Dog laws pros and cons

California has now made it legal for people to break car windows in order to break a dog out of a hot car.

“As of August 2016, Vermont joined forces with Tennessee, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio in passing laws to protect good Samaritans who assist dogs locked in hot cars.”

Palm Springs has made it illegal for people to leave their dogs in their cars.

Many people applaud these measures. Don’t get me wrong, dogs shouldn’t die in hot cars AND there are other issues about this to consider and SOLVE which these laws do NOT DO.

For instance, people like me who take their dogs on trips, who are single and alone and cannot leave their pooches in the motel, and must take their dogs with them wherever they go, sure, these laws are meant to save dog’s lives… but in Palm Springs it is illegal to keep your dog in a car, even if it is COOL weather or night, this goes TOO FAR. if dogs are not allowed in stores, there is NO PLACE FOR THEM TO BE. Where am I supposed to put CICI, tie her up outside a store ????

A woman called the police while I was shopping at Trader Joe’s one cool morning. I usually take Cici inside with me and did not know about the law. She was fine with the windows wide open. As I was at the cashier and leaving, the manager asked if that was my car and told me about the woman and the law.




There are laws that DESERVE TO BE BROKEN or should never have been made to begin with in my humble opinion.  What do you think ?


Speaking of which, MONTREAL’s wrong minded response to an incident and just passed a really horrible BSL law that will put too many dogs lives at stake. Rescues are trying to get dogs out of Montreal ASAP as we speak but families are being torn apart and heartbroken for what ????? outlawing dogs for the WAY THEY LOOK IS JUST PLAIN INSANE and goes against EVERYTHING dog experts agree upon on how to COMBAT effectively dog bites and dog aggression. Breed Specific Legislation does NOTHING but waste taxpayer dollars and has proven to be completely ineffective at curbing dog bites. In fact, in some places, dog bites went up because BREED and dog’s looks have NOTHING TO DO WITH whether  a dog will bite or be aggressive or not.

There are 5 or  red flags that are PROVEN that can lead to a dog attacking or biting.

A dog who is or has been abused, a dog who is left alone in a yard, all day and night and is not socialized nor trained, a dog who is left to roam the streets, a mama with puppies, a dog who is sick and NEVER LEAVE A CHILD OF ANY AGE ALONE WITH A DOG, NO DOG, NONE. These are the RED FLAGS … AND APPLY TO ALL BREEDS of DOGS!!!!!!

“legislators voted in 37 to 23 favor of breed-specific legislation, effectively outlawing any dog that resembles a pit bull — unless owners meet a strict set of conditions.

“Under the ban — which loosely covers American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers — no dog considered a pit bull can be adopted from Montreal shelters.

“For dogs that don’t have an ‘owner’ on the day of the passing of the legislation, the way the legislation is drafted, the dogs have to be euthanized,” Alanna Devine, of the Montreal SPCA, told The Dodo last week.

“…The legislation was proposed after a spate of dog attacks in the city. Among them, the most notorious resulted in a woman being killed by a dog in her yard last June. But, even in that case, there’s doubt whether the dog that attacked her was even a pit bull.

“Under the law, people who own dogs deemed pit bulls have until March to undergo a criminal background check and pay $150 for a special permit. Their dog will have to be sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped —as well as muzzled and on a 4-foot leash at all times in public.”




What you can do:

Sign the petition, write to the officials, speak out against BSL and adopt a dog from MONTREAL asap.






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7 responses to “Dog laws pros and cons

  1. Great post! 😃 I think there should be certain rules to the law of not having dogs in cars, such as if it is above a certain temperature you cannot have your dog in car. I’m very close to Storm and bring her literally everywhere I can with me. My town sucks though as there is no store I can bring her in with me (except pet stores). Storm helps me emotionally and as far as I know, that doesn’t follow under a service dog. So she waits in my car when it’s not too hot or cold.

    And the pit bull ban…grrr. I’m pissed! Such ignorance! I’ve debated about putting up a blog post about it but I’m afraid to get started on that subject due to my anger. Lol!

  2. Jan

    With so many cities realizing that BSL is expensive, unenforceable, and ineffective, I can’t believe a city would pass a law that other cities are withdrawing. Don’t the lawmakers there know how to read?

  3. kathyg92256

    I work in Palm Springs. The law was passed to protect animals not from people like you but from irresponsible people. If animal control gets a complaint of an animal locked in a car in cool weather, they just inform the person of the law and that usually is the end of it. Palm Springs does get their share of stolen cars; what if your dog is in that car when it gets stolen? I don’t know of too many stores in PS that you cannot take a dog in. I even saw a dog in the grocery store the other day. BTW, Trader Joes is not in Palm Springs; either Cathedral City or Palm Desert maybe? I love your blogs and read every one of them. I agree about Montreal; that is just too sad. I read on one of the petitions that Calgary has a better solution. Stay safe! 🙂

    • thanks, my dog barked in Trader joe’s, cat city or rancho mirage yesterday and they asked me not to bring her in there anymore, same with target. you know it could be because of her breed, mean, dangerous, vicious, he said he had to protect his customers, she barked, did not hurt anyone. he even told me that he has pit bulls as pets himself, oh well…

  4. Jet

    Admirable attempt at fixing a real problem, but yes this law hasn’t taken into account a number of its nuances.

  5. As a fellow pit bull owner, I can totally relate to this and BSL. I even created my own blog ( as a result of this! Before visiting any city, before possibly moving to any city, we as pet owners are forced to see if our furry friend will legally be allowed there. How is that legal? We are taught to judge people as individuals, but when it comes to animals we judge them as a breed versus specific dog?

    I have written a few blog posts about this myself. Debunking the many myths about pit bulls, giving my readers a quiz to guess if my yorkie or pit bull did the bad action (many of them guessed wrong!), etc.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

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