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Saving Pets lives

wow, now that is an animal SHELTER Coordinator who cares about animals…at an open door facility on Kauai, Hawaii…Brandy Varval wanted to lessen the euthanasia rates and

she realized that these healthy happy rare breed dogs were not going to get adopted at the shelter so she has asked people to fly the dogs to the mainland as escorts…75 dogs so far … have flown from paradise into HOMES…



seems to me that Brandy went above and beyond the call of duty to save dogs lives… now what is your shelters excuse and how can you help them in going above and beyond to save pets lives?

jobs for shelter dogs?

LAX is hosting a pup cuddle-fest for stressed passengers on April 15. “The PUP program (Pets Unstressing Passengers) a new customer service initiative designed to unstress passengers and take the hassle out of traveling. The program revolves around passenger encounters with one of over several dogs of all types throughout LAX areas such as boarding gates, baggage claim and ticketing lobbies etc.”

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