SLO has gone to the dogs…

Cici got to travel on a Tiki tour boat and see/hear the sea otters, seals and seal lions in Morro Bay.  She kept looking around and sniffing for fish.

And we met a chi-wow-wow named Lillie who out-diva’d my polka dot princess.  Seriously this tiny pup has x-ray eyes, follows her guardian man Leslie wherever he goes and does not stop shaking until he comes back to her. Then she sat on my chest and went into Zen meditation mode. What a cutie, am missing her already.  (me and Lillie and her dad Leslie at Thomas Organics restaurant in Paso Robles).

photo (1)

Emma, some kind of heeler, herder puppy, two years old, with a black eye, Cici and Emma had some fun together playing, jawing, wrestling, running around on the beach.


April, an adorable Beagle mix, also white but with some brindle/brown markings. Cici and April chased one another, too.  Here are most of the dogs walking with Robyn.

photo (2)

Zoe, the Saluki, kind of kept to herself (I think she is kind of scared of other dogs) and she is a lapdog.


and Demi (who I keep wanting to call Murphy), a Heinz 57 type of gal with her mom Deb at the Ecluse Winery (Deb took all of these photos except the Saluki).

photo (3)

can you imagine a more diverse group of dogs???



All of the dogs are female and they and their owners/guardians and I went on a press trip (very intense) for three days and two nights to San Luis Obispo county (seven cities in three days)… whew !!!     (Cambria, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Morro Bay, San Simeon, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles).

will be writing more about the FUN we had and the dog friendly places we met along the way in future blog posts including one for  Mama’s Day which is coming up May 12.

All of the dogs also got to meet some white Labs and a blind dog named Toby at the Ecluse winery in Paso Robles.

A great time was had by ALL…lots of divine food, wine and treats and s’mores at Grover Beach…

well except for one day…  every dog has her day…

Cici’s terrible horrible no good very bad day…

well, you know that Cici has three nemesis, right…

1. cats

2. bull dogs

3. skateboards (and scooters)

all three of the above make her freak out… bark and act like she is having a canine melt down…

and guess what happened to my girl?

she met all three of her nemesis in ONE day… and she flipped out….

otherwise, we all had tons of fun…

More about the trip/media tour…







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  1. Looks like you had a blast!

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