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jail dogs rock

would have liked to have seen more about the move on Pit Bulls and Parolees but was very happy to learn about the jail dogs program in Georgia. Now why aren’t there more programs like this across the country, in all the jails????

With the support of Tia Torres, perhaps she will go national with this type of program that could save the lives of Pit Bulls, in particular, all across this country… Takes the whole idea of Pit Bulls and Parolees to a whole new level… Step it up !!!!

This program is designed to save the lives of dogs destined for death in our local shelter. Once here, the dogs reside with the inmates chosen to work with them and those inmates will train them in basic obedience. The inmates will also learn to groom and care for the animals. Not only is the dog getting a second chance, but the inmates are learning valuable social and vocational skills that will help them become more productive citizens once they are released from jail. Hopefully, those inmates involved in the program will not return to jail again once they are released.

The program is at no cost to the taxpayers of Gwinnett County. The care, food, training and vet services for the dogs are all being provided through volunteers and the Society of Humane Friends.

It would seem to be a great place for the No Kill Coalition to save dogs lives, working with the jails… come on animal advocates, Patrick movement folks, how about instigating, activating programs like this across the country?

go like their Facebook page…

the emaciated dog, Brauny Brooks, that looked like Patrick did last year is now thriving…


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Occupy the Shelters!!!

I LOVE the Adoption Centers model… and had an idea last night… Imagine, what if there were Adoption Centers and housing for both people and pets… homeless people would have decent housing, NOT a shelter where they have NO privacy nor dignity, a job to do, get a pet ready to be adopted, gardening (grow food), adoption center jobs and more… Imagine the miracles for both pets and people… Americans Need Jobs. Americans LOVE animals.

Homeless vets, seniors, all kinds of people could become well again through the power of LOVE… pets make wonderful companions… Both the pets and people and communities would benefit.  Similar to the Pit Bulls and Parolees concept at Villa Lobos… except I see smaller houses, maybe 5 or 6 bedrooms, and/or manufactured homes on land with Adoption Centers similar to Doggie Daycare Centers plus the Rehab Centers… Win win win win win win win…

And what if these Adoption Center places also fed the pets THE BEST PET FOODS, not the cheapest, fed the community pets with the best nutrition, the Rehab Centers could have Holistic Vets on board, there could be a doggie gym for agility, a Doggie Spa, a Shop to buy goodies to support the Adoption Center, a doggie pool, and more… No more doggie discrimination. No more pit bulls being put to sleep for how they look and/or because they are pit bulls.

Dreaming… Instead of coming from a mental / emotional place of Scarcity and we have to accept whatever is donated, shabby, crappy and poor mentality, this is revolutionary in concept and scope… a whole different way of THINKING and IMPLEMENTING… Something, places to BE PROUD OF, Places of Dignity and Health and Well Being for People and Pets… Imagine…

IT is TIME to CHANGE the status quo killing factories shelters into an Adoption Centers model…

Get rid of the Greed… and Hate… Eliminate the Greed and Hate…

That means WE have to change too… Not just Point Fingers and Blame, Accuse and Make Wrong… you cannot change something via hate… only LOVE makes a difference… honey works with bees,vinegar not so much… does not mean to sugarcoat, but learn compassion, forgiveness, and LISTEN…

I do NOT understand why someone would rather kill animals than find homes for them and save lives… AND I also know that when accusations are thrown at them, people resist, shut their ears, get defensive, run away, shut down…

There has to be a Win Win Win for ALL…

Am reminded of John Robbins, heir to the Baskin Robbins fortune, years ago he walked away from his family. And he had a dream about a cow. He writes about this in Diet for a New America. And what impressed me so much is how he got to go to factory farms for three whole months. He visited these horrible places where they not only slaughter animals but keep them in horrendous conditions. And he was there with an OPEN HEART and just Listened to the people who worked there. Somehow he was able to do that. Listen with an Open Compassionate Heart although he was repelled by what the people DID every day to the animals. Read the book, Get Inspired and Find Creative Solutions.

Create a Vision of the Adoption Centers you want and Make it Happen/Implement Step by Step by Step… Until It is Done… Manifest…

RIP Ace, this type of “accident”, killing the wrong homeless animal, or someone’s pet happens every day in every state in this country. Until we replace killing shelters with true Adoption Centers, where animals live happily in a healthy, cage free, communal environment and be socialized to prepare them for their new furrever homes. We can SAVE THEM ALL, not just 90% !

