Lucky 13 California beaches

Sun, surf and sand with your dog

We’ll have fun fun fun with our furry friends begging for a vacation at the beach. Your favorite canine will love going surfing, swimming, fetching, sniffing, sunning and digging in the sand at all of these dog-friendly beaches.

1. Newport Beach

Miles of surfer and puppy friendly sand! What furshionista would not want to walk on a leash on this expansive sandy beach, surrounded by millionaire homes? Cici thinks it is a great place to sunbathe, relax and dream. And after hours, have a bonfire with your best friend, listening to the waves crashing and munch on s’mores while telling woof woof stories.

2. Torrance Beach 

Rat Beach is a little known beach near Redondo Beach in Palos Verdes Estates. Doggies can run off leash on soft sand for a mile and a half.


3.   Huntington Beach

Pooches can catch a wave, shoot a curl, hang four paws and practice their best moves at doggie surf camp for Surf City’s annual Surf Dog event. Three days of doggone fun for everyone.

4. Laguna Beach

Romping and rolling on leash is allowed during the non-tourist season from September to June and before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. during the rest of the year. But there are still fun shops, art to paw at, doggie parks to chase other dogs in, music and dance festivals and skateboarding for pooches with imagination and energy to spare.

5. Carmel

Soak up the sun and surf at one of the dog-friendliest beaches on the planet. Canines run wild and free (one of the few leash-free beaches in California) along the sand for miles. Fodor’s and others have named Carmel the pet friendliest city in the USA for good reason. Otherwise known as doggie heaven. White sand, blue skies and waves, who could woof for anything more?

6. Pebble Beach

After enjoying the surf and sand, canines in the know and their hoomans can watch the sunset, listen to bagpipes, and eat tasty gourmet treats on the patio fire pit area of the Inn at Spanish Bay at Pebble Beach.

7. Pacific Grove

Asilomar Coastal Trail is where friendly furry four-leggeds sniff and explore, along Sunset Drive. There is a wooden boardwalk and bridge and lots of off leash fun to be had at Spanish Bay Beach, right after the State Beach.

8. Mendocino

Speaking of dog friendly coastal paradises, where else but Mendo can a dog do everything (and more) of what a dog’s gotta do? Van Damme State Beach and Noyo Beach are the hippiest and happiest places for pooches. Where else on earth can canines paddle a canoe, go kayaking, tiptoe through the tulips for free at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, get a few licks of an ice cream cone (also free), go shopping, dining and camping, all within a few miles?

9. San Diego

Dog beach baby is where the nouveau ripe and famous go for a little R&R (rough and rambunctious), zoomies. This is the best melting spot for hot dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds.

10. Morro Bay

North of the Rock, at North Point Beach, canines can frolic off leash on a two-mile stretch of sand. At the Morro Bay Visitors Center (which keeps changing location), Cici had a selfie taken with a surf board.

Beach baby bungalows

11. Pismo Beach

Four paws in the sand. Do not wish to work on your tan or hate the feel of the pebbles beneath your paws? Take your hooman out for a sunset stroll along the pier. Roam the bluffs above Shell Beach at Dinosaur Caves Park.

12. Bodega Bay

Schoolhouse Beach, Goat Rock Beach and the other state beaches are a dog’s best bet for sun and surf. Some of the campgrounds are dog friendly and others are not. The freshest fish and chips on the planet can be had at the Boat House where furry pals can party on the patio.

 13. Dillon Beach

Marin county’s off leash private beach allows hoomans to call their dogs who play nice and friendly with others from the tide line to the water.

 Dillon Beach Resort – Beach

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Mean dogs and “locking jaws”

I had started this blog post before two things happened. Yesterday, my dog went missing for five hours. And an article in Newsweek about pit bulls.

