe Haven:

Jersey Animal Coalition:

Operation Kindness:

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Greatest story never told

It is that time of year again… time to think about the Earth… actually, EVERY day is earth day as long as we live on this planet.


A few ways to consider making your pets greener this year and contributing to the health of the planet.

1. Feed your dog raw, fresh homemade food (locally grown organic) and/or pet food without pesticides, chemicals, processing (no kibble or cans)…

It was found in a study that our pets live longer when fed a natural diet and it is better for the planet.

Our favorite food, Dr Harvey’s has a new dog food (and cat food) called Oracle… which includes meat… we have not tried it yet but am sure that Cici will LOVE it…

  • Just add water for a complete meal in minutes!
  • Makes homemade and raw feeding easy.
  • Freeze-Dried Raw USDA Meats
  • No Preservatives or Chemical Additives
  • Available in Grain-Free Formulas

2.  Consider using natural therapies for your pets… acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, hydrotherapy, homeopathic remedies, music and supplements are easier on the body and planet. Even can be easier on the wallet if you consider the high cost of vet care and drugs.

A green pet first aid kit

3. Teach your kitty how to use the toilet and/or use corn, wheat or newspaper pellets instead of clay and clumping clay litter.  Clay and clumping clay litter can have health hazards for kittens and cats and the mining of the clay is detrimental for the earth.

4. Become informed and educated about New Energy, Free Energy and

energy propulsion that can bring us to a new era of universal peace, eradicate poverty, and more.

It is time for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the Cosmos…and

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is working with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka and his team at Neverending Light Productions to produce one of the most significant films of our time.

This film exposes the greatest story never told:

“Once people understand that classified projects have figured out how UFO’s operate, they will realize we no longer need oil, coal and nuclear power. This is the truth that has driven the secrecy.”

On April 22, today, the film Sirius, will premiere in Los Angeles.  You can download it to watch it at home.

Sounds too good to be true? Check it out here…


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Healing paws and K9 angels

it’s been a very difficult and challenging week, to say the least… what with events in Boston and Texas and the Senate…we are glad that the lockdown of Boston is over.

now, a dear dog that we all love and his family also had a very tough week… Hector the pit bull… his brother Wallace, if you recall, was diagnosed with cancer and given a few months to live awhile ago. Wallace has now lived seven months beyond the diagnosis and the cancer is in remission. That is the good news. However, Hector, struggles with babesia, an illness several of the former Vick dogs are dealing with. He just overcame a bout of it but now he has a swollen mass on his spleen which could be cancerous or benign. It’s complicated…

Here’s the update. “We postponed surgery. This is not a simple decision at all. My vet has been working tirelessly to come up with the best solution, but it’s pretty complicated. Yes, I have a mass on my spleen. It could be hemangiosarcoma or some other cancer; It could be a hematoma. If they remove my spleen and it’s cancer, I probably won’t have long to live. If they remove my spleen and it’s not cancer, I will have a very difficult battle against my babesia which could also take my life. Usually dogs can live fine without a spleen, but I really need mine. There’s a chance they could save some of the spleen, but that is unknown. Without a spleen, I could stay on a babesia treatment for the rest of my life, but that could give me bad side effects. There is the option of not doing surgery, treat the babesia, and hope that the mass is related to the babesia and it will heal on its own, but without knowing what the mass is we risk it rupturing again. There aren’t a lot of cases like mine.”

The Yoris and the vet decided not to do surgery to take out his spleen at this time. He has gone home with meds.

We pray that Hector’s spleen is healed and his health improves miraculously. We send his family lots of love and light.  Paws and fingers crossed for canine angels.

Please keep Hector and his family in your thoughts and prayers.





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Party Like a Princess

Party Like a Princess: Ten Ways to Celebrate
National Princess Week with Your Own Little Lord or Lad
Just in time for National Princess Week (which takes place from April 21 to 27),
a real-life princess—Cici the Polka Dot Princess—shares ten ways to
celebrate with your own little royals that are both fun and meaningful.


