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Pets Home Alone

5 Ways to Help a Lonely Pet

Chronic loneliness and social isolation is not only debilitating for humans; dogs and cats can also suffer the psychological, and perhaps physical, impacts of being alone and not emotionally connected or engaged on a regular basis. Pet loneliness, which differs from separation anxiety, can manifest from a new or temporary situation triggered by changes like moving to a new home, a teenager going off to college, or a significant schedule alteration for the owner. More worryingly, it can be a long-term problem caused by prolonged seclusion—a situation that, unfortunately, becomes a way of life for many of our nation’s four-legged family members.

There is debate as to whether or not research on chronic loneliness, proven to have direct links to impeding both the mental and physical health of humans—including conditions like dementia, insomnia, anxiety, depression and potentially lethal heart disease—impacts pets in similar ways. More certainly, however, even beyond potential ominous health concerns, lonely pets can be unhappy, bored and lethargic. This often leads to a variety of unsavory behaviors and dissatisfaction for all involved. The more social the pet’s nature, the higher probability that problems will be present and persist.


Photo on 2012-06-02 at 08.58 #5


(Fortunately, my Cici, the Polka Dot Princess, is rarely home alone. And when she is, her couch or my bed or her house (her crate) are where she resides and sleeps until I come back).  But not all dogs are so lucky.  In addition to the list below, we would add, put the TV or radio on or some comforting canine music, give them a familiar article of clothing with your smell on it, and/or depending upon their level of separation anxiety, you might give them a dose of Rescue Remedy or another all natural calming remedy before you leave, to keep them happy. You could also bring them to doggie daycare or hire a pet sitter or dog walker on a regular basis if possible.


To help keep America’s dogs and cats more stimulated and satisfied during “alone time,” Paul Mann, Founder and CEO of FETCH! Pet Care, offers these 5 tips on how to avoid pet loneliness and turn this sad face into a happy doggie smile:  (you know the sad eyes face that they give you before you leave when they know they are not going with you)





  1. Exercise a pet before exiting: As close as possible to the time you leave a pet alone, give them a physical workout. Take your dog on a brisk walk or play a game of fetch, and play a game of laser tag or “chase the string” with your cat.This exercise will tire and calm your pet physically so they can utilize the alone time to catch up on rest and recuperation. It also exhilarates them emotionally, fostering a healthier state of mind.
  2. Arrange regular midday visits: The best-case scenario is when an owner can come home at least once during the business day, perhaps for lunch, to spend a little quality time with Fido or Felix.Those whose schedule or commute doesn’t always allow for this should consider hiring a professional dog walker or pet sitter who can stimulate your furry friend and provide regular affection, companionship, socialization and exercise.
  3. Provide engaging play toys: Leave your dog or cat’s favorite toys and anything else you can think of so they can remain entertained in your absence.While treats may not last long in toys, you can also try inserting or freezing them inside a toy to provide a mental challenge. There are also puzzle game treat dispensers on the market that encourage a dog’s natural foraging behavior by stimulating their sense of smell. Dogs learn to lift the compartment covers and rotate the toy to retrieve the hidden treats, keeping them happy and engaged. There are also a bevy of fun and challenging play-alone activity toys for cats available like motorized wands, automatic cat teasers and even a scampering self-correcting mouse that automatically moves to engage natural hunting instincts.
  4. Capitalize on sensory stimulants: Be it an outdoor shady and well-protected space in the yard where your pet can watch birds, squirrels and other wildlife, watching Animal Planet on TV, or seeing or hearing you through a web-connected device at certain times of the day, there are many ways to ensure your pet has entertainment and peace-of-mind while you are away.
  5. Find a furry friend: Many pets enjoy spending time with other animals, whether they be the same breed or type of pet, or not. Many dogs and cats play quite well together. A common solution is to adopt a second pet as a companion for your dog or cat but, if that isn’t a viable solution, pre-arrange pet play dates. Perhaps you have a friend or family member’s pet over one day, and alternate so the other party takes your pet on other days, Of course, take the time to consider how your pet would react to this and what kind of pet is ideal. Optimally, do a test run over multiple hours with you on location to observe the interaction and behaviors before leaving the two animals “home alone” together.

