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Blog the Change: Pit Bull Awareness

When I thought about how to honor Pit Bull Awareness Month (and how to Blog the Change), it occurred to me to do an update about Ginger… one of the three former M. Vick dogs I met in Monterey at the SPCA.    I was hoping to also get stats on pit bulls in Monterey from the SPCA but so far nada. There are about 8 pit bulls available for adoption on their website. They are inundated with a large number of chi’s right now.

But in many many shelters across the country, a majority of the dogs up for adoption and the dogs that are euthanized are pit bulls and pit bull mixes due to human ignorance about the breed. Pit bulls are abused across the board, in all ways, starved, neglected, abandoned, made to fight so humans can make money and tortured for no reason other than how they look and human fear and hatred of dogs. Every year 4-6 million healthy pets get euthanized in shelters across the USA and a high percentage of those are pit bulls and mixes.

(Updates about Patrick, the starved dog in NJ and Lennox, a dog that is not even a pit bull, who may in a week be euthanized in Belfast, Ireland …)

More about Breed Discrimination and Pibbles

Ginger and her mama are very special and fabulous ambassadors for Pit Bulls everywhere. LOVE is the KEY factor that MAKES the difference in a DOG’s Life. And Ginger personifies how great pit bulls are… goofy, loving, sweet and loyal… Even after being fought, tortured, abused, ALL of the former Vicktory dogs are a great example of the breed. Eight of the former Vick dogs are now therapy dogs. And most of the dogs are now spending time in loving homes with other dogs, kids, cats and humans. Several have their own facebook pages… Hector the Pit Bull, Handsome Dan, Cherry Garcia, Jhumpa Jones, and others. Clearly, it is NOT the dogs that cause problems, it is the humans that make a difference, one way or another.

From Stacy Dubuc, Ginger’s wonderful adopter aka doggie mama:

After being rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, Ginger made the long journey from Virginia to The SPCA for Monterey County.  Two years old at the time, she had spent most of her life in a kennel and had had very little positive interactions with humans.  She quickly went into a foster home to provide her with a quiet stable environment where she would hopefully come out of her shell.  Her early months in foster care were not easy, she was incredibly timid and would cower and hide whenever approached.  The timid shell of an animal I brought home needed way more than simple material items – she needed compassion, patience, love and some sort of understanding after the ordeal she had been through.

Our early days and months were not easy – her clinging to the back of her crate for hours on end as I cried and wondered if we would ever be friends, her fleeing from any attempt at a gentle touch, refusing to eat for days as I tried a variety of techniques to prevent her from wasting further away…it goes on and on and has probably been experienced by many a person fostering an abused animal.  We worked through those tough times and eventually became friends.

It is hard to believe but November 6th will make four years since Ginger came home with me. It has been such a pleasure watching her evolve into the confident, happy, and incredibly loving dog she is today. She loves running about the yard, going for long walks along the rec trail, naps, treats, etc.  The dog that used to cower from people is now curious and willing to meet new people. While, she will still shy away from being petted by most strangers, she will eagerly sit and take treats from them.  Most of the people we meet will never know her past…they simply see her as a beautiful happy dog passing by them on the trail.

Ginger Girl’s Facebook page


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pit bulls rule the Internet

The good folks over at Mashable did a great blog post about 10 Animals With More Social Media Fans Than Major Media Outlets pages,​/animals-social-media/

All is good.

However, they left out all of the good pit bull pages with all of the many thousands if not millions of pit bull fans…

Today is one of four annual Blog the Change Days, where pet bloggers promote their favorite people, organizations, and events that improve the lives of animals in communities and all of the pit bull rescues and pages listed play their part… Send them some love, likes and licks !!! BOL…

This is a good subject for BLOG THE CHANGE… because pit bulls are too often Hairy Puppers who because of dog fighters and a bad reputation given to them by the lame stream media go through Deathly Harrowing experiences.

Of course, the cute and cuddly and funny animals were what they were talking about. And Patrick’s story started off kind of grim, being a Hairy Pupper. Although he is doing great now, about 48 pounds and a happy dog, he had been starved near death and thrown in the trash. Perhaps people who are fans of cute, cuddly and funny pets probably do not want to know about dogs like Patrick nor about pit bulls.

Still, Patrick has the MOST fans of all around the world, around the Internet. He has more Facebook pages and fans than many celebrities, not only more fans than the media pages. Patrick has 60-100 Fb pages … The Patrick Miracle page alone has about 110,000 fans.  How many celebrities have 60-100 facebook pages? And Patrick’s pages are all over the world from Canada, England, France, Germany, to Finland, Sweden, USA, many of the 50 states, and some of those have north and south or specific cities such as North and South Florida, North and South California, Philadelphia, and others.

