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Doggie Day books

This week was National Dog Day, ok, we missed it by a day or two… well, here are three VERY different doggie books that you just HAVE TO READ if you love doggies… and you might just pick up a few for your fellow doggie friends for the holidays (which are going to be here sooner than your dog can chew up a dog bone).




The exciting and funny / hilarious new Chet and Bernie book, Paw and Order, which you’ve all been waiting with doggie breath to come out so you can read it. Now you can.

Harry Truman once said “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

Cici and I were very happy to get our paws on the latest (7th in the series) Chet and BernieL book, Paw and Order because we are always up for another hilarious adventure seen thru Chet’s canine eyeballs. The story begins in New Orleans. And Bernie’s Porsche and a trip to a BBQ joint turns into a fiasco with some motorcycle dudes who have big necks.  But no matter, Chet and Bernie are on the case and a team not to be messed with.

The dog-eat-dog world of Washington DC will never be the same after Chet and Bernie’s Little adventure. They could have gone straight home from New Orleans but what fun would that have been? They instead detoured because well, Bernie’s sometime girlfriend Suzie the newspaper reporter is now working at the Washington Post and she is on a BIG story that she cannot talk about. So of course,  Chet sniffs around the capital city and Bernie ends up arrested. An international conspiracy unfolds and Chet encounters a strange new animal, a guinea pig, who holds the fate of the nation in his paws.

Chet and Bernie are always a winning combination. With Chet’s sharp eyes and cool nose and Bernie’s talents, they cannot lose, although it is always suspenseful along the way. Another great read for dog lovers, guinea pig aficionados, and Washington DC insiders and outsiders.

Off the Leash: A Year at the Dog Park  by Matthew Gilbert

If you have ever visited a dog park and met some strange, weird, quirky, bizarre dog people, then you will relate to this book. It is about an array of dogs and their people who gather at Amory Park, overlooking Boston near Fenway Park.

Matthew Gilbert, a longtime TV critic at The Boston Globe, describes his reluctant trip into the dog park subculture, as the first-time owner of a stubbornly social Yellow Lab puppy named Toby. Like many Americans, he was happily accustomed to the safe distance of TV viewing and cell-phone web surfing, tethered to the digital leash. But the headstrong, play-obsessed Toby pulls him to Amory, and Amory becomes an exhilarating dose of presence for him. The joyous chaos of wrestling dogs and the park’s cast of offbeat dog owners – the “pack of freaks” – gradually draw him into the here and now. At the dog park, the dog owners go off the leash, too.

Meetings at the dog park can be mayhem, chaotic and fun, depending upon  the day. Sort of a daily or weekly canine soap opera. Dogs love/hate one another as do their owners.  When the dogs have disagreements, so do their human companions. And sometimes the human beans are even worse than the dogs when they are off the leash.

This is a very funny, sunny, very right on, portrait of life at the dog park and relationships and encounters between dogs and the dog owners. Dog Parks: Enter at Your Own Risk. Dog parks are not for the faint of heart or skittish. And Gilbert knows right where the fun begins and ends.  His honest and enthusiastic memoir will make you rethink going to the dog park or yearning to find doggie friends and a pack to belong to.


Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 9.30.54 AM





Dogs Rule, Nonchalantly by Mark Ulriksen is just plain silly. EVERYONE who is ANYONE with a DOG that is KNOWS that Dogs Rule. Of course, my Polka Dot Princess agrees with me on that one. She Rules this household. Of course.  Ulriken has been working for a little publication called The New Yorker, where he has been a regular contributor since 1993. He has achieved more than 40 magazine covers to his credit.   This book offers great illustrations of doggies, and funny lines to go with the images. We were offput by one illustration of what seemed to be a bad stereotype of a bully breed dog. We do not like those stereotypes as you know. Other than that, numerous breeds were represented in hilarious detail. And some of the jokes were VERY funny.  If you live or love a dog, you know how amusing they can be. And this book capitalizes upon canines and their goofyness with refreshing charm and a breath of doggie sunshine. Dogs penchant for stinky things. Dogs and their always sunny disposition (until you are leaving the house).  And you know the rest of their quirks.



