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Dog Ate your ballot

The Dog Ate your ballot: Really?

NO excuses… Get Out and VOTE !!!!

Four PM EST. Still plenty OF TIME TO VOTE. And if you are in line at closing time, they have to stay open until you, and those behind you do!

Once you’re in line, don’t get out!

if these voted, you can too !!!

“According to CBS, the man — who had a tracheotomy in his throat — took a few more breaths and then told his wife that there are only two things that are important to him: “That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote.”

Check out the makeshift voting place set up in Rockaway, New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

prediction: the Obamas will return to the White House and the Romneys will return to 1954.


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Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in California

the ten most popular breeds, state by state… thanks to Seattle DogSpot…who posted that state’s most popular dog breeds…

in California and Nevada, American Pit Bull Terriers are the 2nd Most Popular dog breed (as well as other states)… yay… Nevada has Chi’s in the number one spot… and all of the rest of the dogs on California’s list except in different order of popularity…  with all of the Chi’s here in California that need homes, and just in my neighborhood, all of the Chi’s running around, I would have thought that they would have made it to the top 10.


1. Lab


3. German Shepherds

4. Yorkies

5. Shih Tzu

6. Maltese

7. Boxer

8. Terrier/unknown mix

9. Golden Retrievers

10. Standard Poodle

Blog Hop time…  thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop code


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police and puppies and peaceful solutions, oh my

Police making friends with puppies at #occupymonterey Camp, compassion needed everywhere…  tis the season to cooperate and make friends and be jolly, right…

at first, it was all warm and fuzzy, exciting and fun, even invigorating and it seemed as though most Americans, even politicians and the White House agreed with the Occupy Wall Street protesters… but then we’ve all been seeing the police brutality, 5,000+ protesters arrested and evicted and pepper sprayed meanwhile NO Wall Street criminals have been charged nor arrested… maybe that is just a coincidence (I do not believe in coincidences, do you?) …

so do you think that what the media is showing YOU is ALL that is going on everywhere??? like the above, peaceful camps with cooperating police and cities are happening across the nation…and NOT being shown on TV…in newspapers… hmmmm…

could it be that the TV/media/government want citizens to STOP no more protests no more showing up and no more dissenting, making noise, being visible, so they are scaring taxpayers who have the right to dissent/protest in public spaces with all of the coverage of pepper spraying, batons and arrests, hmmmmm… could that be right here in America, home of the Free and the Brave or is it Home of the Free and the Slaves???

gee whiz, we will let you decide…

but first, a new law in Nevada has led to a 75% decrease in foreclosures because they are holding the banks accountable, gee golly willickers, could it be that simple/easy, YES…,0,5514369.story

a coalition of Occupiers and other groups are Occupying foreclosed homes and/or stopping foreclosures and even putting up tents in their own yards…

poignant, how occupiers are helping homeless, mayors/police/government NOT so much


Author Naomi Wolf made a brilliant suggestion for people to book a room at their local City Hall, where residents have the RIGHT to call a meeting in a public space and hold a meeting, press conference, and talk about important issues and organize and solve problems… huh…

I thought that Keith Olbermann had a good idea, too…

If they evict an occupation dressed up as a huge nativity scene, isn’t that a War on Christmas?

but if you put your tent up in a national park and your tent has a sign on it, uh oh,  FREEDOM of SPEECH…

Jingle Bells ringing…

…The simple fact is we do not live in a democracy. Certainly not the kind our Founding Fathers intended. We live in a corporate dictatorship represented by, and beholden to, no single human being you can reason with or hold responsible for anything.

The corporation has but one obligation, which is to increase profits for it’s shareholders by any legal means necessary by the next fiscal quarter.

They have no moral, patriotic, social, environmental, generational or even sustainable responsibility…

We need to eliminate all private finance from the electoral process…

Campaign finance doesn’t need reform. It needs elimination.

To accomplish this we must overturn Buckley v. Valeo, one of the two or three worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court.

