end bdl

Good news overturning breed bans
Portuguese Water Dogs & Pit Bulls: The Politics of the President’s Pets http://willmydoghateme.com/animal-welfare/portuguese-water-dogs-pit-bulls-the-politics-of-the-presidents-pets
Has the city of Denver’s breed ban of almost 25 years been effective in enhancing public safety in spite of the fact that it is brutal and costly? The answer remains a resounding NO.
UK songwriter, singer and advocate Maria Daines. “The reality of BSL is that it is a pointless law which is used to take innocent animals from loving homes. It causes heartache and the death of many dogs that have never done anything wrong. This happens everywhere that Breed Specific Legislation is enforced”.


Annapolis had a breed ban, but its leadership agreed to revisit their ordinance after a news report highlighted the conundrum of breed identification along with the story of the young family dog’s impending seizure. As a result, the city’s breed ban was abolished and ‘Patches’ can stay right where he belongs. The power of love, education and good common sense, at your service. Well done, Annapolis MO!

From the news piece: “Residents seemed to side with <dog owner> Bayle and Patches…“The mayor requested that the Alderman talk to the people and once they did — and everybody fell in love with Patches.””

News story: http://fox2now.com/2013/07/01/pit-bull-returns-to-teen-after-town-overturns-ban/

BSL stats in USA




“We accept that the current ban on certain dog types in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 has not prevented attacks by dogs either of a banned type or those of types not banned.”

It was responding to the government’s proposed changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act, designed to deal with the problem of dog attacks within the home.

The Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs committee told Defra: “It is not helpful for policy to focus on the breed type since any dog may become aggressive in the hands of an irresponsible owner. Rather, the policy focus should be on preventing attacks through improving the behaviour of breeders and owners.”

Read the full report here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmselect/cmenvfru/95/9502.htm

Who is against BSL?

American Animal Hospital Association
American Dog Owner’s Association
American Humane
American Kennel Club
American Temperament Test Society
American Veterinary Medical Association
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
California Veterinary Medical Association
Canadian Kennel Club
Chicago Veterinary Medical Association
Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
Humane Associations of Georgia, Wisconsin, Ottowa, Idaho
Humane Society of the United States
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association
Maryland Veterinary Medical Association
National Animal Control Association
National Animal Interest Alliance
National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
New York State Veterinary Medical Association
Texas Veterinary Medical Association

American Bar Association




Dog aggression may be caused by owners, new study finds

Guilty Until Proven Innocent-Preston


The Supreme Court cited the case of Roupp v. Conrad in its Memorandum, specifically noting:

“The condemnation of an individual dog in the context of a dangerous dog proceeding solely by virtue of its breed is without any legal basis. We have repeatedly held that “‘there is no persuasive authority for the proposition that a court should take judicial notice of the ferocity of any particular type or breed of domestic animal.’”


three wins for pit bull terriers and their owners, no breed bans in Broward County, Florida, Rhode Island and New Orleans


do not condone throwing one breed under the bus because “our” breed is in the news most often. With that said, next time a person (politician or not) tries to say “Pit Bulls” are more dangerous than other dogs, and the comparison is made to a small dog like a Chihuahua, provide this news story.
This 6 year old girl was brought to the hospital after being attacked by a pack of Chihuahuas. She is recovering and expected to be fine. But, this is proof that any dog (large or small) can be a menace to the public’s safety when not managed correctly. Dog bite prevention is not a breed specific problem. Case closed.

Shattering entrenched irrational fears is neither fast nor easy work, but exposing them to the clear light of day is a good start. In the case of BSL, the documentary Beyond the Myth does just that, forcing an examination of mistaken beliefs and providing much-needed information to counter the myths and misperceptions surrounding this group of dogs.


