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Happy days are here again

this morning, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and tails are wagging!!!!!    first dog Bo stays in the White House… Big Bird is happy… NO MORE ADS… Landslide. #Obama2012

Last night Ohio and many other states showed the country that our democracy is not for sale.

To the President…”When you were elected in 2008, you inspired the world with a call to take responsibility for the problems we face as global citizens. Since then, you have made earnest efforts to live up to that great hope and trust placed in you by the American public. I believe you have been re-elected now in recognition of that effort.” — the Dalai Lama.”

WOMEN, WE DID IT!!!   18 women were elected to the Senate. That has never been done before.,30283/

Democrats don’t have to cheat to win


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groovy video of cici the polka dot star

been waiting to hear from someone since 8 am to find out info about another post, just found out and will post it but this is soooo cool… if a technlogically challenged person such as me could do this, so can you… it is easy and free, too… wow…

oh well, it won’t post like a youtube url… but here it is a 30 second video with music of my cici… from photos…


what do you think????  is Cici a star or what??? !!!!

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silly is as silly does contest

my polka dot princess Cici in her most memorable poses… can you sense a pattern here 🙂   Does your dog have a favorite pose that you’ve captured on video or photographed throughout the years?  Is your dog spoiled? how do you spoil your dog? Send photos/videos of your spoiled/silly dogs to us and perhaps you will win our silly is as silly does contest.  Don’t worry, you will get a prize. Beeee happy. Email me at



just her happy, silly, smushy face…


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check out our new photos

on our About me & Cici page…

am just saying, I finally got a few cute photos of the cici bug and me… well, her, me not so much…

just got my haircut (shaved off) for the summer…

here’s one photo….

Photo 521

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Dogs are people, too and stuff that white people like…

Have you been reading the blog Stuff White People Like…here’s what they had to say about dogs…

It should be understood that in white culture, dogs are considered training for having children. That is to say that any white couple must get a dog before they have kids. This will prepare them for responsibility by having another creature to feed, supervise its bathroom activities, and to love. Because of this, white people generally assume that their dog is their favorite child unless otherwise stated.

 The blog is pretty funny… and true…and I think that they left out a lot about dogs and rich white people… because they are talking about rich white people… not poor white people… let’s be clear.  For instance, in the Stuff White People Like, they left out about designer dogs… you know all of those foo-foo dogs, Labradoodles and all kinds of poodle mixes that are the latest dog to have, dress and show off with your designer clothes and designer shoes and designer handbags. Paint their toenails, dye their hair the color of their favorite dress or braid their hair. There are even designer handbags that are made to fit your dog into or vice versa. Whatever would you do without your designer dog handbag?  Can’t leave the house without mine… hah…

It should also be said that some rich white people only like small designer dogs. Tiny dogs.  Yorkie-poo dogs. Chi-poo dogs.  The smaller, the tinier the better. You know, how you can never be too rich, or too thin. Your designer dog can never be too tiny. A dog the size of a pin. 

With a dog that weighs a ton, 54 pounds, I cannot compute or empathize although sometimes when my dog is hogging up the bed, I wish and pray for a small designer dog, a no muss, no fuss dog… a dog that isn’t a dog… a dog that is more like a cat… independent, small, a container dog.  Now you know that someone is going to invent, clone or create out of a test tube a dog that does not shed, that does not bark, that does not growl, that does not sniff butts, a dog that does not chew, a dog that does not slobber, a dog that does not pant, a frankendog that does not do any and all of the assorted dog activities that dogs now do. A non-dog, dog… 

Rich white people also like to spend a lot of money for their designer dogs and on their dogs… and brag about how much they spent. After all, their dogs are their most prized possessions…  show off dogs, show dogs… how many tricks can you teach a mutt, after all…  mutts are white trash dogs while designer dogs are upper echelons dogs. They’ve made it passed the canine ceiling and are living in the rich white person’s penthouse.  They are dogs with attitude, fashion sense, and refined tastes. They are dogs with portfolios, trust funds, their own cell phones, and their own laptops. They are not lapdogs anymore. No sireee… These dogs have arrived. They are status dogs. Cream of the crop dogs.