Because my dog is a pit bull mix and I know that some people hate blocky headed bully dogs, besides becoming frantic and worried and searching all over tarnation for her, I had the additional concerns that she could have been hurt, abused, shot on sight, and / or killed in a shelter because of the way she looks. She may or may not even be part American Pit Bull Terrier, have not had her DNA tested. I know she is part Dalmatian and looks and acts like an APBT. Anyway, the point is that I had someone tell me that she could have been picked up to be used as a bait dog or sold by druggies to dog fighters. I was half out of my head when she finally surfaced because of these concerns and it was also getting dark.


I think what actually happened is that someone spooked her. I hope that they did not hurt her. She stayed underneath someone’s camper for five hours. That is not normal behavior for my dog. I had taken her over to a neighbor’s camper to cheer the neighbor up. Cici loves this woman and I had taken her over there before yesterday. I will not take her over there again because when I went back to get her, the woman did not even know that Cici was missing, nor did she even come over to apologize to me, nor help me and others look for her.

Lost Dogs 

By the way, I did remember to Call Home Again, to let them know that she was lost. They will contact all local authorities for you with the dog’s photo and microchip info and will let you know if anyone has found the dog. Good service. And I asked all the neighbors I could find and asked for their help. And as I drove around, I asked everyone I could see and talk to if they saw my dog.  I also asked my online friends to pray, send good thoughts, vibes, send Cici and me light, for her to be found safe and sound before dark, asap. And a bunch of doggie mamas responded favorably to being asked and shared the news. A whole bunch of networking paid off.


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.41.46 PM


A Yorkie and an Aussie Shepherd and a pit bull, really?

Ok, now onto the Newsweek article. Read it if you will.

Here are my comments about it:

I appreciate the overall stop labeling all dogs as pit bulls and leaving them in shelters. I do however want to clear up a couple of important things.

1. There are more like 20 breeds that can be labeled pit bull including mastiffs, pit bull terriers, the ones you mentioned and more.

2. The myth about locking jaws is a terrible myth. Talk to any vet or dog expert or dog owner, even.

It is a myth that keeps the dogs banned and deemed dangerous, scary, mean and vicious. Dog fighters and others who get their macho on from training dogs to be mean love these types of myths but the people who really love dogs and pit bulls know this is just a bunch of dangerous hype.

Not true, no such mechanism as a locking jaw. I know personally. I have opened up my dog’s mouth when she was latched onto something and did not want to let go. Terriers can be very stubborn and persistent. When they want something, they want it. And I have even stuck my hands into her mouth to get something out of there that she did not want to let go of. Like a child’s saying NO NO NO, this is a canine’s way of saying No, I want this and I am not going to let go of it. No locking jaw mechanism, just a stubborn terrier.

By the way, I emailed Newsweek with my comments and also commented on their Twitter.  Google them and let them know what you think.


My comment to Newsweek paid off, here it is:

Hello Sue,

Thank you so much for your comment on my article. I deleted the part about locked jaws and added a correction at the bottom of the article saying that locked jaws are a myth. The last thing I want is to make dogs labeled as pit bulls appear dangerous or scary in any way.

For your comment on other breeds labeled as pit bulls, I didn’t say that the three breeds I mentioned were the only breeds labeled as pit bulls, just that they are the most commonly labeled breeds. So a correction won’t be necessary, but thank you for the information. Hopefully one day we won’t have any breed labels.

Thank you,

Morgan Mitchell

Newsweek Magazine




Cici 2


Mean dogs and dog bites / attacks

Below is what dog experts know to be red flags that can lead to dog bites / attacks.

Dog experts agree that the most dangerous types of dogs include:

1.  unfixed (not spayed, not neutered)

2. unsocialized and untrained (dogs left chained up 24/7 and not part of the family)

3. abused (dogs treated cruelly, hurt physically, verbally and / or used in unhealthy ways*)

4. sick (a dog that is hurt or sick)

5. mamas with puppies (watch out for mamas guarding their babies)

6. roaming in packs (dogs roaming the streets with no human guardian)

7. left alone with children (NEVER leave a dog alone with a child, NEVER)

8. an unknown dog (a dog that is not known to you). Get to know the dog slowly, through a fence, perhaps or with the owner/guardian.