Celebrate National Princess Week. If you have a pint-sized princess at your house, this can be the perfect opportunity to bust out the dress-up clothes and fine china and celebrate in true royal fashion. And while the word “princess” conjures images of tiaras and tea parties (and rightfully so), there are some important lessons that can be learned from what it truly means to be a princess.

Host a royal tea party. Princesses and tea parties go paw in paw. This is also a great chance to help your canine navigate through some important social skills. Help them to craft an invite list for the party and manage the details of the party, down to the table settings and menu.  Be sure to make some yummy t-bone cookies and cakes for the guests.

“Be a gracious hostess— include everyone and make sure that all the guests are taken care of and enjoying themselves. These are life skills she will use time and time again!”

Wear your tiara to the party, dog park and beach!. Every princess needs a tiara, and celebrating National Princess Week is the perfect excuse to shine! Whether you are wearing a sparkly number or one crafted from paper and glue, wear it at the mall shopping, around the house, in the yard, at the dog park or wherever! Take lots of photos of your princess in her tiara to remind them of how very special they are.  Woof woof woof !!!

Step out in style. While the clothes don’t make the princess (just ask Cinderella and Snow White!), you should take pride in your appearance and how you present yourself to the world. Pull out your best princess outfits and flaunt them proudly this week. Who says you can’t wear a ball, a gown, and/or drink out of a red slipper while lounging on the couch?

Fundraise for homeless princesses and princes.  Make a big day of it—wear your fancy dresses, serve your chicken and turkey treats in fine china and your water in champagne glasses. Have a kissing booth for princesses to kiss frogs, best dressed princess and other fun contests.

Sniff out your best manners. Focus on manners, etiquette, and politeness. Dog trainers, groomers and vets make all the guests feel welcome, special, and valued.  Learning royal manners will help homeless princes and princesses to get adopted.

Design your family crest. Consider creating a family crest with your little royals pawtographs on them. You can sell the photos of princesses in full garb and the family crest photos. Your family’s identity, values, and goals should be represented on the crest. Using whatever materials you have on hand, design a crest your family can be proud of. Hang it in a prominent location as a reminder to every family member of what you stand for.

Take some time to appreciate the arts. A proper princess has an appreciation for the arts—and developing that love starts at a young age. Take some time during this week to introduce your little one to the arts: visit an art museum, attend a play, or have them pawtograph a painting.


Whistle while you work (and make your castle shine!). From Cinderella to Snow White, no princess is too good to use a little elbow grease to make her home her castle. Turn up some tunes (bonus points if they are of the princess variety!), channel your inner-Cinderella, and get to work making your own abode sparkle and shine. Once things are clean, take a little time to make things feel extra special this week: decorate with streamers, beads, or dog artwork you create together. Make your space a place you can’t wait to come home to—and to show off!

Do a good deed (or two). Princesses, whether they live in the real world or in a fairy tale, are known for doing good deeds and taking care of the people in their kingdoms. This week is the perfect opportunity to enlist your little ones in some good deed doing. Help a neighbor with their dogs, offer to assist someone with their dog walking, or volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Make some plans with Prince Charming (better known as Dad!). While National Princess Week can be a lot of fun for fur moms and their furkids, it wouldn’t be complete without showing a little love to the Prince Charming of the house. After all, he’s an important part of your royal family and deserves the chance to celebrate too! Schedule a special time for Dad and his princess. Serve a special picnic in the living room or send them out for a day of doga, hiking, swimming or agility dancing.


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Family vacation in the UK

Guest blog post by Ariane Franke

We are a large family of two adults, two children, two dogs and two cats and if we can do things as a family then we will usually do so.  One thing we have yet to achieve is to holiday as a family.  The cats have never really seemed that bothered about being left behind in a luxury cattery but the dogs have never enjoyed the kennels and we have had many a sulking dog post holiday.  We decided last year to attempt a proper family holiday (minus the cats who just didn’t care).