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Guy meets girl meets Dog

Dog training the American Male by LA Knight

a love triangle of the hilarious kind…

This is definitely NOT your usual romantic comedy romp between the sheets and the relationship. It started kinda slow to me… but it is a very funny premise about a man and woman and a dog. The woman is a radio talk show host and a psychologist. Her radio show is about relationships and it is doing poorly. Nancy has issues with men, to say the least. She moves in with her boyfriend, Jacob, he gets a dog and the dog is out of control so she hires a dog trainer.

Have to say that I was appalled when Jacob goes to a pet store to buy a little foo-foo white dog. Buying a dog from a pet store these days seems so taboo.  As dog lovers know, millions of shelter pets die every year and part of the problem is people buying pets from puppy mills and irresponsible breeders. Jacob has been told that is the kind of dog his lady likes, little white foo-foo dogs. But when he finds out the price, he instead goes to the pound and adopts a shelter pooch. Circuituous route to adoption but at least he gets there instead of supporting puppy mills (which is where pet store pets come from).  I digress.

The heroine, Nancy Beach, hires two dog trainers to help with the German Shepherd pound puppy five years old and not fixed. Then she decides to use the training tools she is learning on the dog with the man and it works for a short time. And what ensues is kinda kooky, crazy and just plain funny. What woman is not frustrated with trying to domesticate the male Y chromosomes in her life and becomes so fed up with trying that she will go to any lengths to get there?  As a woman, I think that women can definitely relate to this tale about the Extreme Makeover of the Male of the species.

Ultimately, some women discover they much prefer the company of dogs to mama’s boys (not sexually) because after pursuing adult monogamous relationships with man boys and having the child men meltdown time and time again, women realize that dogs are loyal, faithful, give unconditional love, like to play, are forgiving, do not care how we look, listen to us, are patient, kind, and usually like to cuddle so why bother. Yeah it would be nice if we could meet actual adult men who actually like women to be in relationships with. But we find that rare. Far too many men are judgmental, selfish, seek successive revolving doors of Barbie, Madonna, sluts, mommy, are passive aggressive, power crazed, workaholics or lazy do nothings and act as though giving us what we want, satisfying a woman is a fate worse than death.   Meanwhile not offering much of what we want from them to begin with. (Companionship, romance, passion, genuine friendship, loyalty and cleanliness, for starters). How dare we expect men to be human and humane and to listen to us!!!  I chalk it up to the testesterone. Does something wacky to their little brains.


The difference between men and dogs…


*They never lie
*They never borrow money
*They do not hold grudges
*They are willing to wake up and be there for you no matter what time of day or night
*They always want hugs and kisses and are always ready to return them just as quickly as they receive
*They never have anything nasty to say and even if they could talk I just know they would never complain
*They don’t care if you are fat, short, skinny or tall
*They do not care if you are having a bad hair day, they love you just the same
*They never complain if you get home late
*They are always patient
*They are always honest
*They are a willing lifelong companion


“Men really are dogs,” says L.A. Knight. “The average American male would rather sit on the couch all day, scratch his privates and sleep. Who among us hasn’t performed for a treat, peed on a tree, dry-humped a woman’s leg, howled at the moon, stuck his nose in a groin or two, or inspected his own bowel movement before flushing? As a dog owner, I know that when my wife had our dogs trained they became more content, were less anxious, and they even lost weight. I say bring it on…just go easy on the electric shock collar.”


