Foster Failure

Do you have a foster failure story of your own???  let’s hear about it…



Did you know that over 110 Open Admission shelters/animal controls are SAVING more than 90% of the animals?

through Sunday, the ebook version of Friendly Fire, will be available for free on Amazon. Learn more why it is so important to adopt, foster, pets from shelters:


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3 responses to “Foster Failure

  1. I’m a foster Mom. I have foster about 15 dogs now in 2 years. My current foster has been with me since Sept. She was pulled from death row and is now getting socialization and training so that she will be come a perfect family pet.

    • hey, tell us more about the rewards, satisfaction of being a foster mom, would love YOU to write a blog post about it, if you’d like to do so… thanks SS !!!!

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