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Earth friendly dog toys

Cici has been enjoying these earth friendly new toys and she especially likes the squeaky ones. there is such diversity in the types of toys plus they are just plain fun and doggie mamas and papas can feel good about the ingredients that they are made with and how they are made. Affordable too. Every day is dog day, right.


Cici’s ears really perked up when she heard more about them.




These Honest Pet Products dog / cat toys are all organic, all natural toys, your dog’s best friend. for him/her to carry around and snuggle with, fetch, chew, and play with. made from organic wool, canvas, heavy rope, etc. Machine washable and dryable.
Non-toxic! Lead-free! Chemical-free! naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so they are healthier and safer for dogs.  with various prices and sizes Each one is made by adults with disabilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin.











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Dogs Gone Green

Earth Day is a good day to support eco friendly and green companies and organizations. Fido,  your best friend, will appreciate putting on the green, too

Share Earth Day with Your Dog:

Attend a dog-friendly Earth Day event

Organize a dog park clean-up

Take a nature hike on a dog-friendly trail

Shampoo your furry friend with an eco friendly shampoo (organic, biodegradable) in a bone fido bottle, squish squish, even if your dog doesn’t like a bath, they’ll enjoy the suds, www.organicoscar.com


Cook your hound one of the 125 yummy healthy homemade meals from the Healthy Hounds cookbook which includes raw recipes, grain-free and Paleo by the folks over at dogtipper.com   http://www.dogtipper.com/books/healthy-hound-cookbook


Compost your dog’s waste

Share pet food with pets of the homeless   http://www.petsofthehomeless.org/

Put Dog Rocks into your dog’s bowl of water and save your lawn from urine burn, easy to use,   http://dogrocks.org/about/


Use an herbal flea prevention powder and drops such as Earth Animals Herbal Internal Powder

Clean the dog’s bed and crate (and spring clean your home) with Miracle II Soap (all natural and refreshing)

Pour an ounce of your liquid nutritional supplement filled with redox signaling molecules (ASEA) into her bowl every morning and watch Fido’s energy soar to new heights, zoom, zoom, zoom     http://asea.myvoffice.com/suemagic/


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Win a FREE Bag

You love your dog and your dog loves you. Fido shows you their affection with doggie kisses. You get a whiff of your dog’s breath and whew, stinky, smelly BAD doggie breath bowls you over. We’ve all had that experience, right.

Well, our friends at Pet Naturals of Vermont have a wonderful all natural solution. Breath Bars. And you and your pooch can enjoy a FREE BAG. Your dog will think it is a treat and will scarf it up like candy. At least Cici did. She loved them. The taste is made for canines and the ingredients are really good for them.

Pumice, is a natural abrasive that reduces plaque and bacteria in your dog’s mouth. Polishes the teeth naturally.

Parsley, a leafy herb known for its fresh, strong flavor, offers a deodorizing effect plus it has lots of chlorophyll which has antibacterial properties

Spirulina, blue-green algae which is also rich in chlorophyll

Champex, a brand of Champagnon mushroom which suppresses odor causing chemicals in the intestines

Directions for Use: Give 1 chewable bar daily.
Give 2 chewable bars daily for dogs over 50 lbs.
For best results use daily and give between meals.

Product Facts:
Active Ingredients Per Bar:
Spirulina                                                     100 mg      
  yielding Chlorophyll                                          2 mg
Parsley                                                        70 mg
Champignon Mushroom Extract (Champex™ brand)                   30 mg
Yucca Schidigera Extract                                       10 mg
Cinnamon Powder                                                10 mg <fontface=arial>
Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 2.25.32 PM 

In order to get your FREE BAG of Breath Bars, all you have to do is go to this link. The first 100 will get a FREE bag and valuable coupon.


Do so before THIS FRIDAY April 4, 2014 and you will make Fido happy plus you will not have to smell that doggie bad breath much longer.

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Planet Dog EATS hit the spots

Cici loves her cookies… and I love giving her treats that are good for her, wheat free and eco friendly.  But Cici can be picky about “healthy” snacks and will sometimes sniff her nose and walk away. But NOT the new Planet Dog EATS. Planet Dog EATS hit just the right spots for me and my polka dot girl. Cici loves the crunchy munchy texture and would eat a whole box in one sitting if I let her do so.

Planet Dog EATS is a line of premium and healthy dog treats made by their new local baking partner, Polka Dog Bakery in Boston, MA. The rough, crunchy surface and composition of the new treats supports daily tartar control. Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, Planet Dog EATS  are playful bone-shaped treats that easily break into smaller pieces for portion control and for placing inside all sizes of Orbee-Tuff toys. 

There are three ways to use Planet Dog EATS: 

Praise good behavior… Good dog!