The Vicktory dogs, former v-dogs, each have their own fb pages, Hector, Handsome Dan, Jhumpa, Cherry Garcia, Audie, and Vicktory 4 Cherry, and others with a few hundred to a few thousand fans each. And of course, we know the Bad Newz that they went through, and survived and are doing great. Seven are now therapy dogs. And many have earned their Canine Good Citizen certificates. They are adopted into loving homes, with kids, other dogs and cats and living a good news life now.

For a complete and updated status report on all of  the Victory Dogs:


There are also many individual pit bull pages including Tuna the Pit Bull and others.

tuna the pit bull

the pit bull princess

And there are folks devoted to changing the perception of pit bulls such as the Stubby Dog Project

The Pit Bull Propaganda Project

Beyond the Myth

Good Pit Bull stories

Love Like a Dog

My small contribution to this is:

America’s Nanny Dogs

And there are the pit bull rescue heroes such as:


Our Pack

Best Friends Animal Society

Jasmine’s House

and all the other pit bull rescues

the boycott sites are also filled with pit bull fans, including No Way Subway, which has 24,000 fans….

there are the stop and end bsl and bdl sites as well as other groups, adoption sites and shelters that do not have pit bull in their name…

There are many books about pit bulls on the Internet including The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant, The Pit Bull Placebo, and others.

pit bull groups and businesses…

there may be some overlap of fans on various pages… but I bet you cannot look through these pages and find stereotypical pit bulls and owners, can you?

the truth about pit bulls

a pit bull on my pillow

people for pit bulls

pit bulls — the other good dog

pit bull lovers gathering place

pit bulls for peace and love

two popular animal planet shows

Pit Bulls and Parolees, 145,000 fans

Pit Boss,  223,000 fans

ah, all of these positively pit bull pages, imagine !

and let’s not forget to count all of the twitterers, websites, and blogs about pit bulls…

such as @PitOwnr, @MentorPitBulls and many many others.

The Happy Pit Bull blog

The Real Pit Bull blog

Pit Bull Lovers Blog

Princess the Pit Bull

Of Pit Bulls and Patience

Cici says: Let’s face it. Pit bulls rule the Internet. People cannot get enough of our goofy, silly, sweet, loving, licky faces, quirky ways and waggy tails.

Woof !

petey the lil rascals, our gang mascot

It is now hop hop hop Saturday Blog Hop time, you know what to do, grab the code, thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume


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Give a Gift From Patrick weekend

URGENT:  Foster homes needed in NJ, Greene County asap, due to storm,

Thank you John and Coty from ThePatrickMiracle facebook page

You are the best!

To All: Rainy day coming here in New Jersey. Perfect day to write the Judge who will be handling Patrick’s case and let your feelings be known. Capt
May 6, 2011 / 0900 hours
New Courts Building
West Market Street
Newark NJ 07102
…Honorable Judge Sherry Hutchins-Henderson
Defendant : Kisha C. Curtis

from France The Patrick Miracle Communauté de soutien

Now please go to your local shelter with a gift of your time, donate food, volunteer whatever and tell them that Patrick sent you… and if they don’t know who he is, tell them.


Time: ‎9:00AM Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17, 2011

It is the Blog the Change today… See what other causes pet bloggers are supporting…


It is the regular Saturday Blog Hop, no bunnies were harmed with this hop so please adopt a bunny rabbit for Easter from your local shelter, adopt a dog, adopt a cat from your local shelter,  thanks to Life with Dogs, here’s the code… Hop Hop Hop…


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Blog the Change: the real heroes

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about American pit bull terriers because of the dog fighting issue and how these dogs have been abused, traumatized and killed by you know who. There are many other issues that we have not addressed including how badly maligned these innocent dogs are in the media, banning the breed in places like Denver, (breed specific legislation), spay/neutering the dogs so less of them end up dying in shelters across America, and so on.  A whole host of problems that need solutions.  Mostly, I have joked about polka dot discrimination here until recently.

Some of us dog lovers and pibble lovers specifically are working towards getting better press for the dogs. Better press, positive press in the media, can lead to changes in the way our society perceives the breed and ultimately help end / solve the other problems. And since I am a media person, what you didn’t know that about me, read my bio, hah. Anyway, I am a newspaper reporter/editor, freelance, and I also do PR, assist authors, small business owners and others obtain all the media attention/coverage they can handle. I say that because many people don’t really want a lot of media attention. Just a little. But I digress.