Avoiding, rectifying or reversing a pet’s state of loneliness can have tremendous and immediate benefits for the animal and the household at large.  Following even a few of the tips above will improve a pet’s quality of life and surely get their tail wagging again.

Paul Mann is the Founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care—the nation’s largest and most trusted franchisor for professional pet sitting, dog walking, and pet fitness/exercise services—serving thousands of pets and pet parents throughout the United States from coast to coast. He may be reached online at:


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Happy Take Your Pooch to Work Day

June 20 is Take Your Dog to Work Day…   how are you celebrating?


here are some ideas:


Some lucky doggies go to work EVERY Day…


Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.18.54 AM   and some lucky humans gets to work with dogs (and other animals) Every day…   here are some of their jobs/businesses:

Advocate for animals

Animal boarding facility

Animal Communicator

Animal control officer

Animal sanctuary (Best Friends, VillaLobos)

Artist, pet portraits

Author of pet books

Cat/canine coffee house owner

Dog trainer

Dog food cook

Dog treat baker

Dog food truck (ie, Phydough)

Dog bakery owner or employee

Doggie daycare owner or employee

Doggie groomer

Dog hydrotherapist, acupuncturist, canine massage therapist


Filmmaker of pet movies

Guide dog trainer

Jewelry maker of pet items

Pet camp owner

Pet fashion (clothing designer, sales)

Pet friendly innkeeper

Pet toymaker

Pet food retail shop owner

Pet photographer

Pet Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media

Pet product manufacturer (i.e., collars, leashes, harnesses, food, shampoo)

Pet sitter

Pet transporter/taxi

Pet travel specialist

Pet Travel writer

Pet writer

Property management (pet friendly properties)

Realtor (pet friendly homes)

Train dog models, dog actors

T-shirts, clothing related to pets


Vet technician

Website designer (for pet related products, group, rescues, etc)

  Do you work with animals?   shampoo-conditioner-3


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Value of planning ahead

last Friday was my birthday and I had planned to drive down to Morro Bay with my dog and this gal who has been my driver for the past six months. Things started not seeming right with this person on Halloween and I began a search for another driver. After a couple of weeks, there was time for things to cool off.  I decided to give the person the benefit of the doubt and a second chance and hired her again to take me shopping. More problems and she was having personal issues. OK. stuff happens, right.

Well, I realized that there was actually something completely else that I wanted to do on my birthday (rather than go to Morro Bay) and I did not know how to get it all worked out yet it came together very easily. There was even a Wags Hotel in Redwood City (where the event I wanted to go to was being held) and they were offering a FREE first stay for the dog. Next, my roommate decided he wanted to go to Redwood City to visit a friend of his and he would rent the car. Then he changed his itinerary to San Jose, but we could still drive together.

The Hotel Sofitel where the event I went to was being held is pet friendly and offering a discounted rate of only $99 but with all the other expenses I could not stay over. The hotel charges $20 a night per pet. So we decided to drive up and come back after the event (which ended around midnight). The Wag Hotel required more vaccinations than Cici has plus their hours would mean that instead of Cici playing with other dogs, she would mostly be in a strange room by herself. So I opted to leave Cici home. I figured that she would do better in her own home environment with familiar smells and items, toys and food.

It did not occur to me to look for a pet sitter. I called upon the driver gal (since she knows my dog and has worked with dogs) and my neighbor to look in on Cici. If the gal would walk Cici and feed her around 4 pm and my neighbor would check on her about 9 pm, I thought she would be OK.  She mostly sleeps from 5 pm on most days/nights.

On Thursday, the gal drove me shopping and to dinner and I paid her and gave her the key and instructions.