But wait a minute, dogs are people, too, right.  I hate to tell you, rich white people, but dogs are canines not human beings. They ain’t never going to be human, well, maybe in another life.  Sounds like a funny book or movie to me. Dog reincarnates into which movie star’s husband. Let’s see, how about Sarah Jessica Parker in the new Sex and the City movie.  Big used to be her dog but now he’s her hubby. Or a celebrity dog lover like Doris Day, Betty White, Mary Tyler Moore, their dog dies, oh no, yes, dogs do pass over, and in its next incarnation becomes their child.  

I once read a book, don’t remember the name, that was from the perspective of a cat in Tibet, I think. So this dog becomes human reincarnation book turned into a movie could be like that, don’t you think?

 Anyway, I thought that the dog weddings, dog techie gadgets and other doggie paraphernalia that I have posted about, even designer dog names, are hilarious.  Because rich, white people are treating their designer dogs like children. They even leave their inheritance to their dogs. Now what the heck is a dog or a cat going to do with all of those millions?  Seems a terrible waste and absurd especially when there are so many homeless pets and starving dogs in India.

Still, dogs are children who can’t talk back. Sometimes, you just wonder what the dog is thinking when you see these rich white people with their dogs. Bet the dog would be cast out into the street, disowned and rejected if their owner knew that Fidarino thinks that they’re nuts, too, just like the rest of the world.Dogs can bark and bite and growl at you whenever they don’t agree with you. Dogs are children who don’t spend money and talk on the phone, but you can spend a fortune on them and call your relatives to speak to the dog. Dogs are children who don’t spend hours rotting their brains out watching TV… oh yeah, now they have those doggie videos and dog TV shows…

Cici perks up every time she hears dogs barking on my computer, on a video and TV… she looks and sniffs and gets all excited, tail wagging…  Where are my comrades?  she looks at me as if to say… She’s not my kid. She’s my dog. And a very sensitive girl. There is a line that gets crossed. Yes, I think animals are smarter than people in some ways. They know things that we don’t. And we know things that they don’t. But some people ascribe almost supernatural powers and abilities to their pets. Some people. 

I think that the reason that rich white people put so much into their relationship with their dogs and cats is because they are lonely.  The people not the dogs. And maybe they are obnoxious, crazy and neurotic and think that no one loves them except their dog or cat. And maybe no one else does because they are so obnoxious, crazy and neurotic. Instead of changing into better human beings, just get a dog or cat to love you. Instant love. Instant friend. Problem solved. That way, you can pretend that you are all right and society will agree with you too. I admit that I have felt that way.  Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms. Or go play with my dog. The dog (or cat) becomes a scapegoat for the rich white people’s emotional baggage.  Not fair to the dog or cat but shrinks the shrink/therapy bills. 

All you have to do then is give the next rich white person you see with a tiny designer dog, a belly rub or a doggie kiss and a cookie and everything will be all right…  All they need is love… the rich white people and their dogs need love, too. After all, they are living with rich white people and putting up with their stuff.

Now that I have riffed, ranted and raved about rich white people’s dogs… and you are warned, I will do so again, can you tell I’m in a mood today… Just woke up in a mood.  That’s another thing that rich white people like. Moodiness. Shows that you’re a better person, you have feelings. Rich white people have Feelings, oh oh oh feelings… 



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my famous dog, part 2…

 I just realized that you are supposed to pick one magazine cover… duh… anyway, here’s the one I chose… Tru Love…  fitting for my girl… ain’t she pretty… she’s wagging her tail, yes…show off… she thinks she’s real cute… gives herself four paws up… 

you can vote on her here:  


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is my dog contagious?