The ruling makes the extraordinary decision that money is protected by the First Amendment…

More money can beat Big money… 

We are ALL Occupy Leaders Now…

Deck the Halls with boughs of Liberty and Justice for ALL…


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an insider’s view: las vegas pet friendly

I lived in Las Vegas for 6+ years in the 90’s and 2007. Mostly without a dog. I had two kitty cats for five years that I rescued from Dewey’s shelter when I worked for Animal Foundation. My cats enjoyed living in my apartment. I had a patio set up for them to watch the outside but they also enjoyed going outside and chasing birds. My cats DID NOT like to travel. Precious cried the entire time. And Abundance decided he liked to stay in Fredonia, Arizona, a week before I left Best Friends in Kanab. It was devastating but he did not want to travel. And he visited me years later in a dream where he sat on my tummy like he used to do and went to sleep purring.  We had a very nice holistic vet and I wrote articles about pet food for a local pet publication. Also wrote about romantic travel for five guides. I rescued Cici in 2007.

Great, wordpress/my computer wiped out what I wrote here and I thought if I did not save it would revert but it did not, grrrrowl…

Cici was born and raised in Vegas, so it is her hometown. And I lived there in the early 90’s for six years plus for a few months in 2007, so this post has valuable insider info you won’t find elsewhere. When we visited again in 2008, the only pet friendly place to stay was 20 minutes south of Vegas at Whiskey Pete’s in Primm. There was NOTHING for dogs to do there. Across the street is an outlet mall. Cici loves to visit people and so we hung out there for a couple of days. But lo and behold, one day, a security guard kicked us out. Why? Because Cici, vicious pibble that she is NOT, barked at someone. Scary.

yes people, dogs bark (and if they bark while being pibble, well, we got kicked out. I complained but got nowhere.  I digress.

Did you know that Michael Jackson’s NeverLand Ranch is in Vegas, NV well Primm, to be exact. I thought it was in California.

Michael Jackson’s Las Vegas NeverLand Ranch

There is a new to me center near downtown, city center there is the Aria Hotel, doubtful that they are pet friendly because I could not find a phone number nor an email address on their website. It does say that they have a spa, an adults only pool, 16 restaurants and Elvis though. 🙂

A pet fee here and a pet fee there, here a pet fee, there a pet fee, overall it seems like Las Vegas casino hotels will allow pets if and when pet owners are willing to pay pay pay pet fees.  So we call that pets are allowed not the same as being pet friendly or having dogitude. However, there are other options of places to stay other than the casinos as outlined below.

According to Road and Travel Magazine, 78 percent of pet owners travel with their pet but a recent survery said 25%. Whatever. Las Vegas has new options for guests looking to bring Fido with them to Sin City.

There are other places farther away from Vegas like Mesquite and Laughlin, but we will do another blog post about them. Mesquite is about an hour away and Laughlin is about one and a half hours away. Cici and I visited both places. Thing to remember when visiting Vegas and Mesquite and Laughlin, it is HOT HOT HOT in the summertime and summer starts as early as March or April and lasts until October. If you are bringing your pet with you, you must keep them well hydrated and never ever leave them in the hot sun.

Here are a few places about 30 minutes to less than an hour outside Vegas that are fun places to visit.

At Lake Las Vegas, this is a whole community about 35 miles south of Vegas, with a marina and village shopping and a Loew’s hotel that is pet friendly.

Click on the destination Lake Las Vegas for specific info. they offer a Love Pets package for $25 pet fee provides pet amenities, dog mat and bowl, dog toy and id, and steam clean each room so you pets cannot smell previous pets… Price range $199 per night to $429 for a suite. Pets up to 50 pounds and two pets per room. Plus, bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination info.

1-800-23-LOEWS (Toll Free)

101 Montelago Boulevard
Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, 89011
Phone: (702) 567-6000
Reservations: (877) 285-6397

Special until the end of April:

Woofie Weekends include:

  • Accommodations for one night for pets with their owners
  • A specially made “Wag Your Tail Delight” meal for your pet delivered to your room
  • Microdry Memory Foam Ultimate Luxury Pet Mat
  • Loews Loves Pets standard amenities (Bowl, Mat & Tags)
  • $25 Pet Cleaning Fees waived

Mt. Charleston is about 30-40 minutes from Northwest Las Vegas. The pet friendly Resort on Mt. Charleston seems like a good place to stay with your puppy if you don’t mind being away from the Strip. It is especially good in the summertime when temperatures are 110+, because it is 20-30+ degrees cooler plus there are many trails for you and your pooch can explore. Plus, there are picnic areas and campgrounds. Mt. Charleston Lodge is where we used to go when we lived in Vegas and wanted to get away from Vegas. Cool, nature scenic and pretty. They also have great food and the ambiance is rustic, like a mountaintop resort.