On Friday, we left around noon and arrived back home around 3 a.m. Imagine my shock, when I saw that she had not bothered to show up and feed and walk my dog. Thankfully, Cici was just fine. I had left the door to the backyard open for her so she could do her business any time she wanted. And she must have spent the time sleeping away. Still, she was VERY happy to see us. And was rewarded for NOT tearing the house apart with some bacon and sausage we had brought back from breakfast at Denny’s.

The next morning, after a few hours of sleep, I discovered there was NO message on my phone, email or Facebook page from this person. What the heck was going on?  I expected that at the very least there would be an explanation and apology. Instead there was nothing. As time went on, I became more livid. My neighbor came by and told me he just plain forgot to come by. He apologized and gave me the key back. I should have gotten his phone number to remind him since I knew that he has a bad memory. But what was up with the driver???  I sent her a nasty Facebook direct message and received no reply, no phone message.

By Monday, I decided to call the police and/or a lawyer (I have Legal Shield) for advice. Thinking about things this person told me about themselves had me more and more concerned. She has an arrest record for shoplifting and is not allowed to go into Target. She is very young with a five year old daughter who lives with her mother but she lives with a drug addict friend. She was concerned about being evicted and on her Facebook page she put up very strange, provocative (sexual) images and sayings. She was supposed to be going to Heald college to become a police officer yet this is how she conducts herself?

The lawyer said that he would call her and tell her to get the money and key back to me by Wednesday. She told him that her car broke down and that she would get me the friggin key and money whenever she could. Nasty and cursing at a lawyer. The lawyer did say that he managed to tell her that if anything happened to this house (if it were to be broken into while she still has a key), that she would be liable.

Now I do not believe for a minute that her car broke down.  If so, and she were an honest and responsible person, she would have called and left me a phone message and apologized at the very least. Otherwise, she should have found a way to get here and GET THE JOB DONE (a ride from a friend, a bus, whatever). I have been told that people with arrest records cannot ever become police officers. And so I now believe this person to be a liar and a thief.

I sent her an email (after unfriending and blocking her on Facebook) letting her know that I do not believe her and that she needs to get the key and money to me by tomorrow. If she is unwilling to do anything else, she can MAIL the key and money.

I tried calling some professional pet sitters for tips how to avoid such a situation. One tip was to get references. Another was to not  pay the person ahead of time. What would you do?  I think that this situation is unique and I am endeavoring to learn from it (while processing my anger). I am thankful that I never drove down to Morro Bay with this person. And thrilled that Cici is such a rock star. I have left her alone for 2-4 hours maximum in the past. I would not ever leave her alone for 14 hours but next time, she will be with a reliable pet sitter who will love her and do the job.

Does a pet sitter need to be bonded and insured in order to be hired? Would you have a written contract even for a one time situation?

The Marriott Hotel nearby the Sofitel charges a $100 nonrefundable pet fee. There are other less expensive hotels in the area that are also pet friendly (Good Nite Inn, Motel 6) but not nearly the same quality of hotel accommodations and amenities for humans.

I have another driver in my neighborhood taking me shopping tomorrow. But so far, the drivers have not been very reliable. One gal could not even drive her own stick shift vehicle. Should I find another source to hire people other than craigslist? I cannot pay much but I try to go above and beyond (fed the other gal, took her to the movies one time, and accommodated her schedule and requests). A courteous, responsible and professional person communicates honestly and GETS THE JOB DONE NO MATTER WHAT. At least that is my standard. No More Flakes Need Apply. and other organizations provide in-home dog care while you are away. What do you do when you travel and cannot take your pets???


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V-day gifts for pet parents

Every parent loves to show off photos/pictures of their sweet angels including pet parents. You can hire a photographer, painter or artist to create a custom image and present this gift to the pet parent of your choice.  You may have to be sneaky about it but that is part of the fun, right.  You can also put a photo of your loved one’s pet on a t-shirt, mug or other item.

