Chewy chewy Chomps

Scott Products sent Cici a big old box of chews and treats to try…

she loved the twists and ears and the smaller chews… not so much the bigger bones (Gave them away)…  She relishes the chews and jumps up or over to me as soon as she sees them… yum yum yum, she thinks they are delish and gives them a big four paws up. Now her mama,moi, thinks that they are great except for the artificial flavoring and food coloring. Would be nice if they could find alternatives. 

Pork Chomps are enhanced by peanut butter, bacon, chicken and pepperoni flavors, come in bags with different size chews and different amounts.

Pork Chomps are made from the exact same ingredient as pork rinds. The only difference is that Pork Chomps are baked instead of deep fried.  Since that naturally yummy flavor isn’t just basted on top, Pork Chomps stay tasty from start to finish.



Choosing the Perfect Chew

Deciding on a chew for your dog can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you out.

Size Matters

The perfect dog chew will be slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. If it fits all the way in his mouth, he might try to swallow it whole.

See, some dogs think “if it fits in my mouth, it ought to fit down my throat.”

Of course, their reasoning is flawed, but it’s no use arguing with them. It’s best to just give them chews that don’t fit in their mouths.

But don’t go overboard and buy chews that are too big. Your dog should be able to get the chew between his jaws.

Also, bear in mind that your pup can have too much of a good thing. Treats and chews should account for only 10% of a dog’s daily caloric intake.

Speed Matters

Does your dog gobble up chews as fast as possible?  If so, he needs a chew he can digest.

Products made with baked pork skin are easily-digestible. Stay away from rawhide, which can cause intestinal blockages if consumed too quickly.

Age Matters

As their digestive systems slow down, senior dogs are at greater risk for developing intestinal blockages.

Make sure their chews are easy to digest. Do not give them rawhide, and do not allow them to consume large amounts of anything in one sitting.

Neatness Counts  (to  people … dogs don’t care)

If carpet stains send you through the roof, don’t buy brightly colored or “basted” chews.  A lot of that “basting” is food coloring. And most of that food coloring will likely end up on your white sofa.

Save yourself the headache and buy chews that don’t stain, such as Pork Chomps.

Also, since Pork Chomps are completely ingestible – your dog will eat his whole chew – leaving behind no slimy pieces for you to clean up.

Flavor Counts (to dogs)

Of course you want your dog to enjoy the chew — and not just until he’s licked all the “flavor” off.

Opt for chews that taste good all the way through, such as those made with pork skin.

Even after your dog rips off the “flavored” parts, a chew made of pork skin is more likely to hold his interest than one made of beef rawhide. Pork skin has a naturally delicious flavor that dogs love.

Pork Chomps

You can always find the perfect chew when you choose Pork Chomps. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, Pork Chomps are safer, tastier and cleaner than chews made with rawhide.


July is Free Shipping Month

All month long, enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you spend $20 or more at the Pork Chomps Web Store. This deal is only for shipping to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii are excluded.

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