Fox news poll, people cannot tell just by looking which dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier


ABA urges end to ALL breed discrimination and breed specific law




guilty til proven innocent film

Breed discrimination in America


and around the world…

Innocent dogs like Wicca and Lennox do NOT deserve to die, it is discrimination against dogs


Dog attacks: 33    …(and just 15 in 2011)

With a US population of 311,591,917 (July 2011) and that year’s 15 dog attack fatalities, your chances of dying in a dog attack (from all breeds combined) is 1 in 20,772,794….almost 21 MILLION! One in over *30 MILLION* from a Pit-Bull or Pit-Mix.


Despite the devastating loss of Lennox this week, there were three great victories against BSL in the US today:

1) The city of Aurelia, IA settles with James Sak to allow his pit bull service dog Snickers to live there despite a breed ban. They will also be paying his legal fees.
2) The attorney general of Maryland has stayed a ruling declaring pit bulls “inherently dangerous” under a motion of reconsideration.
3) The city of West Fork, Arkansas has denied a motion to enact BSL. In a statement the mayor said: “The animal is always a victim when its owner fails to recognize it for what is and treat it in the manner it was born to, a sentient being with its own genetic and cultural history. Animals are not our children and they are not human, but they are definitely entitled to be treated humanely”.

Lennox, a dog in Belfast, Ireland not a pit bull was ultimately killed due to ignorance and “dangerous dog” legislation in Northern Ireland


Read The Pit Bull Placebo book by Karen Delise

Various breeds of dogs have been demonized since the 1800’s starting with Bloodhounds.

First it was the bloodhound, sensationalized in the dramatizations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Then the Doberman, became the symbol of Nazi cruelty.

Today, the pit bull is vilified for the depravity of his master.

The Pit Bull Paparrazzi traffic in myths and pseudoscience.

Consider how the impact of these images have been imprinted upon the human psyche…

l. Eliza and her baby (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) being chased by snarling teeth gnashing Bloodhounds.

2. Super-predator Nazi guard Doberman Pinscher dogs perform depraved acts

3. The Time Bomb Pit Bull depicted on the cover of Time magazine

How many innocent dogs have to die because of fear mongering and ignorance?

Does Lennox fit any of the criteria for a dangerous dog set forth in the Pit Bull Placebo?

uh no…but he supposedly LOOKS like a pit bull, that is his ONLY crime, the Judges say he looks like a pit bull therefore, he must die

he is not intact, he is neutered

not been chained up, he IS a beloved socialized therapy and family dog

not a guard dog

not an abused nor neglected dog

not a starved dog

not an unsupervised dog

never shown any sign of aggression

Lennox is NOT NOT NOT a dangerous dog yet he has been sentenced to die in Belfast, Ireland

This is a travesty, a disgrace and unconscionable

there are no incidents to date of a spayed/neutered indoor family pit bull ever having killed anyone.

…[S]ince 1975, dogs belonging to more than 30 breeds have been responsible for fatal attacks on people, including Dachshunds, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Labrador Retriever.” (It’s also key to point out that you are more likely to be killed by lightening than a dog, and dog bites are at historic lows.)


Cincinnati Ohio’s pit bull ban is GONE! The City Council voted 8-1 to officially repeal the breed-specific language in Cincinnati’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal. Congratulations Ohio dog owners!

http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/blog-3479-cincinnati_pit_bull_ban_repealed.html –


DeKalb County ban repealed



MD pit bull owners rally for their family members


Dr. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia wrote:
“The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of pit bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any breed of dog. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of “locking mechanism” unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

Why Breed Discrimination/Breed Specific Legislation is WRONG…

a pit bull in Denver…


“My kids are around pit bulls every day. In the ’70s they blamed Dobermans, in the ’80s they blamed German shepherds, in the ’90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the pit bull.”    Cesar Millan.  “Pit bulls get a bad rap because of irresponsible owners….”

Anna MacNeil’s study shows pit bulls’ natural habitat is the bed and breed-specific behavior is cuddling.