Play: Insert into interactive toys   

Perform: They can also be used with Planet Dog’s new On the Go Snack Sack® for “ready-to-reward” ease. 

Planet Dog EATS are wheat, corn and soy-free and contain no wheat gluten.  

The new line features two flavors: Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie and PB & J.


The Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie Flavor treats naturally support digestion thanks to the high fiber content found in Pumpkin. It is also a natural remedy for stomach ailments, including constipation and mild diarrhea.  It is packed with beta carotein, high in vitamins C, K and E and an excellent source of potassium, magnesium and iron.  Feeding pumpkin to a dog can help lower their risk of cancer, cataracts and heart disease.  And because it is low in both fat and calories, it is an excellent food substitute for dogs with weight restrictions.

INGREDIENTS: barley flour, rye flour, chicken, pumpkin, canola oil, ginger.

The Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie treats also feature Ginger, a perennial herb that has potent anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates digestion and enhances the immune system.  Research has shown that ginger lowers blood cholesterol by reducing cholesterol absorption in the blood and liver.

The PB & J Flavor treats offer powerful antioxidants thanks to real Maine blueberries and peanut butter.  Blueberries can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and digestive problems and they are also a great source of fiber.  The presence of brain stimulating vitamins in blueberries can help keep senior dogs sharper, while copper, zinc and iron help boost and maintain a healthy immune system.  Peanut butter is also loaded with antioxidants as well as protein and basic carbohydrates.  The peanut oil in peanut butter contains omega fatty-acids which help reduce bad cholesterol that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

INGREDIENTS: barley flour, rye flour, peanut butter, blueberries, cinnamon.

Planet Dog EATS are sold in a recyclable, 12-ounce virgin craft cardboard box. You can buy them online at http://www.planetdog.com, by calling Planet Dog toll-free at 800-381-1516 or at retailers nationwide.

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green pet first aid kit

Happy Earth Dog Day… there is another controversy brewing about Patrick… oh geez. Apparently, AHS wants to take Patrick away from GSVS and get him into a foster home to be socialized and trained. But people are concerned that he is loved by and wanted to be adopted by a GSVS staffer who knows him. It seems like another day, another drama. Why ?  Poor Patrick. Just let him be, adopted and be loved by the GSVS staffer and trained and socialized by a behavioral specialist or trainer. Sheesh… First he was unwanted and thrown away. Now he is wanted by everyone and not always for the right reasons. Stop Fighting Over Him.

Here’s more clarification about this issue:


A quick Patrick update from GSVS Pet Hospital: Patrick is out of surgery, in recovery. The procedures went great! Dr. Jason Pintar removed a long flat hair mass from Patrick’s stomach using a video endoscopic procedure while Patrick was under anesthesia. He lassoed the object & extracted it out of Patrick’s mouth. After that, Dr. Michael Hoelzler performed Patrick’s neutering procedure which was accomplished without any problems.  My note: The object inside Patrick was a mass of hair, perhaps a hair weave.  Our boy now weighs 36 pounds and is recovering nicely.

Happy Earth Dog Day, what are You doing today for Your Earth dog???


Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes it’s in delightful ways… like finding $20 in your pocket or getting upgraded from coach to first class for a 9-hour transatlantic flight. But if your luck is more likely to elicit cries of “No, no, no, no, no!” rather than fist-pumps and high fives.

And you and your furry friend find yourself confronting one of life’s less joyous surprises, like an unexpected insect sting, tree splinter or animal bite, you can stick it to the fickle hand of fate with Pet Portables’ Pet First Aid Kit. The outside may be small, but like Mary Poppin’s purse it’s packed full of useful first aid items to prevent an otherwise easily treated injury from turning into a sirens blazing medical emergency. Containing everything from styptic powder to iodine wipes, soap towelettes to latex gloves, the Pet First Aid Kit is like a mini emergency vet’s office (lab coat sold separately), that will keep your pet happy and healthy until the scales tip towards a good surprise.

Who knows… maybe there’s a field full of mouth-watering rawhide chews just past that Guinness-World-Record setting tick hive. Improbable? Yes. Impossible? Well, we don’t want to crush Fido’s dreams, so let’s just say that with Pet Portables’ Pet First Aid Kit, you’ll be prepared.

Pet Portables’ Pet First Aid Kit contains:

  • 1 bottle styptic powder (toenail bleeding)
  • 1 pair latex gloves (personal protection)
  • 2 pvp Iodine wipes (sterilization)
  • 2 insect sting wipes (apply to bites/stings)
  • 2 2″x2″ gauze pads (apply to wounds)
  • 1 pair scissors (trim hair and cut bandage tape)
  • 2 antiseptic towelettes (clean wound/hands)
  • 3 cotton swabs (apply ointment/creams)
  • 2 green soap towelettes (clean wounds/hands)
  • 1 plastic tweezers (splinter/tick removal)
  • 1 1″ x 5yd. coflex (secure bandage)
  • 1 pet care card and CPR card
  • 1 pet kit case

This is a Barking Deal, but only less than a day left to grab it, $10 for the above kit.  FREE SHIPPING.


