is your dog working today?

Cici is on the job, as she is every day, here at home… asleep, on the couch or bed, or right now in the kitchen checking out the scraps on the floor… she just finished her bone… soon she will nap, then get a bath (shhhhhh, do not tell her)… here she is researching the news for me…

Photo 603

hey, it worked for Edgar Cayce… 

how about your pooch, are they doing important work today on Bring your Dog to work day???

In good company… Bo Obama also gets to work at home every day at the White House with the President…





dog bake



Pets Best Insurance Top 7 Reasons to Bring Your Dog to the Office

1. They won’t be doing the potty dance waiting for you to get home.

2. You don’t have to pay for doggy day care.

3. You get a mental break and fresh air during their potty breaks (as long as you’re up wind).

4. They make awkward noises and instantly lighten the mood.

5. You can blame that smell on your dog.

6. Your boss just might throw you a bone!

7. Need a smile, just look at their face.

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5 responses to “is your dog working today?

  1. Hi Cici,,,looks like you had a busy day at work. Every day is go to work day for me as I’m at my dad’s feet every morning about 5:00 AM when he sits at his computer. We work for a couple hours and then take a “go to the park ” break. I love being a “working” pup.

  2. slimdoggy

    Luckily I work from home, so Jack & Maggie get to work with me everyday. They are the best office-mates & co-workers I ever had!

  3. I work in Momz office every day.. I have to dictate my blog to her so she can get it typed, then I nap while she does the boring stuff

  4. Nice article, great pics – made me smile a lot 🙂
    That reminds me of two cats we have, they seem to be that much busy just about every day. My boyfriend keeps saying that they have to do all the hard work to let us waste our time on silly things like jobs, earning money etc haha

  5. This post definitely made my day! It’s a great idea to bring a pet to work, but be sure to check with your office first if pets are allowed.

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