LISTEN Up if the owner/guardian of a dog says that their dog is mean or vicious or whatever, BELIEVE THEM. They KNOW their dog, so BEWARE.

Please notice that in NONE of the above scenarios are breeds mentioned. Because ANY dog can be mean, vicious, attack or bite another dog or a human being. And statistics show that the dogs that do bite and / or attack are dogs in any and all of the categories shown above.

This is why Breed Specific Legislation does not work because bans and BSL target various breeds of dogs. And it is not because a dog is a certain breed that a dog bites or attacks. It is because of the red flag factors above. There can also be genetic imbalances and chemistry in dogs that make them react or respond in vicious ways (born with a defect).

*Dogs that are overbred, used in dog fighting, used as bait dogs and other such cases can be put into the abused category).


Better to be safe than sorry. Evaluate each dog on an individual basis and know dog’s body language and the red flags above. These will enable you to be responsible, prepared and able to prevent dog bites and attacks. Please share and educate others.



True life example:

A very small dog with a mean disposition who barks, growls and snaps at other dogs got a lesson the other day when she approached the wrong dog, a larger dog, a dog that was not playing. The larger dog taught that small dog a lesson and the owner was very glad because his dog was cruising for a bruising and he knew it.


Now hopefully the small dog will think twice before snapping, growling and showing off her mean attitude to larger dogs (and maybe other dogs in general? one can only hope).







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Camping is for the Dogs

Cici and I love to go camping and below are some tips for camping with the dogs. And we would like to introduce you to our new friends, the Webers, Christian and Kirstin, and their dog Fred, who also has white and black spots all over. He was rescued a few years ago on a trip to Mexico. He does some fun tricks like shake hands and he is awfully sweet (says Cici, woof woof woof).

Here he is having fun camping out with his family’s Shift Pod tent.





40.1 million Americans, or 14 percent of the US population over age six, camped in 2013.

Spring and Summer are a hop, skip and jump away. It is not too late to start planning your summer vacation. The lure of scenic wonders and natural splendors appeal to people of all ages. And camping is a great way to get away from it all, commune with nature, spend quality time with family, friends and the dog and let go of stress at a reasonable cost.

Whether it is to the nearest lake, beach or creek, mountain area or a typical tourist destination such as Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Arrowhead, Joshua Tree National Park, Big Sur or Big Bear, everyone needs to get out of dodge for some rest and relaxation for a few weeks.

If you have your own RV, camper, minivan, tent trailer or tent and sleeping bag, you may want to reserve camping spots in national or state parks far in advance because the most popular places with limited sites are going to get booked up quickly.

Travel Light

Pack only essential items that you will need such as a first aid kit, batteries, flashlight, food, and water. If you are traveling with kids and/or pets, you will have more items such as dog food, leashes, toys, treats, towels and blankets.  Other items for dogs include collapsible bowls, poop bags, brush, extra leashes and collars, and a life vest for water activities such as canoeing, swimming, boating in lakes, ocean or rivers.

What is Bugging you

When you go camping with your dog, be sure to give them some flea and tick prevention and take some spray with you.

Who nose 

Make sure ID tags are in place, along with proof of vaccinations in case you need to show these.


Dogs are usually allowed in parks but you definitely do not want to allow them to be in areas where they can get stung by bees, get foxtails stuck in their ears, mouth, eyes, hot sand can be rough on four paws and so can hot rocks and please keep them away from toxic plants, flowers and weeds, and garbage.

Do not let your dogs roam and disturb the wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, bears, coyotes and mountain lions. Contact the park ranger or park host for assistance if an unexpected and uninvited visitor should show up at your campsite.

Glamping or Camping?

If you prefer to backpack and hike trails, you can carry a tent and sleeping bag with you. You can also reserve a yurt, cabin, tipi or motel to sleep in at some parks (usually they do not allow pets but some do, check with the campground). Many campgrounds are crowded and busier on holiday weekends so organize your time to avoid the rush.