Recently, Cici and I met with Deanna Fuller who took photos of us at the park. Below are just a few of the shots. I think she did a great job, what do you think?  If you live in the Monterey Bay area and need a photographer, email me and I’ll put you in touch.




And if you want your loved one to have more than just one keepsake, how about giving them a video camera that they can take videos of their pride and joy and show off regularly?

With the Sony HD video camera, they could capture a day-in-the-life of their pet … Sony’s Action Cam ($269.99) is a great way to capture that footage in high-quality and play back to the family in real-time with its WiFi capability.

find out what their pet’s habits are when no one is home.

At $199.99,-Compact,-Rugged,-HD-video,-action-camcorder,-Go-Pro,-Skateboarding,-Cycling,-Hiking,-AS10/en/p/HDRAS10/B can reveal really fun information about beloved pets. It’s a wearable full HD video camcorder that’s a mere 3.2 ounces and boasts SteadyShot image stabilization to always ensure smooth video, which is perfect for any sort of mischief your pet might get into in. The Action Cam also captures a stunning 170-degree viewing angle so you can see way beyond your pets peripheral to really see what they can!


So far, we’ve left out the traditional hearts, flowers and chocolates, but here goes… you can get your sweetie a bunch of chocolate in the shape of a dog… yummy and delicious…

Here are some yummy sugar-free and/or wheat-free cupcakes, and perhaps you can make them in the shape of a dog or a cat…

Fill a jar of dog goodies and donate animal / dog / cat treats (bones, cookies, biscuits in the shape of a heart) to your loved one’s favorite animal rescue group or shelter.

Make a five minute doggie valentine…toooo cute…


Adopt or foster a dog or cat from the local shelter or rescue group, only if you will love them forever.

Make a coupon book for your loved one and have items such as l hour pet sitting, dog grooming, or other items that are pet friendly as well as massage, poem writing and romantic items. Have fun with it and be creative.

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Mother’s day gifts for pet mamas

If you have friends, sisters, grandmothers, friends or loved ones who are doggie mamas, then here are some gift ideas for Mother’s day, May 13…

1.  Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know

This book is a MUST Read. It is written by 11 tell all dogs, told to Jeff Johnson, Hy Conrad (Monk) and Steve Martin…

Dogs reveal a lot of secrets including:

Why do we circle? Why do we eat grass? Why do we chase cars?

The book includes revelations such as:

o   We can poop the second we start our walk (but choose not to)

o   The reason we ate the sofa (leather tastes very similar to rawhide)

o   Human words we actually understand (dinner time and walk are easy, nicknames not so much)

o   What we really think of costumes

Even our pet peeves are finally aired, including:

o   Tiny dogs do NOT think they’re big dogs

o   Digging stuff out of the garbage and eating it is our form of recycling

o   Humans should really try to honor the bed rules (it’s our bed, not yours),

o   Tricks with treats (seriously, am I just getting a treat or are you trying to lure me into the bathtub?)

Here’s what you’ll also learn. You’re the center of our lives. We can’t live without you. We love you so much we never want you to leave (and will sabotage your planned vacation by any means necessary).

2. Zeke’s Butterscotch 

This is the best butterscotch I’ve ever eaten. The candy gets its unique flavor from the ingredients from a recipe from Zeke’s mother, Old Wuss as she was called, who found it in a cookbook that was published in Chicago around 1860, way before imitation flavors were invented.   REAL butterscotch is made with real ingredients.  The main ingredients are Hawaiian pure cane sugar, butter, Grade AA Creamery Butter and lots of it and unsulphered molasses which gives Zeke’s Butterscotch its deep, rich flavor.  The apple cider vinegar in the candy creates a chemical reaction that softens the butterscotch when it is warmed – as in your mouth, and that’s when you’ll start drooling.  It has a very juicy, buttery flavor.  Two more minor but very important ingredients are water (pure and natural) and salt.

Zeke’s Candy Company, formerly Cotton’s Candy Kitchen Co., is owned and operated by Sheila and Jeff Cotton in Cedarville, Ca. and has been in operation since 1988. The two married candy connoisseurs love making vintage candy butterscotch.