Please read a lot more and enjoy some videos at http://www.ShelterRevolution.Org

Let’s CHANGE this rotten system altogether by acknowledging the Past, weaknesses, corruption, and greed and HEAL ourselves and others…

Like the Fb page is

Shelter Revolution is the marketing effort to tell the world about the ADOPTION CENTER model. This innovative new facility plan brings ‘customers’ in with a whole new approach to displaying adoptable dogs and cats. It creates a calm, enjoyable atmosphere in a “touch and feel” setting.Introducing a new concept called “rehab,” dogs and cats not ready for adoption are sent into the care of local rehabbers to prepare them for return to the Adoption Center and placement.Read all about the other concepts that make up this whole new approach called the Adoption Center model at

We need fun places where customers can go to see happy, healthy animals in large groups. Dogs and cats are SOCIAL animals, not meant to be isolated. For those animals who can’t get along, the Adoption Center model provides for rehab. The process of rehab will bring local rescuers and shelter workers together.

Watch this introductory video for a brief overview

sign this petition :

are you an extremist LIFE SAVER????


Rescue friends- if you have a plea that needs more attention, and exposure, pls be sure to post to the people for paws network. Thanks!

are you an extremist LIFE SAVER????

Are you an “extremist”? Take the quiz.

  1. I want the killing to end.
  2. I think it is wrong for shelters to neglect and abuse animals.
  3. If other communities can end the killing of savable animals, I believe my community should also.
  4. I care about animals and because I care about animals, I do not want harm to come to them.
  5. I believe in democracy and engaging my elected officials to create social change.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are an “extremist” according to the ASPCA. If you answered “No” to all of these questions, the ASPCA thinks you’ll make a great shelter director and they will fight to defend and protect you.

if you have not read this, please DO…

Now here the ASPCA has (not) kindly but nevertheless has a list telling us what to do Step by Step…. Are you on board?  The Patrick Movement is a powerful force to be reckoned with and animal lovers CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.



Are you with me???  Consider this your Marching Orders 🙂   Go Forth and SAVE LIVES !!!!

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no dog left behind…

I would think that barking would be an issue too some dogs who bark whine and howl all the time (because they are left alone too long and too much)…  very annoying to neighbors and landlord… (so maybe it’s there but hidden, lumped in together with landlord issues)…

I was talking to someone recently about dogs and pets being abandoned on freeways, streets, in foreclosed homes, when people get evicted and so on…   it is unthinkable how a family could abandon a family member… yet people do it all of the time and for the following reasons…  if you cannot take care of your dog or cat or other pet anymore, find them a new home… of course, that is easy to say and harder to do especially when you are in a crisis situation and not thinking clearly and panicking yourself… get help for yourself and your family and that includes your pets… it is not always easy to ask for help, and you may feel afraid and want to hide but if you don’t ask for help, you won’t receive because no one knows…

be sure to check out this website about the prison dogs programs and how they change people and dogs lives for the better…

Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Deposited In Shelters

In one study, The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) lists the top ten reported reasons why dogs are deposited in a shelter:

1. Family moving

2. Landlord issues

3. Too many animals in household

4.Cost of pet maintenance

5. Owner’s personal problems

6. Inadequate facilities

7. No homes available for littermates

8. Have no time for pet

9. Pet illnesses

10. Biting

send this dog to camp…

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loved world… love the dog you’re with…

just goes to show what giving dogs in shelters some training can do… make them adoptable… and giving prisoners another chance at life…  imagine having a child when you are 13 years old and still a child yourself…

Tamar Geller: The way wolves interact with each other—the way wolves train each other—is extremely different than the way people train dogs. Dogs have a wolf side, they also have a toddler part. You give two kids the same toy, and one of them is taking the toy away and body blocking the other. You see two dogs play, it’s the same thing. Dogs have to assess the pecking order without actually fighting. They need each one in the pack to help in the hunt, so if they hurt each other physically, it’s going to hurt themselves. The one with the control of the resources is the one in charge. I go to homes where people have behavioral problems with dogs, I see toys all over the floor—a free for all. What it means to the dog is that the owner loves them, but he’s not the leader.