Speaking of Tents

Speaking of tents, many regular tents are not sealed well and some have ceilings made of screen with a rain fly.  This will not keep any dirt out or any heat in.  Regular tents also have many parts and pieces to assemble each time and parts to lose in between camping trips.

Pop-Up Pods


SHIFT PODS are an extraordinary insulated tent that is portable, easy to use, insulated, comfortable, easy to transport, and sets up in minutes (without all those loose poles).

SHIFTPODS set up as one complete unit.  The stakes and lines are the only parts you have to connect once the SHIFTPOD is set up.  The SHIFTPODS are 12 feet across and 6.5 feet tall and can be set up by one person in less than 2 minutes.   SHIFT PODS are made out of sturdy and weather-proof materials. They are made with a three-layer, insulated, UV-reflective nylon that reflects the sun’s rays to keep things cool inside during the heat of the day and warm all night.

The Shiftpod was designed specifically for the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada and can remain set up for a few weeks at a time. This comes in handy (and highly recommended) when you are going camping in unpredictable desert weather and other climates. The tent is heat-reflective so the blinding sun doesn’t wake you up. It is so simple to set up that even the least handy aka clumsy individual can put it together.

Space is not only the final frontier but the Shiftpod has plenty of room inside to stretch out and get comfortable. When fully assembled it covers a 12-foot by 12-foot area, and stands 6.5-feet in height, allowing most people to comfortably stand up without having to lower their heads. This gives the tent enough room to accommodate a queen-sized mattress, as well as plenty of gear and other equipment too.

There are six portal windows that allow exterior light to filer into the structure without compromising interior temperatures. Waterproof zippers help to keep both moisture and sand at bay. The floor can even be zipped out for quick and easy cleaning, and the tent even comes with high quality stakes and two combination locks to secure the door.

These silver futuristic looking tents weigh about 60 pounds and cost $1195 MSRP.  If people pre-order and wait 30-90 days for delivery they get $300 off.  Used SHIFTPODS sell for $600.  Can be shipped UPS and taken on an airplane.

For more info, go to:


Cici and I are going to be setting up our new ShiftPod soon at our new Mobile Home Park, where we are living in a very tiny camper. We have a fenced in yard, kiddie pool, two big chairs (a recliner and a rocking chair) and our ShiftPod outside. When we do get it set up, just a matter of space right now, we will share photos. Also, we need a bed to go inside of it, so that we can sleep outside.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of Cici in her new yard having a sun bath. She loves that people and doggies come by to visit her. And the bars are the ramp that was built for us to go into and out of the camper.

Photo on 3-27-16 at 12.01 PM #2


Upcoming Las Vegas Event


ShiftPods will be featured at this event coming up near Las Vegas. You could win one. You could sleep in one. You could see what the ShiftPod is all about up close and personal.

A new kind of music and lifestyle festival. From 12pm on Friday April 29 through sunset on Sunday May 1, 2016, we will gather at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada, for a weekend filled with incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection.



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Dogs and cats for president

We all know that the Presidential debates are showing us the true colors of the candidates running for office for both of the major parties.


But our canine friends prefer to sniff around and choose and pick and pick and choose the best friend that they want in the Oval office.


Here are a just a few of the ones that Cici has picked for you:


A dog named Lucy Lou, a 9 year old Border Collie and a cat… Vote for your favorite Today.



and then there is Maymo the dog. His platform smells and looks interesting, huh.




Given the pathetic GOP debates and those racist, misogynist, bully candidates, I think we’d be better off with any of the candidates here on this page.


Or how about Cici the Polka Dot Princess for President. She would make sure that everyone gets all the licks that they could ever possibly want, a literal pit bull free for ALL, goofy smiles, blocky heads for everyone, and zoomies all day and night not to mention all of the pizza, bacon, sausage and cheese you could ever want to eat.


Now Doug The Pug can be a better president than some candidates, too #dougthepug2016

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Doggies gone wild

these dogs at the weddings sure were in the way at the wrong times, funny though.

would you like to raise money for senior dogs and their people?  Doggies deserve new Homes and so do their people !!!!

