JUSTICE for Kiya

probably by now you have heard about Puppy Doe aka Kiya…

Over the weekend, hundreds held a vigil for the puppy in Quincy, MA… the dog loving community has come together to speak out against this horrific abuse.


If you have any information whatsoever about this case, please contact:

Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Law Enforcement Department at 617-226-5610, e-mail cruelty@arlboston.org.


Quincy Police Department, Detective Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774

Mainstream media


A response:

In this case, the mass consciousness is that of thousands of people shocked, stunned, frightened, and enraged by acts of torture inflicted on a mere puppy over a long extended period of time. And YOU think that our sorrow and anguish is nutty? I feel that your commitment to playing to mainstream readers has you confused about depth of character, human intelligence, and the higher ground approach to co-existing with other species on this planet. You, Ms. Eagan, by the fact that you are a journalist in a large publication are in the place of being a voice of leadership. In this case, you are the voice of a piddling, low class, pathetic, and cheap shot punk writer who does not have the depth of character development to face the pain elicited by knowing the atrocities that this poor puppy endured.

Another article: (the reward is up to $18,000 now)…


Some folks have also been creating petitions to Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist asking that Craigslist stop offering free pets to good homes or to post a warning.

below is my email to Craig:

Dear Craig, I am sure by now that you  know about Puppy Doe aka Kiya, the dog who was horrifically abused and tortured and had to be euthanized. Her owner put her up for adoption on craigslist.
While I know that not every dog who is put up for adoption on Craigslist is abused, too many have been.  It is already well known among rescues that Craigslist “free to a good home” pets are often subject to violence & abuse and this is an extremely horrific situation.
Please consider changing your pets policy (free to a good home) and/or post a warning on the pet page to let people know that free pets are too often abused, used as bait dogs by dog fighters, and DO NOT FIND GOOD HOMES.
It is well known by law enforcement that serial killers start off by killing and abusing animals. I am sure that you do not wish to make it easy for serial killers to harm any animals but these sociopaths are using Craigslist for just that purpose. There needs to be a SAFE PLACE for animals so that they are NOT exploited, abused and harmed just because they need a home.
There are solutions that can be found.
For the sake of these innocent animals, dogs and cats, please please please be a CHAMPION for animals and CHANGE your pet policy.
Thank you.
Here is Craig’s response to me:

I do believe that we can CHANGE this situation. No matter how upset you may feel, angry or sad, please compose yourself when communicating with Craig or the authorities.

I wrote back to Craig and said this:

Craig, thank you for your timely response…

It seems that we agree that people should ask for a rehoming fee rather than offering animals for free… do you have that posted somewhere on Craigslist?

some facts…

No Kill Shelters are NOT full… the very nature of TRUE No Kill Shelters are that animals are adopted and fostered, that there is an ebb and flow of animals coming in and going out. For instance, the Nevada Humane http://www.nevadahumanesociety.org/

3-6 million pets are killed in shelters every year NOT NOT NOT because there are no homes or too many animals but because some shelters are killing animals and refuse to stop even when they have empty cages… There is a NO KILL movement that has a proven recipe of actions that can be taken IF/WHEN a shelter wants to STOP KILLING healthy adoptable pets. For the last two years on June 11, Nathan Winograd, the No Kill Advocacy Center has issued a challenge to shelters across the country to PUT DOWN THEIR NEEDLES for JUST ONE DAY, and many thousands of animals have been adopted that would have been killed.


There is a long list of animals that have been killed and abused. There are heartless people who get animals from Craigslist and other places and abuse them and use them for dog fighting bait. I do not have the stats on this.

Thanks again.


If you know something about the abuser that can help the police capture the abuser, please come forward.

Our prayers are that the abuser is found asap and sent to prison for a long time… that JUSTiCE for Kiya / Puppy Doe is served. And that there are enacted laws with stricter penalties for abuse and torture and cruelty of animals in EVERY state.

Just as there has been enacted in NJ, a Patrick’s Law, there should be Kiya’s Law in Massachusetts.

Evil like this cannot be allowed to flourish.  When a group of committed good people come together, stand together and say NO with one accord, JUSTICE PREVAILS.

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  1. Jessica Bonin

    I hate humans…inhumane humans…People make me so sick 😦

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