Our first decision was should we go abroad or stay more local in the UK.  While obtaining a pet passport seemed relatively simple, we decided to try and keep costs down and stay in the UK.  We thought we would look at going down towards Cornwall way having never been there before but knowing it was beautiful.  Our friends had told us that it was an ideal place to go with children and dogs, plenty of long walks and lots of fresh air to wear the lot of them out.

We looked at staying in a suitable pet hotel and did find a few chains online as well as small private hotels that welcomed dogs for a small refundable deposit and a small daily/weekly charge.   Whilst the hotels all looked lovely we decided to stay in a dog friendly cottage which meant that we could come and go as we pleased and not worry about disturbing other guests with our loud family.

When packing for the holiday I hadn’t anticipated how many extra things I would need when including dogs on the holiday.  I had to pack a week’s supply of dog food, suitable dog bedding and covers for their furniture in case my dogs got a bit over comfy on it, their favorite toys and even their water and food bowls in case the cottage did not have any to lend us.  I also had to source a suitable dog bed to go in the boot of the car and a dog gate in the car to ensure they did not leap over the back seats on the journey down.

Despite the added stress and baggage I can safely say it was a great holiday, one which was enjoyed by everyone and one we would take again.  Children and dogs were completely exhausted by the end of every day and the journey home was the quietest and sleepiest one I have ever known.


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Blog the Change: Imagine a No Kill Nation

Ever since I rescued my gal Cici, became involved with the Patrick movement, and learned about how abused and cruelly some animals are treated (pit bull breeds) at shelters and beyond through Breed Specific Legislation, and pet owners who should NEVER be pet owners, and also reading Nathan Winograd’s solution-oriented books and research about USA animal shelters, I’m committed to sharing the No Kill Equation and philosophy in hopes of Making a Difference. This cause is near and dear to my heart. NO healthy nor adoptable pet should be euthanized EVER. And no animal deserves to be abused and treated cruelly. These should be self evident and morally binding contracts that human beings have with the animals but some humans appear to have other agendas going on.

No animals should be killed because of their breed, because they were fought by criminals to make money, and no animals should be killed due to lack of space or cages. If some shelters can FLY dogs and cats to safety and new homes (Hawaii, California and other places),

then there is JUST NO EXCUSE for the killing of healthy and adoptable animals. I am NOT saying it is easy to be a shelter director and to make these decisions. AND what I am saying is that if it is your JOB is to humanely take care of animals and you are BEING PAID to do so, then you have a moral and ethical obligation to DO THE JOB of humanely taking care of animals and that DOES NOT INCLUDE KILLING animals when you have NOT implemented ANY part of the No Kill Equation.

‘And what if your pet is missing and ends up at a shelter?

According to Nathan Winograd:

“When their dog was lost, this family looked for him where most people do–at the well known County shelter. They looked for him every day for two weeks. They did not find him. Why? The City has a small, relatively unknown shelter, which is where he was. When they told the County where they were from, apparently no one there thought to tell them to check the City shelter or even that there was one. That would have been helpful information. They simply filed a lost report and told them to check the kennels, which they dutifully did, regularly.

But when they discovered that the City had its own small shelter, they went there and there he was, where he had been for two weeks. Thankfully, the City shelter does not kill animals or he would have been dead (California’s holding period is only 72 hours). Every day, shelters kill stray animals at the end of their holding periods, claiming people are irresponsible. In fact, the reasons people do not find more of their lost animals are a bit more complex.

In this article for the No Kill Advocacy Center, Missing Pet Partnership explains the reasons why more strays are not reclaimed and how shelters can triple the number of dogs and increase the number of cat who end up back home by seven-fold or more:

When the dog saw his family, he went crazy. When the family saw their dog, they did, too. Killing is not an act of love. It is an act of violence. No Kill is love.”

Off the top of your head, imagine you are a shelter director… and you have a bunch of cats and dogs in your shelter… let’s say 50…  and you want to go No Kill… killing is no longer an option… you have 10 empty cages and a rescue effort brings in another 30 animals… what are you going to do???