There are a lot of quirky characters and hilarious situations that are laugh out loud funny and definitely R-rated. Sex toys, gynecologist visits, elderly antics and some really disgusting bodily fluids gone into at length ad nauseum. Too much info. What is NOT at all funny are the training tools used by the Spencer character (one of the trainers). He is a military guy and he uses shock collars, prong collars and choke collars on the dog. The first dog trainer used positive reinforcement but the book makes it seem that the cruel methods worked better. None of which is true in reality. I winced every time the collars were used on the poor dog. Perhaps it was a spoof on Cesar Millan and his methods?  Not sure but please DO NOT follow these methods at home.

The book is also kinda sexist and the women characters and the relationships could be MUCH MORE detailed… like how and why and when exactly did these two characters fall in love?  That is completely glossed over.  They go on a blind date, meet at a bowling alley and next thing you know, One Month Later, they are moving in together. What??? Where is the romantic and sexual tension? Where and when and what happened between these two people?  For regular readers of romantic comedies, the romance almost seems besides the point of this book. And the book is written in scenes like a screenplay.

Still, you find yourself rooting for the characters and the romance and for the dog.  And you can see the set up of situations and you think you know what is going to happen and it does not. Definitely not predictable, like a good mystery.

And in the end, it all works out in unexpected ways, which is refreshing. The dog is redeemed and so is the guy. And some of the scenes will keep you rolling on the floor laughing even after you put the book down so we give this e-book three and one-half (out of four) paws up.  Cici would love to meet a nice handsome boy toy like Sam, the German Shepherd but then she has plenty of boy dogs in the neighborhood already. (Milo, Pablo, Gizmo and others). Lucky dog.


Blog Hop time…thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop  link

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winner of the shaggy dog tales contest

As you know, we had a shaggy dog tales contest, with the deadline August 31. I had asked for heartwarming or funny dog travel tales 1200 words and/or photos and poems…

the winner of the funniest dog travel story is : Sharon Sakson, Author of Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs …

a tale of a whippet gone soggy by Sharon Sakson

I was taking my Whippet with me to a reading at a bookstore in Westchester in New York state. We got onto the turnpike near Princeton, where I live, and took a ticket for the toll. We drove the 50 miles north towards New York, me switching radio stations to find rock and roll, Abby lying quietly in the passenger seat.

As we approached exit 18, I began to search for my toll ticket. I usually put it in the ashtray, but it wasn’t there. must have fallen down between the seats. Frantically, I stuck my hand under my seat and then the passenger seat. Abby sat up to watch what I was doing. Now, my window was down and I rolled up to the ticket taker. I said, “I can’t find my ticket!”

The woman was looking right at Abby. I stuck my hand beneath Abby’s muzzle, and she spit out a well-chewed ball of cardboard. I turned to the woman and offered the spit ball to her. “This is it.”

She charged me the rate for the entire turnpike route, $9.05. She wouldn’t believe me that if she unrolled the spit ball, it would have “Exit 8” written on it, which would cost $5.

Now, I put my toll tickets in the sun visor above my head.


Now, it’s CeliaSue and frankly, I was disappointed in the response to the contest. I was surprised that many of the entries were inappropriate and did not follow the guidelines… Instead of what I asked for, I received press releases about pet sitters and dog shows, links to blog posts as well as a chapter to a book, an invitation to call someone and info about a fake dog traveling the world …

There are many contests out there as well as writer’s guidelines. When publishers, agents and/or contest bloggers ask people to follow specific guidelines, they have reasons. If a person does not follow directions and instructions, they are not going to win the contest.

FYI, I did interview the traveling stuffed animal, because it was cute, similar to Flat Stanley… and told the owner that she would not be entered in the contest because I wanted dog travel tales about real dogs…

the entry above tells a funny dog tale, the story has a beginning a middle and an end plus every dog owner can relate… and the story follows my guidelines.

I was hoping for a whole bunch of great photos, poems and heartwarming tales… so that there could be more than one winner, I had thought there would be a few winners… one for funny one for heartwarming one for poem and one for photos… instead, there is one winner…

Congratulations, Sharon !!!