Some cities are starting to fine owners of dogs for leaving their pets outside during the cold / heat. This is good. Pets can die outside in the cold / heat and they should also not be chained up and left outside 24/7.

And what I would like to know is:  who is going to be held accountable for leaving people (some who also have pets) outside in the cold / heat without shelter????

Hypothermia can set in even in weather as warm as 50 degrees, but many cities don’t declare hypothermia alerts or winter emergencies,…

As the size of the average American family home has ballooned over the last half century—homes are now two-and-half times larger than they were in 1950—so too has the homeless population.

…More than 3.5 million people, including 1.35 million children, experience homelessness in the United States each year, according to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

400+ women over the age of 50 are without homes in the Monterey Bay.

who is going to be held accountable for leaving elderly women out in the cold ????


Cici and I would love to start a non-profit, with your assistance, that would actually provide housing, tiny mobile homes, RV’s, campers, etc. for these women to have SHELTER, privacy and dignity. Don’t you think that elderly women, many with dogs, deserve homes to live out their life with grace?


Like Christine who has been sleeping outside in the cold and heat for two years now. And others sleeping in tents. One lady 75 years old while getting chemo and radiation treatments. Or an 82 year old woman who slept in her van for three years.


Won’t you help us Get Elderly Women OUT of the Cold ??? Thanks.

Please donate to Paypal via prmatchmaker at  Every share and/or donation will make a difference.

Thanks !


who let the dogs out?


check it out:

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2016 Pet Blogger Challenge


Here are the questions for the 2016 Pet Blogger Challenge:

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I have been blogging since 2008. Our blog is about traveling with your dog(s) to pet friendly destinations, primarily in California (and also Nevada, Arizona and Oregon. And we have also covered other places). My dog Cici and I traveled for three years and reviewed 85+ pet friendly hotels, B&B’s, motels, lodges, inns in various locations and told the tales of pet friendly and pet tolerant cities and towns. We share our experience at pet friendly restaurants, wineries, stores, beaches and more.

2. What is the one thing that you accomplished during 2015, either on your blog or because of it, that made you most proud?

as sick as I was in 2015 (breast cancer, concussion, blood clots on my lungs, lost the most important person in my life for 40 years the day after Christmas, etc etc)  and with all of the other difficulties that I have had to deal, (not having a home of our own) that I wrote any blog posts in 2015 is a miracle.

3. Which of your blog posts was your favorite this year and why? (Please include a link.)

I thought it was fun to point out things we can learn about our dogs and how they would blog. There were other blog posts about how we were the best dog bloggers in the universe (only kidding) but we were picked as being in the top 10 or so and those were nice, too. But we did not pick ourselves. And if we did, Cici and I will never tell. Anyway, I am rambling. Dogs can teach us a lot about our world. And they can certainly train us how to blog, too.



4. A common theme from last year’s challenge was that many of us wanted to increase the size of our audiences. Whether or not we intend to monetize our blogs, it seems we’d all like to reach more people. It feels good to know that we’re connecting with others, sharing a laugh or supporting a cause, and it’s motivating to see those numbers grow! What is one thing you’ve done in the past year that has brought more traffic to your blog?

I am not sure that it has brought more traffic to my blog, but I have expanded the groups that I have been connecting with and made new online friends including some outside the USA (Australia, Denmark, etc). Some of the groups have been alternative housing aka tiny home folks, homeless advocates, and seniors.


5. Which of your blog posts got the most traffic this year? Why do you think it was so popular? (Please include a link.)

23 Pet Friendly Places in NorCal got the most traffic I think because people want to travel to Northern California and/or are traveling with their pets to NorCal and want to know the best places to take their pooches.  And we offer them a pooch side seat in the passenger seat to travel along with us exploring the pet friendliest places with dogitude (as opposed to the pet tolerant places that are not really pet friendly. You know the ones that charge pet fees (large or small), restrict dogs according to breed, size, or weight, do not have any or enough green areas, do not allow dogs to go anywhere, and/or do not provide any doggie amenities such as massage, toys, bowls, ID tags, pillows, beds, towels and/or TREATS / menu.  Pet tolerant places like Las Vegas, Nevada, oops, hotel casinos. Do not really want you to bring your dog BUT if you must, we will charge you, make you pay. Did you know that Harrah’s in Laughlin is $20 for you and $80 for your pooch? I kid you not.