The aroma and sounds of a crackling fire greet Mount Charleston Lodge patrons, at the top of the mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. At 7,717 feet elevation, temperatures generally average 30 degrees cooler in the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest’s Kyle Canyon than in the Las Vegas valley.

Mt. Charleston Lodge

Kyle Canyon, Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest
5375 Kyle Canyon Road, Las Vegas, NV 89124
Direct: (702) 872-5408

Head North on US 95. Use the Santa Fe Hotel and Casino as a landmark. It’s along US 95. Take US 95 north 6 miles past the Santa Fe to state route 157. Turn left (west) and travel 18 miles to the Mt. Charleston Lodge.

Pet Policy: They have cabins specifically for pets. The Pet Fee for a small pet (under 25 lbs.) is $30.00. The Fee for a larger Pet is $50.00. The pet fee is charged nightly up to a maximum of two nights. Please remember to keep your pet on a leash and clean up after them.  Room rates: $135-370.

Well, at least they accept larger dogs unlike the Mt. Charleston Resort.

I called the Mt Charleston Resort, which I thought was the Lodge. I called on a Saturday to check their rates, pet fees and policies and they were unable to tell me basic information. Have to talk to corporate for that. What? Seriously? Decidedly not very smart unless they want to keep the place a secret.  I wrote on their facebook page and got some info and an apology.

Am disappointed in their pet policy. Here it is, Pet policy is up to two pets under 25 pounds with a charge of $25. Did not say if it is each but we do not like hotels that discriminate against big dogs. Bah humbug.  Price range for rooms is $101+.

  • The Resort on Mount Charleston
    2 Kyle Canyon Rd
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89124
  • Toll Free: (888) 559-1888
  • Local: (702) 872-5500

Here are a few casinos who have become pet allowed not necessarily pet friendly. We have not been to any of them so we cannot tell you if they truly are pet friendly or allow pets to make a buck.  In other words, do they have dogitude. We don’t know.

If you have been to Vegas and stayed at any of these hotel casinos, we welcome your comments. Please enlighten us.


At the The Riviera Hotel & Casino, traveling pooches will receive a plastic mat, food and water dishes and dog treats. Dog owners will receive information on the property’s dog-friendly areas and designated outdoor relief area. In addition, the hotel will provide a list of pet resources in the area including grooming, daycare, boarding, pet stores, local veterinarians and more.

Guests must notify the hotel of plans to bring their pet when they make a reservation. Dogs must weight 50 pounds or less and be present at check-in. Dogs must be supervised and on a leash while in public areas. For more information or to make a reservation please call (855) 468-6748 or visit .

Canines receive the VIP treatment when they travel to any CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT resort in Las Vegas. The initial launch of PETSTAY LAS VEGAS in October 2010 included customized hotel zones at Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino and has expanded to include Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Paris Las Vegas, Harrah’s, Bally’s and Flamingo Las Vegas, a total of eight resorts. As part of the PetStay Las Vegas program, guests and their pups receive an in-room amenity that includes dog treats, food and water dishes, and a pet mat. Canines on the go are also are presented with a map of dog-walking routes, on-property designated relief areas and a variety of dog-friendly resources for pet walking, pet sitting, grooming services and veterinarian information.

TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL LAS VEGAS offers a newly-enhanced Trump Pets(R) program. As one of the first hotels in Las Vegas to welcome pets, guests can now take part in the PAWS MASSAGE PACKAGE which offers a 30-minute Trump Classic Massage for guests and a 30-minute massage for their pooch. The Las Vegas vacation package starts at $150.

THEhotel @Mandalay bay and other casino hotels

THEhotel @MandalayBay LV is now dog friendly. As one of only a few dog-friendly properties on the Las Vegas Strip, THEhotel introduces amenities for puppies.

Upon arrival at THEhotel, you and your four-legged family member will be greeted with a special welcome letter, tasty treats and doggy relief bags. Escorted by their owners, dogs will then enter their elegantly appointed suite on the 22nd floor which will be outfitted with eco-friendly food and water bowls.