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pups the magic labrador…

an interview with Paula Kidney and Pups

Paula J. Kidney is 38 years old, married, lives in Michigan and works for a law firm. Her love for animals started at a young age. She loves Labrador Retrievers and has a Black Lab named Garth Milo. Paula is married to Gregg who is a retired Engineer and they both love boating and traveling. Paula and Gregg have a cottage on beautiful Houghton Lake, Michigan and Pups was thought of one day while boating. Paula found Pups at a small boutique. She had never seen a lab so cute in any store before. Then she came up with the idea of “Pups the Traveling Labrador.”

After keeping Pups at home for a time, she began taking him sailing. While discussing his many adventures with fellow members of a low-carb lifestyle website – a forum with over 75,000 subscribers – Paula found that others enjoyed hearing about Pups as much as she enjoyed the outings. Soon the dog received invitations to visit others all over the world and experience different adventures. Demand is now so high the wait list is six months!

Oh…did I mention that Pups is a stuffed black labrador dog?


Pups is currently working on his own series of books called “Pups the Traveling Labrador.”

Each person that hosts Pups gets him with his suitcase. They host Pups for about a week or so. They take Pups out on adventures, famous places and he poses for the camera. Pups usually stays about week. Then, each host sends a short story of his adventure to me along with his pictures and I post on his website, myspace and facebook pages. Then they contact me with Pups next destination and they ship him off to his next stop and it goes on from there. He has been traveling for about 3 1/2 years…

1) tell me a little about you and your dog (Pups) and how you started your
travel dog business and dog blog…

Pups website is

Paula J. Kidney was shopping one day and found a cute black labrador in a small boutique. She decided that he should travel the world. Paula has a black Labrador named Garth Milo and he is the inspiration for Pups. Paula decided that Pups would be called “Pups the Traveling Labrador”. Paula posted the idea on a low carb forum with over 75,000 subscribers and soon so many people wanted to sign up to take Pups around their city and state and he could pose at famous places and sites and pose for the camera, he soon had a waiting list of six months.

Pups adventures continued to grow and he began traveling all over the world. He has been to Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Canada, Barbados, St. Kitts, Caracos, Antigua, San Fransisco, Seattle, Kansas, New York, Wisconsin, Texas, Connecticut, Disney World, Epcot Center, Florida, Tennessee, Iowa, Jamaica, Cozumel, Dominica Colorado, Boston, Alcatraz, Chicago, New Jersey, Connecticut, England, Canada … So many places to list!

His adventures keep continuing with more and places to visit and see. He will be going to Russia and Poland in September 2009.

He has also attended A Relay for Life Race, a Wedding, I even applied at Harvard Law School, taking flying lessons over Florida’s alligator-infested swamps, witnessing the birth of a baby girl in Missouri, meeting Reba McEntire’s sister at Rodeo Daze in Texas. Pups recently attended the AKC CGC testing with dog Trainer Jay Barman and Pups passed and received his Canine Good Citizen certificate from the AKC.

2) When did you start your blog, and what inspired you to get into blogging?

Pups started traveling the world about 3 1/2 years ago. Paula decided that he needed a website to keep up with his adventures and his pictures of his travels.

3) What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

I love to share Pups adventures and post his newest pictures so that people can travel through Pups eyes!

4) Have you noticed a shift in attitudes towards dogs, dog

yes, I have noticed that more and more people are traveling with their pets and also airlines are accommodating for people traveling with their pets. People love their animals and want to be with them as much as they can!

5) What are some of your favorite blogs ?,, moddogblog, and of course,

6) If there was one tip that you would recommend that
pet owners and/or pet business owners or pet bloggers follow, what
would it be and why?

I feel that pet owners should share all that they have about their pets on their blog and tell the stories as if the dog was telling the story. (Note: cici and I do not agree)…

7) How do you cope with juggling all of the various balls you’ve got
going in the air?