3.  Chocolate…If your mama digs caffeine (I cannot tolerate it), check out:

Torn Ranch (  Café Time, a new line of gourmet goods that features delicious handmade chocolates, dragées and baked goods.

 Café Time is manufactured by Torn Ranch in California’s Sonoma Valley using local hormone-free butter, Columbian Supremo beans and real vanilla.

4. Sticks and Stones

Create a beautiful piece of art with your pet or mama’s name…

Sticks and Stones custom keepsakes featuring alphabet photography name art is the perfect personalized gift for all occasions.

For a discount, use this code:    JEIAEI

5. The French dog, in this gorgeous  coffee table book, Rachael Hale captures a host of unforgettable dogs–dachshunds, poodles, Labradors, bulldogs, and more–in a variety of locations, from stately chateaux to chic Paris addresses to cobblestoned streets in quiet villages.  Artwork and quotes from famous French dog lovers and literary greats are also included.

For more photos and info:

6. Look ma, no hands

I love my hipzbag… cram it full of goodies, keys, lip gloss, waste bags, treats, credit cards, cash, cell phone… great for taking to the dog park. hooks onto your belt.

All Hipzbags are ONE SIZE FITS ALL. They are adjustable to comfortably accommodate anyone with a size 24″ – 40+” waist.

You could also:

Give a coupon for a specific amount of time/ hours of dog walking/pet sitting that you will give as a gift.

Write a poem about them and their pet.

Draw a picture of the dog(s) and/or take photos and create a book of memories.

Bake some dog treats/cookies for their dog and some cookies for the mama (their favorite).

Spend the day at the zoo, a farm, visiting a shelter, hiking or going to the beach with the dog along or other fun activity you can do together. Be creative.

Visit a dog friendly winery and take a wine tour together.

Knit/crochet a blanket for the mama and pet to share or donate one to your local pet shelter (in honor of your mother, grandmother, aunt or loved one).

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Doggone business Success

Doting pet owners keep pet businesses thriving

According to the American Pet Products Association, spending in the pet industry surged to a record $50.96 billion in 2011. The group expects spending on pets to continue rising to nearly $53 billion this year.

The animal-loving nature of the region, plus the wealthy clientele, has protected the multitude of businesses that cater to pet owners. Whether it’s pet fashion, diet, health or entertainment, there’s a glut of products and services.

Need a dog bowtie? They retail for $24 at pet boutique Diggidy Dog in Carmel. Perhaps you’d like to commission a portrait of your pet — watercolor or photograph? For pet baths, you’ll find $12.95 moisturizing massage goat milk soap bars among the line of Shampooch products made by Infusion Candles and Bath in Monterey.

In Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina and Seaside, there are also other pet businesses such as a gym for pets (Zoom Room), pet food and supplies such as chain stores Pet Food Express, Petco and Pet Smart and independently owned shops, pet sitters, doggie daycare providers, groomers, trainers and dog walkers.

In addition, there are numerous pet friendly hotels and inns, restaurants and businesses that welcome pets inside such as the Del Monte Shopping Center.

Have a bread bowl of clam chowder and calamari on Fisherman’s Wharf at Abalonetti or experience early Monterey Mission style ambiance at the Corkscrew Cafe where you and your dog can have a wood fire pizza on the garden patio…On your way out of town, stop at Tarpy’s Roadhouse and order a $27 Angus beef filet served with roasted red potatoes and garden veggies from the dog menu while you enjoy California-country cuisine yourself.


here are a couple of blog posts I wrote about Carmel and Monterey…there are a few others, do a search if you want to read more info…

Blog Hop time…  thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop code…

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Flying the Furry Skies

Someone recently asked for travel tips to fly the furry skies. Personally, I have not flown with Cici and do not intend to do so in the near future. But below are some tips to follow that I would observe if and when I were to take her with me on a flight. I prefer driving. But sometimes it is not convenient to drive long distances. If I had a choice of driving or flying, I would choose driving. But you may have to fly your pet so here are some guidelines.

