Racism in America

I realize that people are horrified and in pain over the UNJUST Zimmerman acquittal. Trayvon Martin would be ALIVE today if George Zimmerman had not stalked him and gotten out of his truck. We all know that and we know that if Zimmerman had been black and Martin white, Zimmerman would be in jail now for many years to come. Racism is alive in America in 2013 and MAKES ME SICK TO MY CORE.

Our hearts are broken for the Martin family’s loss. Words do not express what I want to say so suffice that.

Please support the work the family of Trayvon Martin is doing in his memory …   http://www.TrayvonMartinFoundation.org/ please share

I agree with the assessment below and hope that civil suits will be filed against Zimmerman.



thinking, ‘they know not what they do’ They’ve made all kids targets. This is one of the most evil verdicts in American History.

Now,, having said that some people on twitter and facebook are saying that Casey Anthony got off scot free (yeah, another terrible verdict) in Florida, and others and they throw in Michael Vick, as if to say that Trayvon was treated worse than a dog… That as a black kid he was convicted of his own murder.  I agree with that AND DISAGREE WITH THE MISSTATEMENT ABOUT VICK… TRAYVON’S LIFE DID AND DOES MATTER. 

Given that I write about dogs and know a lot about the Vick case, I have to set this straight. Vick did not go to jail for a dog.

Vick got two years for gambling. despite his killing 8+ dogs with his bare hands, and in horrific ways, (and he did this for 6-8 YEARS)… he was never charged with animal cruelty nor abuse, so he got only two years, instead of the many years he deserves…. if you look at the court docs and read The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant … Equating Vick and Trayvon is CRAZY… Trayvon was an innocent kid and Vick is a psychopathic serial dog killer, NO COMPARISON THERE. 

so this is where this crap came from… Marcus Vick’s brother says George Zimmerman deserved 30 years in jail, well, so did his brother Michael Vick…


NO JUSTICE in either case… numerous dogs still SUFFER from what Vick did to them although they are now in loving homes, 8 have become therapy dogs, etc. but some are still terrified of strangers and being in strange situations, and the dogs have had to overcome A LOT of PTSD, trauma from Bad Newz… Poor Cherry slept with his EYES OPEN for the first year (or six months) and had to be carried. The dogs were so shut down and scared for their lives. Little Red was used as a bait dog. And so on…

If you listen to the interviews with their pet guardians you will know some of what what the dogs experienced was horrific beyond imagination, Vick got off easy as far as I am concerned. And comparing Trayvon to Vick does NO JUSTICE to Trayvon and compares a child to a python snake.


How the NRA and ALEC got the Stand Your Ground law passed in Florida and spread nationwide. If you care about the Trayvon verdict, you need to read this.


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