I prioritize each task as to its importance and go from there.


And don’t forget, today is August 1, you have only 14 more days to submit your Shaggy Dog Tales/Photos to WIN the contest, right here at Have Dog Blog Will Travel !

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free weekly giveaway ends tomorrow… yurts anyone?

ok, you have one more day, the last few days no one else has submitted any entries… which makes us think that we should give people a shorter amount of time… for the next giveaway, you will have a day or two… Internet time is faster than real time…   we have some wonderful new surprises and resources coming up… 

yesterday, while writing about yurts and affordable and alternative housing for my blog for the Seattle newspaper, I came across two cute photos (below)… a dog in a yurt and a couple of llamas in a yurt…since I don’t yet know how to post photos there, and since they are animals, thought I’d post them here for you to enjoy… and if you don’t know and want to know what a yurt is, visit my other blog below (hint: a yurt is a round or circular or dome housing structure used by nomads in Mongolia, Russia and even in the USA)…  am thinking that they will come in handy on some land for the K9 healing center, some yurts for the animals, a yurt for myself, for staff and guests… yurts are in campgrounds across America, there are yurt bed and breakfast inns, and yurts have endured extreme weather such as snow, rain, and heat… they are extremely affordable… portable… and easy to put up, good for emergency relief shelter, nomads, dog kennels, dog weddings, mobile offices, writer’s retreat, artists studio, dog camps, doggie daycare and doggie education centers.  Women writers with dogs retreat and healing center… 

If anyone would like to donate land, yurts, expertise and other resources for the doggie healing and education center, please let me know.  we will need to set up a 5013c non-profit status, grants, and donations… am going to announce a Creative Expression contest this week which will help launch and fund the healing center so get in on the ground floor, for the pups.






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is my dog contagious?

 Thanks so much to Pet Rescue Central for linking to my funraising article…

My dear sweet Cici writer has some serious afflictions and various harmful conditions… and I thought i would share them with you all to see if you know what to do to cure her… some, if not all of these, are believed to be in the K9 handbook… email me for a copy.

first of all, she is a true bruceaholic… she has a very serious bruce addiction…  bruce almighty… our friend and landlord bruce is her best friend and she just cannot get enough of him… as evidenced by her constant nagging, wailing, barking, growling and waiting at the stairs to get her fix of him 400 times a day… the following afflictions that she causes are numerous including but not limited to: 

Whackto Intolerance… whenever she gets all crazy girl whacko, at some point, you reach the brink and cannot tolerate her wild flights running up and down the stairs, jumping madly up on the couch, or barking in the mirror one minute longer… at this point, either you take a drink to calm your nerves or throw the dog outta the house and into the yard, lawn furniture be warned ! 

Repetitive Lick Syndrome, this ensues at the closeness of anyone’s feet, hands or face, beware…  symptoms include slobbered on wet toes, arms, eyeballs and/or cheeks…Tail Lashing, quite deceptive so be forewarned, the onset is quick, sudden, and caused by sheer excitement…you may think that she is happy to see you and think it’s cute but if you get too close, you may feel like your knees are being flogged with a whip… try putting a pillow over said tail, this should cause symptoms to abate… otherwise, tackle the K9 down to the floor on their back and administer belly rubs… 

Chewtonia, aka chew the one you’re with, this dangerous condition must be prevented due to possible loss of fingers or toes, while the K9’s mouth is still open, insert a large plastic object such as a chew toy or bone, get your digits out of the mutt’s mouth as quickly as you can and run for the hills! Smotherization, aka dog butt on your head while you sleep, and/or doggie breath swarms into your face while you doze, a deadly combination, if synthesized with RLS (Repetitive Lick Syndrome outlined above) suffocation can occur at all altitudes… 

OneEarUp complex, it is believed that this signals an incoming message from the Pack Leader in the Sky. These messages are inaudible to human ears, and audible only to K9’s. Letting your dog listen to these alerts can lead to bouts of incessant barking at invisible objects and frenzied running around in circles, leaping into your lap or hiding underneath the bed. It is also possible that the reason dogs drink out of the toilet bowl is to receive messages, since toilet bowls are conducive and another deceptive method of incoming calls. The only antidote is doggie ear muffs, to be applied at random moments to keep the K9 off guard as to your intentions. Also, close the bathroom door and keep your mutt out.

