Fleece the dog you love

cici in her pretty hot pink stretch fleece, she is a fleecetionista dog… love this fleece, it feels so soft and love the color… yummy for cici… (not edible)… part of the goldpawseries.com it is a year round jacket made with recycled polyester and spandex, machine washable, made in the USA … if you have a dog that gets chilly or simply one that wants to show off their furshionista sense and go styling when you are traveling… this is the fleece to be in…

Photo on 2013-08-30 at 12.10

what I LOVE about it, is is EASY to put on her, she is such a pest when it comes to putting anything on and I do not usually make her wear clothes… but since she has been so itchy, been trying to cover up the spots… hot spots… so far, she has not been able to chew this to bits… and it does not provide full coverage, but looks soooooo good on her…

one concern I had was it would be too warm on her, but it is not… it is our turn to have summer weather here, but it is not that hot out yet and so this fleece is also good for Fall weather, or spring, wherever you live… you could get your doggie a gift for the New Year.

Comes in 11 fashionable colors and has 15 different sizing options, including custom sizing to fit any breed (Great Danes included). And Gold Paw Series’ products are eco friendly, Bluesign certified, use low-impact dyes, cirrus fleece from recycled polyester and even tags made from recycled materials.

Flee fleas… in your fleece… no, it does not make fleas go away… just playing with words.. what do you think of my fleece-sionista???


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One response to “Fleece the dog you love

  1. What a cute idea. I’m not sure if my dog would allow the fleece to be on her for more than 2 minutes. But it makes for such great photos!

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