THEhotel’s dog-friendly amenities also include special meal options for man’s best friend on the in-room dining menu. One dish is the “Backyard Delight,” which consists of hamburger, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, apples, parsley and ground turmeric. With meals ranging from $9 – $17, your pampered pooch is guaranteed a tasty and healthy feast.

When Fido’s ready for a little fresh air, “Barking Lot Lane” is just steps away near the west entrance of THEhotel. Owners are welcome to walk their dogs themselves or the concierge is available upon request, for an additional fee.

“Our research showed that there was a shortage of options in the Las Vegas market that allowed guests to travel with their pets, while also enjoying a luxury hotel experience,” said Didya Bowser, executive director of hotel operations at THEhotel. “We feel that THEhotel at Mandalay Bay creates the perfect opportunity for guests to travel with their pampered pups not only because of our convenient access and spacious suites, but also because of our non-gaming, non-smoking environment.”

When the canine’s human companions are ready to enjoy Las Vegas, they can take their dog with them (preferably) or take advantage of pet-sitting and dog-walking services offered by THEhotel concierge for an additional fee. Otherwise, dogs must be boarded in-room in a kennel. Various sized kennels are available for rent through THEhotel’s concierge for an additional fee.

THEhotel allows guests to travel with up to two dogs,  together weighing no more than 100 pounds, (so two 50 pound dogs or a 30 pound dog and a 70 pound dog or a 20 pounder and an 80 pounder) for a daily fee of $50 per canine. With a separate valet, elevators steps away from the resort’s entrance and a designated walking area for dogs.

For more information about THEhotel’s dog-friendly suites or to make a reservation, please call (877) 632-7000 or visit

Some other pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas are:

  • The Atlantis Casino
  • Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
  • New Frontier Hotel and Casino
  • The Westin Casuarina Hotel, Casino and Spa
  • Circusland RV Park

    Adjacent to the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is the Circusland RV Park. The Circusland RV Park has 399 pet-friendly spaces. The RV Park also has several pet runs that pet owners can use during their stay. Guests at the Circusland RV Park can enjoy a swimming pool, convenience store, full-service RV hookups, showers and restrooms, and a video game arcade. Circusland RV Park 500 Circus Circus Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109 800-562-7270

Feeding Fido

Best places to dine with your dog are at a local cafe, coffee shop or sandwich shop with patios. Also Fatburger’s. Call ahead to make sure.

The Coachman’s Inn at 3240 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas is now offering a Sunday brunch buffet and you can bring your pooch. Your furry friend will be treated to a free meal of either filet mignon or chicken served with rice and carrots while you eat hearty. Just because you are seated on the patio, don’t have to join your pal and eat on the floor.  For reservations, call (702)731-4202.

Here are a few others that may offer outdoor seating for you and your pooch. Call first.

French cafe Marche Bacchus

702-804-8008. 2620

Regatta Dr # 106 Las Vegas, NV 89128 

Buffalo and Regatta

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
8780 Charleston Blvd. Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
(702) 948-4043

Chipotle Mexican Grill
3475 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(702) 836-0804

TGI Friday’s
4571 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115
(702) 889-1866

Grape Street Cafe, Wine Bar & Cellar

7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89128




You can walk your dog on the Strip on leash, if they are well behaved. But there are a lot of people. You can also walk around downtown. Hourly free shows at the Fremont Street Experience from dusk to midnight. 702-678-5600

Bonnie Springs Ranch does not allow dogs on their property.

Not sure about Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary either. It is located near Tule Springs and is Southern Nevada’s only nonprofit wildlife refuge and public education center housing exotic and indigenous birds and animals in a parklike setting. Used to be able to pick fresh fruits there. 8103 Racel St, Las Vegas NV 89131 … 702-645-4224

Another possible but not confirmed is the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV, 702-822-7770. The Preserve is open daily from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Trails close at dusk. Entrance to the gardens and trails at the Springs Preserve is free to the public, however you must obtain a ticket to enter. You must obtain gardens and trails tickets from the Preserve when you visit; you cannot order them online.

There are numerous museums and attractions such as Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory, self guided tour, M&M’s and others that may or may not allow dogs. Call first.