Sniffitup, another grave complex, that is evidenced by dog sniffing the grass, your shoes, everything in its path and can lead to meandering off any given path, standing still with nose quivering, followed by swfit outbursts of taking gross, disgusting and/or repulsive items into one’s mouth such as dead birds, rats or feces. No known cure.

Growlybearitis, one of the most lethal conditions that is the equivalent of Jewish mother guilt inducement… your beloved dog sticks their head underneath the bed and growls whenever they are displeased with your behavior. Someone unknown passing by might be inclined to believe their sad doggie story. They also could be tempted to call the ASPCA because clearly you have been neglecting your precious pet, deprived them or otherwise mistreated them. What a poor innocent dog. Now, give me one hundred Hail Mary’s and one hundred sit-ups. You are bad, to blame and there is no redemption for a pet parent who does not pay attention to their dog 24/7 and give them whatever it is they want 24/7.  Obviously, you are the meanest pet parent on the face of the earth and deserve to be banished forever to the hinterlands, Timbuktu or Antartica, whichever is worst.. that is until dinnertime, when the said K9 has to go out, or you are reprieved by giving them a new chew toy,  bone or belly rub. Better shape up ! 

Feetwarming, a nice fuzzy deceptive trick to keep dog owners from kicking said K9 outta the bed and house no matter the day or night…. may be contagious… highly addictive… 


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got a shaggy dog story?

somehow this video did not get posted…. it’s hilarious…

If you love dogs and love to write, this is your chance to tell us your best dog story. from (1888PressRelease)

SANDPOINT, Idaho – Whether they want to create a “shaggy dog story” or just a heartwarming tale, <a href=”; writers have a new opportunity to tell the world about their favorite dogs, thanks to a new writing contest from Logical Expressions, Inc. Dogs can be silly, inspiring, goofy, loyal, heartwarming, and fun, and almost all dog lovers have a story to tell about their favorite canine.The contest is being held in honor of Freelance Writers week, but it is open to professional and amateur writers, freelance or not.

Essays can be about “bad” dogs like Marley (of “Marley and Me” fame), heroic like Lassie, or just a great “best friend” story. Entrants are eligible to win free writing software and the opportunity to be published in a book.Book authors and publishers Susan Daffron and James Byrd of Logical Expressions, Inc. will select approximately 20 winners from the entries received. Authors of the selected stories receive a free license for Logical Expressions IdeaWeaver writing software (a $50 value) and a free copy of the book of dog stories when it is published.

Like other pet books from Logical Expressions (Happy Hound and Happy Tabby), the book of essays will be offered to animal shelters and humane groups at a discount for use as a fundraising tool. One story will also be selected as a Grand Prize winner. This author receives the other prizes, a $50 Grand Prize, and will be written up as a case study on the IdeaWeaver Web site with a link back to the author’s site (if available).

Although the contest does not have an entry fee, participants must download the free trial of IdeaWeaver and follow the instructions on the contest page to enter.

Entries must be 800-1500 words and received by March 31, 2008.”IdeaWeaver” is free to try for 30 days. A license costs $49.95. The free trial download of the software is available at: The site features a free “getting started” video, case studies, and a free e-course called “Get Unstuck! 15 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity, Get Organized, and Finish Your Writing Project.” Click the Writing Contest link for the Dazzling Dogs contest entry instructions and rules. For information on other products, visit:

Rachael Ray and her pit bull Isaboo… cutey…


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