6. What is one blog that you read religiously – other than your own – and what makes you such a devoted reader? (Please include a link.)

I like to read BADRAP’s blog. Amazing dog trainers and especially great info for and about pit bulls and their owners.



7. What resources do you rely on to enhance your technical, writing, photography, social media, or other skills that improve your blog?

I am a research-a-holic, am on Google all the time, learning, reading, finding out what others are doing and what  find interest. I also use google-alerts to keep me up to date. I find a lot of the dog travel alerts to focus on the same old same old and some of the emails that I get, people want to write blog posts that I’ve written about many times. Enhancing reader’s interest, I try to use images, humor, as well as short blog posts (300-500 words) along with catchy headlines. It is also good to capture reader’s attention by tapping into controversial topics and providing tips, resources and practical assistance.

8. What is the best piece of advice you can offer other bloggers?

Keep on blogging, writing and reading other blogs.  Persistence pays off and so does keeping it fresh as you change, as your needs / focus / interests transform.

9. What is your vision for your blog in 2016? Do you have specific goals?

I want it to be more and more real, authentic and include other people and their stories, especially seniors with senior dogs. I have always tried to tell my truths, be honest, and I’ve interviewed others. I would really like more people to feel compelled to contribute their truths, too. I also want to include alternative housing (mobile tiny homes) since I am obsessed with finding, building, creating one for me and cici.

10. You have the attention of the pet blogging community – is there one blogging challenge you’d like help with, or one aspect of your blog that you’d like input on?

I would like to expand the scope of my blog to include various topics such as seniors with dogs, difficulties of seniors in coping with life changes including alternative housing options and resources. I still will write about my dog and include living with my senior dog, issues that arise with a senior dog, and a senior person.  Do I change the name of my blog since I am changing the focus or just keep on keeping on ?


Challenge badge on your blog, did not work… I tried and tried and tried oh well:-)



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Hoppy New Year

The year 2015 is leaving and 2016 is arriving. Hopefully, it will be filled with lots of fun, good fortune, health, wealth and happiness.


For the millions of pet owners and their furry friends who like to bring their dogs with them, you may not know that there are places and stores you may not have considered where you can bring them with you. You do not have to be limited to campgrounds, pet stores, dog parks and hiking trails and beaches.  Expand your horizons and see life from a doggie’s perspective.

Dogs are welcome in many of the places listed below. Just be sure that your doggie is on leash, friendly and well-behaved and you would be amazed to find out how many storekeepers, malls and retail shops will be happy you brought Fido along with you. Faces light up and often times, when they see Cici, they ask if they can pet her, smile, laugh and/or confide that they are missing their dog at home or the one that they just had to put down.





Do It YourSelf Home Improvement Stores

Think Lowe’s, Home Depot, Orchard Supply, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supplies and other such places. Cici and I enjoy getting a scooter cart (in the places that offer them), and while I ride the cart, Cici trots along next to me, getting exercise, attention, and sometimes treats, too. We call it our Zoom, Zoom time. She loves it !


Office Supply Stores

Office Depot, Staples, and other such stores often allow dogs to sniff around as long as they are well-behaved, on leash, and quiet. On occasion, I have sat on their furniture, used their Wifi while Cici sat at my feet, under a desk, and no one asked us to leave. Salespeople might want to know if you are interested in any of their products and if they can help you with anything. But for the most part, we were just fine.We did not spend too much time, maybe half an hour at most.