You do not want to deal with aggression with force. Challenge [your dog] the way a wolf would, which is playing tug of war. This is the last sequence of the hunt, where they wrestle the animal down on the ground. The one who ends up with the food is the leader of the pack. It’s a game that looks very vicious—but it’s not because it’s got a lot of boundaries. So tug of war, when you follow the rules, can establish that you are the leader of the pack.

My [dog center] is phenomenal. It’s two stories, 6,000 square feet. We have the doggie lounge for the mellow dog upstairs. Downstairs we have the floors and the tunnels and the equipment. It’s so much freakin’ fun. We help a lot of dogs that have been abused by trainers, or not been socialized. They come here and they blossom. They start trusting people again, they start trusting dogs again.

I had to fight animal regulation. It cost me the price of a small house. [They] wanted me to divide dogs by size not by personality. I said, “So what? Because I’m five foot one, less than 100 pounds I’m not allowed to talk with people who are six foot seven?” I got an animal rights lawyer, and I got a political lawyer who helped me to work within the system. And you know what, of course I won.

I hate the word discipline and I hate the word obedience. I believe in manners. Who the heck am I to tell you how to raise your dog? I love dogs, but I tell you what—I love people. I say, “How can I make your relationship with your dog the best it could be? That’s my goal. Not to get your dog to fit into some kind of a box.

We all have the fairy tale. We think, My God! This will be the relationship that will fulfill me—whether it’s your Prince Charming, your brand new baby, or when you’re getting a puppy. When life gives challenges, most people would not give up on their children. Unfortunately a lot of people give up on their dog. I want people to have the reality check of, what does it mean to have any new relationship? You have the ideal, and then it’s going to be real life. You can be the best thing that could ever happen to your dog’s life. Like any relationship, it’s a give and take. We are so lucky that we have the love in us to give to dogs.

Everybody says, “Let’s whisper to our animals.” But what do they have to tell us? Let’s listen to what you, my precious dog, are trying to tell me—as opposed to me coming with blinders on, with agendas. Let’s try, all of us, to listen to our animals. That’s my privilege—the unbelievable privilege—of working with animals.

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Dog Bless America… help a wounded vet today… Support our Troops…

One in four vets comes home and becomes homeless… or suicidal… or unable to function… addicted to drugs/alcohol… 

Dog Bless America program and Veterans Village wants to help these wounded vets.  Prison dog programs such as Pathways to Hope has trained dogs to assist prisoners, disabled and others …   Please help these fine organizations to Support Our Troops, welcoming them home and giving them the assistance they need.




Dogs Trained to Aid Wounded

Sgt. Shaft | June 25, 2007


Dear Sgt. Shaft:


If you or your readers know of any wounded soldier who could benefit by having a dog — trained by prisoners at the California Institution for Women in Southern 

California as well as other “prison-dog programs” across the country — to assist them, please let me know.



There are prison-dog programs in all parts of the country. After the start of the first school and others after, the idea caught on. The dogs are given to the wounded 

veteran free of charge. They will be taught how to handle the dog, care for him or her and find new independence partnered with their canine friends, who can go in 

all public places.



One of the programs is known as Dog Bless America. This program is expanding the vision to include America’s current veteran heroes. By combining their 

efforts with Pathways to Hope, the prison-dog program and many of the Veterans Affairs organizations across the country have created a win/win/win situation.



In 1981, Sister Pauline Quinn started the prison-dog program in Washington state, rescuing shelter dogs and bringing them into the prison, where inmates trained 

them to assist the handicapped. The inmates learned responsibility through the care and training of these special dogs.



Sister Pauline has started Pathways to Hope, a nonprofit organization that helps other prisons and service-dog groups start prison-dog programs.


Pathways to Hope identifies the programs and dogs to be matched with the veterans. Pathways receives funds from Dog Bless America , money that is then given 

to a particular prison program that can match and place a service dog to help a wounded soldier.



I am asking you and your readers to help us communicate this program to the people in need of these services.

We will attempt to match them with a special service dog.


Sister Pauline and Pathways will handle the initial contact, and each prison program has its own screening process. 

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