Aggressive behavior was measured at three points in the journey: in the shelter by euthanasia rate (for biting), by return rate for aggression and across 10 aggression-eliciting scenarios in the adoptive environment…

A new profile of pit bulls emerged from the study: They were not more aggressive than the other breeds. Pit bulls were more likely to sleep on the bed [62% vs. 16%, p<0.05], more likely to cuddle with their owners (p<0.05), and less likely to show aggression to their owners (p<0.10) – three things associated with strong human-animal bonds. Pit bulls were more likely to pull on the leash (p<0.05).

There was no difference in the number of dogs euthanized at the shelter due to aggression. Likewise, there was no significant difference between groups for aggression to strangers, other dogs, cats, children under 12, skateboarders/cyclists, joggers, over food, when stepped over, or when moved while sleeping.

There was, however, a trend for the other breeds group to be returned for aggression (p<0.02). For those still in the home, there was a slight trend for the other breeds group to show aggression to their guardians (p<0.10).

Seven bites were inflicted on people: one by a pit bull, which did not break the skin, and six by the other breed group, four breaking the skin.

Keep in mind: No participants were informed that the study was pit bull specific!



Champ and Snickers beat BSL


Mark Buehrle Forced to Move Due to Absurd Pitbull Ban

Mark Buehrle has a dream.

A dream that his four little dogs will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the ferocity of their appearance but by the content of their tameness. A 1989 pitbull ban in Miami-Dade County forced Buehrle to distance himself from the Miami Marlins ballpark in order to legally keep one of his dog.

According to the Miami Herald, Buehrle is an avid dog lover and wouldn’t even fathom parting with his pitbull Slater over the ban. The All-Star ace even said that if there hadn’t been a place for him and his family to move that permitted the pitbull, he wouldn’t have signed in Miami. Luckily for the Marlins, Broward County shares his love for canines…


Willie Nelson on archaic breed ban laws


When communities are considering breed-discriminatory legislation, they often place “pit bull” owners in a separate category from the rest of the dog owning population, and they draw on negative stereotypes and generalizations about “the kinds of people who have pit bulls.” But as this video shows, many “pit bull” owners have other kinds of dogs, too. We CAN build safe and humane communities when we stop relying on stereotypes and generalizations. For more information, please visit animalfarmfoundation.org.


and they leave out all of the pit bulls and mixes killed in shelters across the USA every day… all of the innocent dogs murdered for just being or looking like pit bulls… RIP Ace…

NEW:  There is NO evidence that one breed of dog is more dangerous than another…


night and day difference between two dogs



BDL Breed Discrimination Legislation is unAmerican. It violates our civil liberties. The 14th amendment of the constitution of the United States guarantees us due process and equal protection under the law. Those in favor of BDL seek to tread on YOUR RIGHT to own the breed of YOUR CHOICE.

BDL is the canine equivalent of racial profiling and is every bit as wrong.

The breeds most often targeted by BDL are:
American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier,
Rottweiler, Great Dane, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Shar Pei,
Doberman, German Shepherd, Akita, Husky, Mastiff, Chow Chow

less than 1 in 600 Pit Bulls will find a forever home. There are too many dogs and too few good homes. The
odds are not in your dogs favor. Many shelters will not take in Pit Bulls, or have a policy of euthanizing the ones they do take in.

There is something wrong with a country that once revered pit bulls and had them play and trusted them with their children, pit bulls were a symbol of our strength and loyalty, and now our country says these same dogs are vicious, mean and dangerous and wants to ban them??? Something WRONG with this 2011 America… And if people don’t start learning how to play nice, the pit bulls are going to lick us.  Remember when?



pit bulls are not a breed of dog. In fact, many dog breeds “can” fall under the blanket “pit bull” category.