I took Cici to this duck filled lake inside Desert Shores Community off Buffalo Dr with entrance on Regatta Dr — keep straight until you see one of three man-made lakes in the community. This is in the Northwest section of Las Vegas near Rainbow and Cheyenne.  Near Summerlin.

If you are in Las Vegas during the month of November, visit Strutt Your Mutt held at Dog Fanciers Park. It is an all-day affair with a long list of dog contests, dozens of vendors for pet related merchandise, services, pet care, demonstrations, dog theater, agility courses, games, grooming, adoption, and more.

Go to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam (about 30 miles). Access off I-15 in Nevada; U.S. Highways 93 and 95 in NV & AZ, 702-293-8907… At the lake, you can rent a houseboat for a day or a week and explore the more than 550 miles of shoreline, soaring red rock cliff and countless bays and beaches.

The houseboats come fully equipped and some come with a small runabout for skiing and fishing and even an on-board hot tub.

If you want to go sightseeing on your own (how could you), Fido might enjoy a stay at Pets Bed & Breakfast. Each pet is provided their own suite, some with their own private 2500 square feet courtyard, television in the suites, purified water, and even a wading pool.

Or Camp Bow Wow has a 24 hour staff to entertain your pet. You can even view your pet having fun on the webcam.

Dock Dogs

swimming off the dock with Fido and friends

Pet friendly shopping malls

Henderson: The District at Green Valley Ranch
Located at 2240 Village Walk Drive, Henderson, NV 89052. Reminiscent of a small town village, the cobblestone walkways and European-style buildings seem like a thousand miles away from Las Vegas. Here, guests can enjoy more than 40 retail shops, a handful of restaurants, fun outdoor activities and even designated areas for pets. Over at The Green, the entire family (including pets) can enjoy movies at the park.

Las Vegas: Town Square Las Vegas
Located at 6605 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119. Pet-friendly mall.

Dog parks

All American Park
Buffalo Drive and Oakey Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Barkin’ Basin Park
Tenaya & Alexander
Las Vegas, NV
7.75 acre park designated specifically for dogs.
Adjacent to W. Wayne Bunker Park

Centennial Hills (Buffalo/Elkhorn) Park
Buffalo Drive and Elkhorn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Charlie Kellogg and Joe Zaher Sports Complex Park
7901 W. Washington Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Children’s Memorial Park
Gowan Road and Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Jaycee Park
East St. Louis Avenue and Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Lorenzi Park
West Washington Avenue and Twin Lakes Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Police Memorial Park
Cheyenne Avenue and Metro Academy Way
Las Vegas, NV 89129

Woofter Park
Rock Springs and Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Desert Breeze Park
8425 W. Spring Mountain Road (at Durango)

Desert Inn Dog Park
3570 Vista del Monte.

Dog Fancier’s Park
5800 E. Flamingo Road (cross streets E. Flamingo/Jimmy Durante)
(702) 455-8206

Molasky Park Dog Run
1065 E. Twain

Shadow Rock Park
2650 Los Feliz (cross streets Lake Mead past Hollywood)

Silverado Ranch Park
9855 S. Gillespie

Sunset Park
2601 E. Sunset Rd.

Acacia Park
50 Casa Del Fuego (Gibson/Las Palmas Entrada)

Cactus Wren Park
2900 Ivanpah Drive (Ivanpah Dr./Jessup St.)

Dos Escuelas Park
1 Golden View (Paseo Verde Pkwy/Desert Shadow Trail)

10 best regular parks in and near Vegas

do not know yet if dogs are allowed in Valley of Fire (I doubt if they are), but certainly there are places to walk/run your dog in Mt. Charleston, Floyd Lamb, and other parks listed here. At Red Rock Canyon, leashed dogs are allowed on most of the trails, except for the very rocky ones. Stop by the visitor center for more information about trails on the loop drive and in the area. To get there from downtown Las Vegas, take Charleston Blvd. west. The park entrance fee is $5 per vehicle and $5 per dog.

Dogs Playing Poker,

we hope that this post gives you more than a crap shoot at having a good time in vive Las Vegas. Have fun. And don’t forget the dogs like Patrick that need your voice and help.

There are a few wonderful dog rescues in Vegas such as Michael’s Angels, and not far away (a few hours) is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. You might want to put them on your itinerary and plan to visit.


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