Cici got so used to getting treats in Oregon at banks (and Carmel), that she thought that they were treat stores. The banks elsewhere were not as welcoming. Just depends upon the branch and bank, I guess. U.S. Bank branches have been very pet friendly. Wells Fargo was iffy. Bank of America? Chase? Check it out. Your pooch loves to be wherever you go and if they can sniff out some extra cash then why not.



We have reviewed numerous pet friendly wineries in various towns such as our very favorite Navarro’s up Highway 128 going to Mendocino and some in Sonoma, Napa and other wine country towns. Some wineries have winery dogs on site and others do not mind if you bring Fido along. They even offer treats and lots of attention.


Camping Equipment stores

Big Five, REI, and other stores are usually happy to have a friendly pooch visit the store while you check out camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs and portable outdoor showers and potties.


Department Stores

Macy’s is one of our favorite stores to visit in the Monterey area, at Del Monte Shopping Center, a big mall. The entire mall is very pet friendly. And there are many malls filled with stores that are pet friendly. Some malls are not open to furry visitors. This list are places that we have also found to be pet friendly:  art stores like Michael’s, Aaron Brothers, computer and electronic stores such as Apple, Mac Superstores, Radio Shack, clothing stores such as Marshall’s, Nordstrom’s, Kohl’s, shoe stores (Cici’s favorite), and linens and bath stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, The Body Shop, Brookstone. If in doubt, Call first.


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.31.50 AM


Car Dealerships and Tire Stores

One of the places that Cici has enjoyed treats and attention and water has been at the car dealership. We have spent time in the air conditioning on hot days as well as asked a lot of questions about our car to while our car was being worked on, the service area time seemed to go a lot faster with Cici with me. We find out how things work, how to fix the car and found out about new models. As long as we were well behaved and did not overstay our welcome, everyone enjoyed the canine attention.


Hair Salons

I was surprised when the lady at the hair salon told me that Cici could come inside the store while I got my haircut. I think it was SuperCuts, Great Clips, or Fantastic Sam’s, one of those chains. Your local hairdresser may or may not welcome Fido, just ask to see if it is possible.


Baseball, Softball and other Games

Hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, right. Baseball is one of America’s favorite activity in the summer. Whether it is a stadium where your favorite teams are playing soccer, basketball or the local children’s Little League or high school games, Fido can feel right at home and root/woof for their favorites, too.


Drive-in Movies

You can always watch your favorite movies on TV at home. And there are some rare places with drive-ins where you can watch usually older movies with your furry pal. Popcorn for you. Dog treats for Fido. And everybody is happy.


Flea Markets

Farmers markets usually do not allow dogs, because of the food that is displayed. But flea markets typically offer non-food items such as clothing, jewelry, plants and other items and do allow dogs.


Bars/Restaurants (outdoor patios)

We love Panera’s Bread and they have patios where Cici can sit and drink water from a bowl I bring with me. And there are many other restaurants that allow dogs to sit with their friends as long as they do not bother anyone. Some places in Carmel and other towns/cities even offer a doggie menu.







There are art museums and others that allow dogs to peruse the cultural and creative paintings, photos, sculptures and other offerings. Cici visited an art museum in SLO with me when we went on a press trip a few years ago. And there are pet friendly art museums in Carmel and other towns/citieis.


Amusement Parks

Some of the big attractions, such as Disneyland, SeaWorld and others may not allow dogs or only allow them in some places. Call before you go. And there are local carnivals and fairs where they have rides and games for children that do allow dogs, all members of the family.



There are many other places that you can bring your doggie friends. Keep exploring. And share your favorites with us.

By the way, hotel chains that offer pet friendly amenities and do not charge a fee (and offer decent human accommodation) include LaQuinta Inn and Suites, Best Western, Comfort Inns, Choice Hotels, Ramada, Super 8 and others. These also offer.member reward programs where you can earn free nights with points for money spent. Some of the budget chains have really gone downhill and are not habitable for humans or dogs (Red Roof Inn, Motel 666, etc).  If you find a B&B, hotel, or motel that you enjoy, let us know all about it.


Thanks and Have a Great New Year !!!!



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