These include:

•Alano Espanol
•American Pit Bull Terrier
•American Staffordshire Terrier
•Cane Corso
•Cordoba Fighting Dog
•Dogue de Bordeaux
•Japanese Tosa
•Perro de Presa Canario
•Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pit bulls were once a symbol of dignity and strength to the American people. Their never-quit attitude was just like ours in the United States. They were once posted in advertisements, on magazines, and in movies.

  • Petey from The Little Rascals
  • Tige- Buster Brown Shoe advertisements
  • Life magazine– Many people don’t realize the the American pit bull terrier is the only breed that has been on the cover of Times for three issues.
  • Poster image for the U.S. during the 1900’s. The American pit bull was the image people saw on various war posters, representing the country’s strength and dignity.

The  choice dog for many celebrities in history is not the lab or retriever, but the American Pit Bull Terrier.

But now many people fear them because of the media hype, myths and stereotypical attitudes.


Education is key

ban/outlaw dog fighters and people who abuse animals including pit bulls with strict sentences and legislation with real teeth.

Dog fighting is a BILLION dollar business so obviously there are people in favor of it. Now, do you suppose, just maybe that these people have a VESTED DOLLAR INTEREST in keeping the bad image of these dogs alive (Good for Business?)


What Is the ASPCA’s Policy on Breed-Discrimination Legislation?
The ASPCA opposes laws that regulate or ban dogs based on breed. While we acknowledge that dangerous dogs are a problem in many
communities, we strongly assert that breed-specific laws unfairly infringe upon the rights of responsible dog guardians based solely on their choice of
breed—and are not a rational, effective way to remedy this problem. Read our full, in-depth position statement on BSL.

The ASPCA instead favors comprehensive dangerous dog/reckless owner laws. These are laws that focus on the behavior of individual dogs and owners and regulate any dangerous dog when necessary, regardless of his or her breed.




Leo, a former vick dog is also a therapy dog…


Stereotyping &  difference between resident and companion dogs



A German Shepherd Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), and Rottweiler were tested using a bite sleeve equipped with a specialized computer instrument to measure bite pressure. The APBT had the least amount of pressure of the 3 dogs tested. (Source: Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic)

Dog bites statistics

Good News About Dog Bites

BSL does not eliminate dog bite incidents…


Dog-bite related fatalities are so extremely rare that not even a state could ban enough dogs to insure that they had prevented even one. (Consider: in Denver, Colorado, after they banned pit bull dogs in 1989, they had another dog bite related fatality in the Denver area, involving another type of dog.)

Spain, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands have all reported that their breed specific regulations have not produced a reduction in dog bite incidents. The Toronto Humane Society surveyed health departments throughout the province of Ontario, and reported that the breed ban enacted in 2005 had not produced a reduction in dog bites. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, after the city banned one type of dog, dog bites actually rose, just involving other types of dogs. Reports from Denver, Colorado, Miami-Dade, Florida, Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Omaha, Nebraska all tell the same story.

What has BSL brought so far? Has the legislation decreased the incidence of dog bites? Or has it only led to slaughter and abuse of innocent dogs?

Let’s take a look at Denmark example.

Denmark has one of the most strict dog breed bans in the world. 12 breeds are already banned and 13 more are lined up, making a total of 25 breeds to be banned in the near future. This will make Denmark the country with most breeds banned in the world. There is no indication 25 breeds is the final number.

The currently banned breeds are:

  • Pitbull terrier
  • Tosa inu
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Dogo Argentino
  • American Bulldog
  • Boerboel
  • Kangal
  • Central Asian ovtcharka
  • Caucasian ovtcharka
  • South Russian ovtcharka
  • Tornjak
  • Sarplaninac

Breeds under observation, and possibly banned in the near future:

  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Cane corso italiano
  • Cao fila de Sao Miguel
  • Dogo canario
  • Ibero mastiff
  • Maremma
  • Mastin espanol
  • Mastino napoletano
  • Polski Owczarek podhalanski
  • Rottweiler
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The list, according to the Justice Department, can later be expanded to more breeds.