Now, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Cici and I have a more holistic approach to a Pet First Aid Kit.

First, Roxanne Hawn suggests how to prepare an emergency pet food supply


Here are other items you might find useful to keep on hand just in case.

Healing cream Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey’s Organic is a combination of healing herbs in a base of organic shea butter. This cream is used for minor skin irritations, hot spots, rashes, cuts, sunburn and itching. It is gentle and and completely non-toxic so that if an animal licks the cream it will not harm them.

Young Living Essential Oils Pet First Aid Kit
•    Thieves essential oil blend
•    Melrose essential oil blend
•    Di-Gize essential oil blend
•    Purification essential oil blend
•    Raven essential oil blend
•    M-Grain essential oil blend
•    R.C. essential oil blend
•    PanAway essential oil blend
•    Peace & Calming essential oil blend
•    Palo Santo essential oil blend
•    AnimalScents Shampoo
•    AnimalScents Pet Ointment


Insect Repellant Spray

Whether for dogs, cats or horses, YL oils can provide a natural insect repellant for both pets and owner’s. To make a spray you will need the following:

one 14 oz. spray bottle (a 4oz. size is nice for traveling and hikes)

15-20 drops of either Purification or Palo Santo (use 4-8 drops in a 4oz. bottle)(Palo Santo may be too strong smelling for cats)

Fill spray bottle 7/8 the way full with distilled water (tap or spring water is also fine). Add essential oils, shake and spray – put your hand over the eye area, you don’t want to get essential oils in the eyes! Tip: you will want to give your spray bottle a bit of a shake before using to disperse the essential oils in the water.

Bach Flower’s Pet Rescue Remedy

Pets Have Emotions too.

Rescue® Remedy can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems.

Rescue Remedy Pet can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems. Appropriate usage times include:

• Visits to the vet
• Fear of loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, etc)
• Excessive barking or hissing
• Shock, trauma or mistreatment
• Adapting to loss of companion
• Separation anxiety
• Adapting to new surroundings (home, kennel, stable, etc.)
• Obsessive cleanliness
• Constant licking or nibbling of self
Pet Chart of other Bach Flower Essences, useful for various situations.

Cici and I find Bach Flowers a Life Saver… calms pets down asap (humans, too)…

Rescue Remedy Pet Dosage:
4 drops, given several times a day.

Music CD Calm Canine, Through a Dogs Ear

Earthbath Natural Grooming Wipes Hypo-Allergenic Wipes

also their waterless shampoo, for dogs that love to get stinky

and a list of other useful items:

  • Absorbent compresses/gauze sponges, assorted sizes
  • Adhesive tape, hypoallergenic
  • Clean cloths
  • Cold pack: to reduce swelling or pain
  • Contact information for your veterinarian
  • Contact information of the nearest emergency veterinary clinic
  • Contact information for the ASPCA Poison Control Center
  • Cotton swabs
  • Digital rectal thermometer (non-mercury/non-glass): to find out if your pet is running a fever
  • E-collar: available in a variety of sizes, this opaque or clear plastic, cone-shaped protector attaches to your pet’s collar and can be found at veterinary clinics and pet stores. Prevents your pet from accessing a wound or injury
  • Emergency blanket: to wrap around injured pet, carry an injured pet and provide warmth
  • Eyedropper: to dispense liquid medication or clean superficial wounds
  • Gauze pads, sterile: for cleaning wounds
  • Gloves (disposable, non-latex): to help protect you and keep the wound sanitary
  • Glucose paste or corn syrup (for diabetic dogs or dogs with low blood sugar)
  • Hand cleansing wipes
  • Hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent: to clean a wound
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol wipes: to sterilize items such as scissors or tweezers
  • Nail clippers (sized for your dog’s nails)
  • Oral syringe (baby dose size)
  • Rags or rubber tubing: to use as a tourniquet
  • Roll adhesive tape (hypoallergenic)
  • Roll cohesive bandage, 3 inch width (stretches and clings to itself)
  • Roll cotton gauze rolls, 2 inch width: to wrap around wounds
  • Scissors: for cutting hair and bandages (blunt end)
  • Soft muzzle: to prevent your pet from biting you or chewing on an injury while in pain
  • Slip-style leash
  • Special medications needed by your pet
  • Sterile eye lubricant
  • Sterile gauze pads (non-adherent, assorted sizes)
  • Sterile saline eye wash
  • Sterile, water-based lubricating jelly
  • Sting relief wipes
  • Styptic powder (to stop bleeding)
  • Towel
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Tweezers: for removing objects such as splinters or ticks from skin or paws
  • Eyewash
    Eyebright Solution
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Rubbing Alcohol

Supplements, vitamins, and any medication, homeopathic remedies that you regularly use.