We have a HUGE opportunity with promoting the Lost Dogs book and banning Vick from EVER getting a dog to move the breed’s reputation from vicious bad mean dogs to who they really are, the sweet adorable dogs we know and love, in our society’s minds. And that’s why I get so crazy if you will, and want everyone to jump on the bandwagon with me. Ok, I admit I am annoying.  But it’s up to us to step up and speak out for these sweet adorable dogs. Because if we don’t, who will. Ok, sometimes my passion turns into obsession. I admit it. Am a crazy fan of the breed because of my Cici, who I rescued from out of the hands of a homicidal maniac. Have issues. I get it.  For me, it’s personal, as it should be.

You know that you are a pit bull rescuer, owner, lover when you realize you have not slept again all night because you found another crazymaking article, poll, or list saying how wonderful sick Vick is and you’ve just got to tell the world, that ain’t true.

How many pibble rescuers, owners, lovers does it take to turn the tide, tell the press/media, and the world how great these dogs are before we make a difference?  I know we are making a difference every day when people come up to me and tell me how great, sweet, gorgeous and silly Cici is. Or when I read a hero story about a pibble who saved someone. Little steps can add up to BIG change.

It is easy to feel discouraged especially when ignorant media people like Petside name ick (not a typo) a pet hero, ugh.  Now, hmmm choose, should we applaud a dog serial killer who used his own pet dog as bait and killed dogs with his own bare hands or should we choose BADRAP and Best Friends as pet heroes? DUH… And just when we thought we were doing good with the Lost dogs project, we find out that some of the books were returned to owners. This is  unclear at the moment. Seems like just part of the White House process of approving gifts. Hopefully.

But what other choice do we have but to keep on keeping on, every day, in small and big ways to help these dogs? I take my inspiration from heroines like Donna Reynolds from BADRAP and the heroes and heroines at Best Friends who have taken care of the v-dogs and are taking care of them and other dogs, as well as Our Pack, Monterey SPCA, the gang at Pit Bull Positive and the other pit bull rescuers who are so dedicated and committed to the breed. If they can patiently, lovingly and daily do the work of caring and training these dogs, and have for years, then so can I and so can you.

Since the mass media has yet to name the REAL heroes, I am calling them out here right now and so I hope you will too. Give them a standing ovation, a big cheer, a huge shout out, folks, yell from the rooftops. Also translate that into donations to keep them doing this great work. For the breed, for the dogs. I know you care. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have read this far.  Translate that caring into action. Baby steps every day have a ripple effect in the long term.

Also, I consider it an honor to tell people about The Lost Dogs book because imagine how much it took for author Jim Gorant to not only write this tale but also now to deal with the press/media about it.  He deserves a lot more kudos, too.  As I tell people every day, not only should they read the book to learn the facts about ick, (again, not a typo, heh heh 🙂 but also because IT IS the best written book I’ve read in a long long time.  Gorant is a GREAT writer. He wove a tale with suspense, not much gore (2-3 paragraphs tops), and a TON OF HEART, for the dogs. The book honors the dogs and is a living testament to the TRUE HEROES of this tale.  I pray that I could write like that some day. So please buy the book, send it to the media, your local media, the national media, Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg, specifically need to read the book. Write a letter to your editor at the local newspaper. Everyone benefits when you do. The dogs, their rescuers, Jim Gorant and our world. Win, win, win win win.

I also want to thank all of the crazy people who sent the books to the White House. Anna B., Catherine HB, Katie M., Dawn SB and 200+ others, you know who you are. None of you sent the book for the limelight attention or even the gifts some will be winning at my contest, They all did it because they love the dogs and want to help BADRAP and Gorant. Hats off to you nutty dog / animal people of the world !  (Below are photos of Anna’s sweet rescue dogs and Dawn’s glass tile charms). You, too, are my heroes and inspiration.

Last but definitely not least is this hero who speaks out so eloquently about this. You gotta read the article the Pit Bull Guru Drayton Michaels wrote called Sympathy for the Devil: Softening M. Vick’s image click it and pay it forward.

Now that is my soap box and I will go gently back into the night, actually into my bed to cuddle with Cici.  She is the best dog ever.  Does she have a sweet face or what?

oh well, it’s 6 pm I posted this early early early this morning, but just realized now I was supposed to put the code here, duh, oh my dog, no wonder, early to post, late to link/code 🙂


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