Here is my list:

l. double or triple up some of the dogs/cats in cages

2. hold an adoption event, extend adoption hours and/or discount adoption fees

3. call upon volunteers and rescues in the area to foster some of the pets

4. bring some of the cages/kennels into the lobby to make the pets more visible for adoption

5. call the media to advertise the pets up for adoption

6. call other community organizations in the area to see if they can take a few pets

7. call sponsors, school organizations, teachers and ask if they would let you bring a few animals to school for an adoption event

8. call business chamber of commerce and other networks and ask for their assistance with adopting pets

9. call pet food express and other pet shops that DO NOT sell pets and ask if a few of the pets can be put in cages there for adoption

10. hold a pet-a-thon, adopt a pittie, black dogs or cats or whatever day every saturday or friday or whatever day

11. ask for help, ask staff to call upon others in the community to solve this problem

12. bring pets to the local mayor’s office with the media and ask the community for support

Some of these can be done on a regular (weekly) basis …

Think outside the cage/kennel and STOP Killing healthy, adoptable pets and STOP the lame excuses…

People that defend killing animals make me think of the part during the Alice’s Restaurant saga where the guy sings “I want to kill… I want to kill…” He has gone to the draft board and is trying to get out of going to Vietnam. He is trying to convince them that he is crazy. Just admit to the public that you want to kill animals… Own up to it. And if the public is (rightly) horrified, then grow a conscience and STOP KILLING ANIMALS.

Seems to me that our culture rewards abuse, torture and violence on all sorts of levels. Look at all of the wars the USA has started and continued. How we cannot get legislation for gun control, background checks, even after small children were shot down in Newtown, CT,  how we are taught to blame the victims of crimes and how little animal abusers are punished by our faulty Justice system.

People often mention – with pride – that the United States is the most powerful nations on earth. And it’s true. We’re also 12th in per capita income, 50th in infant survival rate, and 51st in life expectancy. But we can blow up more than anybody else, so we’ve got that going for us. (Source: CIA World Fact Book)

“We are a nation of animal lovers, and we, and the animals we love, deserve better. We deserve shelters that reflect our progressive and compassionate values, not thwart them. We now have a solution to shelter killing and it is not difficult, expensive, or beyond practical means to achieve. Only one thing stands in the way of its widespread implementation: a deeply troubled and dysfunctional animal protection movement that undermines the effort at every turn.


“Through the No Kill movement, we can create a country in which it is illegal to kill animals who enter shelters. We can create a country in which children are raised with higher expectations for the treatment of animals—and an understanding and acceptance that animals have legal rights. And we can establish powerful advocates for the well-being of animals in every community by reclaiming the thousands of shelters across our nation, and reorienting them away from killing and back to their founding missions: to advocate for and save animals.”   Nathan Winograd

Let’s make a difference for our country and the people and animals in it.

The No Kill conference takes place July 13-14 in Washington, D.C.

TODAY is the last day for Just One Day rescuers and shelter staff to get a deep discount and for municipal shelter directors to register to get in free.


Just One Day



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Saving Pets lives

wow, now that is an animal SHELTER Coordinator who cares about animals…at an open door facility on Kauai, Hawaii…Brandy Varval wanted to lessen the euthanasia rates and

she realized that these healthy happy rare breed dogs were not going to get adopted at the shelter so she has asked people to fly the dogs to the mainland as escorts…75 dogs so far … have flown from paradise into HOMES…

seems to me that Brandy went above and beyond the call of duty to save dogs lives… now what is your shelters excuse and how can you help them in going above and beyond to save pets lives?

jobs for shelter dogs?

LAX is hosting a pup cuddle-fest for stressed passengers on April 15. “The PUP program (Pets Unstressing Passengers) a new customer service initiative designed to unstress passengers and take the hassle out of traveling. The program revolves around passenger encounters with one of over several dogs of all types throughout LAX areas such as boarding gates, baggage claim and ticketing lobbies etc.”

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 9.31.28 AM






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