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Flat Fido… Flat Stanley… Flat Alex… just plain flat see the world…

Ok, so no response to my Naked Pit calendar idea yet… how about a Flat Fido project…  similar to the Flat Stanley project. What you do is create a Flat Fido drawing, crayons to paper, don’t have to be a great artist, just draw a doggie, make copies and then send a Flat Fido to relatives, friends, associates around the world, ask them to take photos of Flat Fido at places like the Louvre, Met Museum of Art in NYC, Bloomingdale’s, Monterey Aquarium, at the beach, on a train, on a whale watching boat, camping, in a ditch, at the circus, in a garden, at the zoo, Disneyland, SeaWorld, on a fire engine, in a police station, at a hospital or hospice, in a senior home, on a cruise ship, at the North Pole, Antarctica, Finland, Germany, India, Iraq, wherever, and also with celebs,  famous people, politicians, and send the photos of Flat Fido back to you… and then send the best ones to me…

ok, so we’re not in the lst, 2nd or 3rd grade… but I think Flat Stanley has traveled enough… it’s time for Flat Fido to see the world from a doggie perspective!  And if Flat Fido is based upon a real live dawg, and if Flat Fido meets a real dog, cat, horse, or other animal, you can name him Flat Fanny or Flat Felix…meets whoever, gimme a paragraph or two of Flat Fido’s story… therapy dog, search and rescue, family pet, whatever… clever, funny, cute, and sweet photos and stories wanted !  

you can even paste a photo of your dog onto paper, or a magazine or newspaper photo of a dog onto paper…  or make a cut out of a cartoon dog…  you can give him/her a collar, a leash, and a personality, if you like.

here are some resources: 

just remember, the nice thing about Flat Fido is since he is a cardboard stick figure, pencil drawing or cartoon, or you can make him as realistic as your own dog, you don’t have to feed him, walk him, bathe him. He just hangs around, looking like he is glad to be with you.  Does he sit? Fetch? Bring your slippers and the daily newspaper? He is clean, obedient, and easy to take care of so your relatives won’t mind taking him out for a walk or a trip to the store. No poop to clean up. No muss, no fuss.

and oh by the way, my girl’s debut on squidoo….

I just wrote to someone that it should be illegal for dogs to be kept outside 24/7 on chains… this is cruel, inhumane and abusive treatment of dogs…. hurray, for this organization…


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Dog Bless America… help a wounded vet today… Support our Troops…

One in four vets comes home and becomes homeless… or suicidal… or unable to function… addicted to drugs/alcohol… 

Dog Bless America program and Veterans Village wants to help these wounded vets.  Prison dog programs such as Pathways to Hope has trained dogs to assist prisoners, disabled and others …   Please help these fine organizations to Support Our Troops, welcoming them home and giving them the assistance they need.




Dogs Trained to Aid Wounded

Sgt. Shaft | June 25, 2007


Dear Sgt. Shaft:


If you or your readers know of any wounded soldier who could benefit by having a dog — trained by prisoners at the California Institution for Women in Southern 

California as well as other “prison-dog programs” across the country — to assist them, please let me know.



There are prison-dog programs in all parts of the country. After the start of the first school and others after, the idea caught on. The dogs are given to the wounded 

veteran free of charge. They will be taught how to handle the dog, care for him or her and find new independence partnered with their canine friends, who can go in 

all public places.



One of the programs is known as Dog Bless America. This program is expanding the vision to include America’s current veteran heroes. By combining their 

efforts with Pathways to Hope, the prison-dog program and many of the Veterans Affairs organizations across the country have created a win/win/win situation.



In 1981, Sister Pauline Quinn started the prison-dog program in Washington state, rescuing shelter dogs and bringing them into the prison, where inmates trained 

them to assist the handicapped. The inmates learned responsibility through the care and training of these special dogs.



Sister Pauline has started Pathways to Hope, a nonprofit organization that helps other prisons and service-dog groups start prison-dog programs.


Pathways to Hope identifies the programs and dogs to be matched with the veterans. Pathways receives funds from Dog Bless America , money that is then given 

to a particular prison program that can match and place a service dog to help a wounded soldier.



I am asking you and your readers to help us communicate this program to the people in need of these services.

We will attempt to match them with a special service dog.


Sister Pauline and Pathways will handle the initial contact, and each prison program has its own screening process. 

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