There are airlines that have a better history with pets than others. For instance, Delta has a bad reputation for losing pets. Virgin America is a pet-friendly airline that accepts cats and dogs in the Main Cabin of the aircraft. Be sure that you feel comfortable with the airline. Does the airline have a good reputation for flying with pets? Are they pet friendly? Do they treat pets like baggage or a nuisance?  Ask other pet owners.  Our friends at Dog Jaunt have listed airline policies and other information about flying with your pet at their blog.

My first choice of airlines, if you can travel separately from your pet and you are going to one of the destinations below, then Pet Airways should be your best bet. Here’s more information about this airline for pets.

$149 each way,  compared to the fares at airlines which vary from $69 to $250 for pets to fly as baggage

On Pet Airways, passengers travel in the main cabin of the planes:

•    fully-lit, climate-controlled and pressurized
•    a trained pet attendant monitoring them
•    pets fly securely and comfortably in individual pet carriers
•    pet attendant checks on passengers every fifteen minutes during flights

Pet Airways flies to and from:

New York (NJ,CT & Philadelphia)
Washington DC/Baltimore Area
Los Angeles
Ft. Lauderdale

if your pet becomes ill during the flight, they will notify you as soon as possible, and discuss with you whether your pet should continue with planned travel. If your pet’s illness becomes life-threatening, they will divert the flight to the nearest airport as soon as possible and contact either your vet if available or their vet for the course of action they should take.

If you choose not to use a ticket you have purchased, the amount you have paid may be applied toward the purchase of another Pet Airways ticket, as long as travel is completed within one year. Your new ticket may be subject to different terms or conditions. Pet Airways does not charge a fee for the exchange of tickets.

Your pet will be available at the lounge about 30 minutes after arrival. If the arrival time is after midnight, they will board your pet until the next morning.


For all other airlines, your pet will be treated like excess Baggage and placed into the baggage compartment.  There is usually a limit of 100 pounds for your pet including pet and crate. Flying sucks for big dogs. Your pet may have to travel as cargo, fees are higher, and airlines may not guarantee that your pet flies on the same flight that you do.

Some airlines allow pets 10 pounds or less to fly in the cabin, usually not more than two pets per flight. Fees can be $100+. Requirements for health certificates and other precautions should be observed.

If your pet is traveling as a passenger, please do not take your pet out of her carrier. Some people are allergic to pet hair. And you do not want to be the person with the animal that they were forced to deal with during a flight. Be kind and considerate and keep your pet in his carrier for the duration of the flight.

Airline Pet Policies
Contact your airline through their website. Southwest has a very good reputation in dealing with pets.

Other Things to Consider Ahead of Time

Additional Costs for Bringing Your Pet
To bring your pet aboard, you will have to spend additional cash. Between buying a crate, if you don’t already have an appropriate one, air and hotel fees, and unexpected expenses, you may wish to tally up the costs to see if traveling with your pet is the best choice.

Make Sure The Destination Allows Pets
Some destinations have unique requirements for pets or don’t allow them. For instance, recently foreigners with pets had to leave their animals in Egypt. Hawaii has a quarantine period for dogs and cats of up to 120 days. You must prove that your pet is free of rabies. Your pet may qualify for a five-day or less quarantine, or even a direct release, at Honolulu International Airport after inspection if your meet their stringent requirements ahead of time.

Your pet’s collar should have a sturdy tag with rabies vaccination information, your name, address and phone number, and local contact numbers. Pets can get lost while traveling.

Train Your Pet
If your pet listens to your voice commands and hand signals and is friendly to strangers, travel will be easier for you and for them.

Is Your Pet’s Health a Factor?
Make sure your pet is able to fly. Call your vet and make a checklist of questions ahead of time. If your pet has health concerns and issues, they may have to stay home with a friend, relative or pet sitter.