 Thanks so much to Pet Rescue Central for linking to my funraising article…

My dear sweet Cici writer has some serious afflictions and various harmful conditions… and I thought i would share them with you all to see if you know what to do to cure her… some, if not all of these, are believed to be in the K9 handbook… email me for a copy.

first of all, she is a true bruceaholic… she has a very serious bruce addiction…  bruce almighty… our friend and landlord bruce is her best friend and she just cannot get enough of him… as evidenced by her constant nagging, wailing, barking, growling and waiting at the stairs to get her fix of him 400 times a day… the following afflictions that she causes are numerous including but not limited to: 

Whackto Intolerance… whenever she gets all crazy girl whacko, at some point, you reach the brink and cannot tolerate her wild flights running up and down the stairs, jumping madly up on the couch, or barking in the mirror one minute longer… at this point, either you take a drink to calm your nerves or throw the dog outta the house and into the yard, lawn furniture be warned ! 

Repetitive Lick Syndrome, this ensues at the closeness of anyone’s feet, hands or face, beware…  symptoms include slobbered on wet toes, arms, eyeballs and/or cheeks…Tail Lashing, quite deceptive so be forewarned, the onset is quick, sudden, and caused by sheer excitement…you may think that she is happy to see you and think it’s cute but if you get too close, you may feel like your knees are being flogged with a whip… try putting a pillow over said tail, this should cause symptoms to abate… otherwise, tackle the K9 down to the floor on their back and administer belly rubs… 

Chewtonia, aka chew the one you’re with, this dangerous condition must be prevented due to possible loss of fingers or toes, while the K9’s mouth is still open, insert a large plastic object such as a chew toy or bone, get your digits out of the mutt’s mouth as quickly as you can and run for the hills! Smotherization, aka dog butt on your head while you sleep, and/or doggie breath swarms into your face while you doze, a deadly combination, if synthesized with RLS (Repetitive Lick Syndrome outlined above) suffocation can occur at all altitudes… 

OneEarUp complex, it is believed that this signals an incoming message from the Pack Leader in the Sky. These messages are inaudible to human ears, and audible only to K9’s. Letting your dog listen to these alerts can lead to bouts of incessant barking at invisible objects and frenzied running around in circles, leaping into your lap or hiding underneath the bed. It is also possible that the reason dogs drink out of the toilet bowl is to receive messages, since toilet bowls are conducive and another deceptive method of incoming calls. The only antidote is doggie ear muffs, to be applied at random moments to keep the K9 off guard as to your intentions. Also, close the bathroom door and keep your mutt out.

Sniffitup, another grave complex, that is evidenced by dog sniffing the grass, your shoes, everything in its path and can lead to meandering off any given path, standing still with nose quivering, followed by swfit outbursts of taking gross, disgusting and/or repulsive items into one’s mouth such as dead birds, rats or feces. No known cure.

Growlybearitis, one of the most lethal conditions that is the equivalent of Jewish mother guilt inducement… your beloved dog sticks their head underneath the bed and growls whenever they are displeased with your behavior. Someone unknown passing by might be inclined to believe their sad doggie story. They also could be tempted to call the ASPCA because clearly you have been neglecting your precious pet, deprived them or otherwise mistreated them. What a poor innocent dog. Now, give me one hundred Hail Mary’s and one hundred sit-ups. You are bad, to blame and there is no redemption for a pet parent who does not pay attention to their dog 24/7 and give them whatever it is they want 24/7.  Obviously, you are the meanest pet parent on the face of the earth and deserve to be banished forever to the hinterlands, Timbuktu or Antartica, whichever is worst.. that is until dinnertime, when the said K9 has to go out, or you are reprieved by giving them a new chew toy,  bone or belly rub. Better shape up ! 

Feetwarming, a nice fuzzy deceptive trick to keep dog owners from kicking said K9 outta the bed and house no matter the day or night…. may be contagious… highly addictive… 


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