Last but not least, eco friendly pet waste bags. For Earth Day, for every day.

I vote for the plucky lil ducky over at Life with Dogs … no bunnies have to hop hop hop during this Blog Hop, catch the code…


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jennie uh-oh

you may have noticed that I do NOT appreciate being deceived by people or companies that do NOT have my or your best interest at heart.

Which is why it makes me really sick to my stomach and angry this morning to find out that Jennie-O is actually Hormel.  And Morningstar Farms is actually Kellogg’s. I know about the Morningstar fiasco because Trader Joe’s STILL sells their products. I USED to eat their corn dogs thinking it was an all natural product. Intuitively, I kept getting NOT to eat them but I was addicted at the time. Until they made me really ill. That is when I did a little research and found out, voila, the culprit was Kellogg’s contaminated GMO/GE corn.

The reason that these companies make up these oh so nice sounding all natural sounding names is because WE DON’T WANT TO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS and so they cleverly DECEIVE us into buying their products.  THIS IS FRAUD.

And sometimes the companies started out being all natural but became successful and SOLD OUT… ugh. Burt’s Bees, for instance was bought out by Clorox.

Alexa Traffic Rank for http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/06/business/06bees.html: 84www.nytimes.com/2008/01/06/business/06bees.html

Can Burt’s Bees Turn Clorox Green?

“Clorox was willing to pay almost $1 billion for Burt’s Bees because big companies see big opportunities in the market for green products. From 2000 to 2007, Burt’s Bees’ annual revenue soared to $164 million from $23 million. Analysts say there is far more growth to be had by it and its competitors as consumers keep gravitating toward products that promise organic and environmental benefits.

In the last couple of years, L’Oréal paid $1.4 billion for the Body Shop and Colgate-Palmolive bought 84 percent of Tom’s of Maine, which makes natural toothpaste and deodorant, for $100 million. Clorox is also creating eco-friendly product lines of its own.

Many corporate leaders have sold their shareholders on green initiatives by pointing out that they help cut costs — an argument that is more persuasive now, while energy costs are sky high. But as companies rush to put out more and more “natural,” “organic” or “green” products, consumers and advocacy groups are increasingly questioning the meaning of these labels.”

It is the same thing with supermarket brand, Walmart, K-mart, Target type pet foods, by the way, people.

Not only is Jennie-uh oh Hormel but they have now recalled 55 THOUSAND pounds of turkey burgers. And I just bought some at Safeway. The turkey burgers are suspected of having Salmonella and are supposedly only tainted ones are from Sam’s Club. You believe that, I got a bridge to sell you.


At least Foster Farms is still a real farm.


“Our chickens and turkeys mature naturally without growth hormones or steroids.”

Still, the ONLY relatively safe way to know what you are eating is by growing your own fruits and veggies organically and I guess slaughtering your own meat (UGH) or buying grass-fed meat from reputable companies. NOT Hormel. NOT Hormel disguised as Jennie-uh-oh.

Happy Passover/Easter… better make it a vegan seder?  My roommate rooked me into making him a real home cooked meal tonight… not vegan. Chicken from Foster Farms, matzo ball soup, potato latkes or kugel, gefilte fish with horseradish and more (mostly from jars) but he’ll never know the difference between from scratch and jars. He lives on cereal and milk and fast food (and wonders why he’s sick all the time, duh)… did NOT get any wine and there will be no apples and honey and ritual/ceremony, no Hebrew since I don’t know any, no waiting for Elijah or having an empty chair at the table, but I digress.

Here is a vegan recipe suggested by Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear.


well, I would scratch the sugar and use an all natural substitute like agave or stevia OR NO sugar period.  Why one needs sugar in a recipe for eggplant cutlets is beyond me. Substitute the wheat bread crumbs for a gluten free mixture of Bob’s Red Mill flax seed meal and rice flour, I made zucchini sticks a few weeks ago with this and they were yummy. My now go-to bread crumbs substitute.

Be sure that you DO NOT give your dogs too much flax seed meal nor matzo, potato kugel or any other holiday favorite MADE FOR HUMANS. chocolate matzo for dessert for the humans, anyone?

The flax seed meal will take care of the matzo dilemma as Shankman so aptly put it this morning.

“Did you know that Matzoh, with what it does to your stomach after eating it for eight days, is the real reason for the phrase “Let my people go?” It’s true.”

L’chaim or whatever you are supposed to say for Happy Passover.


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