A Pet’s Essential Aid Kit
Essential ingredients to bring include a pet thermometer, antibiotic or healing cream and ointments, ear drops, tweezers, scissors, cotton, wash cloth, gauze, and other items. Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy to ease stress and shock, flower essences or aromatherapy essential oils such as Lavendar that calm anxiety, music for your dog CD’s,  aloe vera gel, hydrogen peroxide, a towel, wipes, grooming supplies, pet waste bags, food, treats, toys, and familiar items. If your pet is taking medications, bring those, too.


You must crate train your pet if you expect them to stay inside one for any length of time. Purchase a crate that meets your airline’s standards and requirements.   You will also need  a blanket, liner or cushion for the bottom of the crate. Even if your pet is housebroken, accidents can happen. Long flights and lonely hotel rooms are not the best time to train your pet to stay in a crate. Get the crate ahead of time and work with your pet until she’s familiar and comfortable in the crate. Some pets enjoy staying in a crate, others do not enjoy being confined.

Before the flight, make sure that your pet has enough food and water in the crate and the crate is big enough for them to stand up and stretch, sit, and lie down. Identify your pet’s crate with large, colorful, easy-to-read labels. You might also include your pet’s favorite toy, blanket or a comfy pillow so that your pet has something familiar, something with your smell on it for dogs, a t-shirt or towel. Your pet and her crate should have identifying information including name and your contact information both at home and at your destination.

Pre flight precautions

Know Your Pet

Does your pet like being in their crate? Do they have allergies? Are they flexible when it comes to travel, in other words, when you are not around are they ok?  Take age, breed and personality into consideration.

Talk to Your Vet
If your pet has health, age or breed concerns such as Boston terriers and bulldogs breathing issues, Persian cats, puppies or kittens under twelve weeks, or a pet older than ten years, may not be physically able to travel by air. Medication such as drugs to calm your pet’s anxiety may not be the answer, either. If you do decide to give your pet a sedative, bring your veterinarian’s instructions with you to the airport.

Crate/Kennel Requirements
Kennels should be enclosed, with enough room and strong enough to withstand normal travel usage.

Kennels must have absorbent material at the bottom that makes the floor leak-proof.

Kennels must have enough ventilation, air holes and rims to prevent ventilation openings from being blocked.

Kennels must have outside handles so that handlers do not have to put their fingers inside the crate in order to move it.

Kennels have to be marked with the words “live animals” with letters at least one inch high, with directional arrows indicating the proper orientation of the kennel. (Front and back, this way up).

Airlines usually have these and other requirements. For specific policies, visit your airline’s Web site.

Early Birds
If you are nervous or afraid when flying, then your pet is going to be also. Calm your jitters by getting to the plane on time, or preferably early so that you can go through all of the security, get your pets handled properly and walked ahead of time.

Necessary Documentation
A health certificate is required on most airlines, and usually has to be issued within ten days of your flight. Your veterinarian should be able to give you what you’ll need, to show that they’ve had the proper vaccinations.

Book Nonstop Flights on a 747
Pets can get lost or mishandled during connections. A nonstop flight is best. Most 747’s and other wide-body jets have forced air ventilation in their cargo holds. Smaller planes do not.  Check with your airline to determine what type of plane you will be flying. All airlines have various requirements for pets. Be sure your pet meets the requirements.

Weather Concerns
If the temperature is below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees, airlines will not take your pets on board. Travel early in the day during summer and midday during winter.

Feeding Your Pet
Give your pet a little bit of food and water, maybe a biscuit or two, not a whole meal before travel. When you land at your destination, you can feed and water them. They may or may not be hungry for awhile.

Walk Your Pet
If your pet is going to be contained in an airplane for a long time, you want will them to stretch their paws before traveling. Tucker them out. Plus, they will need to eliminate on the walk. When you land, ditto.

Baggage Personnel
You will likely need assistance with your luggage and your pet. Be sure to tip the baggage personnel or porter well as incentive to take proper care of your special cargo furry friend.

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