And yet, statistics are showing that, one year after the implementation of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Denmark, the dog bite incidents have increased!

According to the report published by the Danish association Fair Dog, the number of dog bite incidents measured before and after the BSL was implemented, increased by 26%!

More importantly, the dog bite incidents involving the now banned breeds were no more than 6.5% of all dog bites to start out with!

What BSL did do is dogs being euthanized, or worse, dropped in the woods and abandoned to die horrible deaths!

While there is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog is more likely to injure a person than another kind of dog and BSL’s documented record is one of ineffectiveness, BSL remains a policy that some find attractive.

Patronek, Marder and Slater explain why.

“It is our belief,” they write in their conclusion, “that BSL is based largely on fear, and it has been emphasized that appeals to fear have their greatest influence when coupled with messages about the high efficacy of the proposed fear-based solution.”

Prejudice / discrimination

pit bull bans are discrimination against a breed of dog just as racism is discrimination against types of people.

how do people react when a black man walks a pit bull and a white woman walks the same dog?




Many times newspapers and TV report pit bulls bit someone, maul or hurt a kid, half the time it is not even a pit bull, it may be a bull dog or Labrador. If it does happen to be a pit bull, then the story is told hundreds of times in media whereas if the dog was another breed, a beagle, Labrador or cocker spaniel, the story may not be played at all or if it is the story gets published only once or twice in the local media.


Pit Bull Bias in the Media

Animal control officers across the country have told the ASPCA that when they alert the media to a dog attack, news outlets respond that they have no interest in reporting on the incident unless it involved a pit bull. A quantitative study by the National Canine Resource Council of dog-bite reportage in a four-day period proves that anti-pit bull bias in the media is more than just a theory—it’s a fact.

  1. August 18, 2007—A Labrador mix attacked a 70-year-old man, sending him to the hospital in critical condition. Police officers arrived at the scene and the dog was shot after charging the officers.
    This incident was reported in one article in the local paper.
  2. August 19, 2007—A 16-month-old child received fatal head and neck injuries after being attacked by a mixed-breed dog.
    This attack was reported on twice by the local paper.
  3. August 20, 2007—A six-year-old boy was hospitalized after having his ear torn off and receiving a severe bite to the head by a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog.
    This incident was reported in one article in the local paper.
  4. August 21, 2007—A 59-year-old woman was attacked in her home by two pit bulls and was hospitalized with severe, but not fatal, injuries.
    This attack was reported in over 230 articles in national and international newspapers, as well as major television news networks including CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

Along with over-reporting, false reporting is a major contributor to the public relations nightmare currently facing pit bulls. There is an emerging tendency for all short-haired, stocky dogs to be called pit bulls—and when a dangerous dog’s breed is unknown, the media is not above assuming that the dog involved must have been a pit bull.

Can you Find the Pit?



See our 4Paws Up page for positive stories about pit bulls like this:


Thankfully some magazine editors have hearts… American Dog


2 responses to “end bdl

  1. Hi,
    sadly i have never had the opportunity to meet a pit bull. I used to live on a farm with 35 dogs and 110 cats, but no pit bulls! I live in England and they are a banned breed here, people tend to have staffies as an alternative and I am sure that one or two staffies are actually pit bulls, I can’t be sure and no one will ever admit to having one for fear of having them taken away. Isn’t that one of the saddest things you ever heard?
    I admire your fierce loyalty and the way you stand up for what you believe in.
    There is a blogger I subscribe to who has a pit bull, she’s in the US, I like her dog: http://myparentsarecrazierthanyours.com/2011/03/28/i-got-99-problems-but-a-dog-aint-one-41/
    I also wrote a little blog about my beautiful best friend: http://skiingsaddler.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/pamplemousse/
    Please don’t think I am ‘advertising my blog!’, I just wanted to share doggie tales and say hi. Great work on promoting the pit bull too,

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