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The Furriest Halloween Contest

We’re so excited to announce the 1st annual Halloween Costume Photo Contest!   We’d love for you and your pets to join us!

The rules are simple. Check it out:

  1. Take a photo of your pet all decked out in its Halloween best and email it to me at prmatchmaker at yahoo.com from October 3rd to the day before Halloween, October 30. Use the words “Contest Photo” in your email subject line.
  2. Include your pet’s name, age, breed, and your first and last name.
  3. We’ll add your pet’s photo to the official Costume Photo Album on our NEW Facebook page, Cici the Polka Dot Princess.

It’s your chance to show off your pet in her Halloween best!  We’ve got great prizes for the 3 pets that win!

Prizes include your very own copy of The Sound and the Furry by Spencer Quinn. And to honor the book, please dress your pooch up as an ALLIGATOR…can be a homemade costume, store bought or whatever, use your imagination !  Creativity will be rewarded.


Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 7.43.05 AM

Spring Naturals dog food and other treats will also be given to the winners.


Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

Pet costumes are cute. And Halloween can be spooky for dogs. Be sure that your dog is safe in the neighborhood when you head out with her on Halloween. Pets do not always enjoy the sights and sounds of Halloween. Here are a few precautions to take to keep them safe:

1. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an ID tag with your current contact information and that the microchip has up to date info, too.

2. Keep your pet on a leash. There may or may not be a lot of kids or teens where you live outside going trick or treating door to door. But be safe and control your pet with a leash. You never know when your dog might see a cat or decide s/he wants to chase or run off and scavenge or explore.

3. Make special Halloween treats for your pets. Give your dog a new bone, some doggie biscuits, dog jerky or dog cookies. But do not give candy to dogs or cats. Chocolate, nuts, raisins and candy with ingredients like xilothil and other “sugar-free” chemicals can be life threatening and even fatal for dogs.  

4. When you are at home entertaining trick or treaters or having your own party, keep your pets in a safe place behind a closed door or gate. Otherwise, your pets might quickly get outside without a leash and get spooked, stolen or get into trouble.

5. Pets should stay indoors on Halloween night, especially black cats and even dogs that are outside. There is a high incidence of pets being stolen during the month of October, and you do not want your pets to become a statistic.

6. Have your own Halloween party for your pets and invite the neighborhood pawpals. Give out baskets of pet treats, play games and give our prizes for the best costumes !

BOO ! Share your plans for Halloween, the spookiest night of the year in the comments below and on our Facebook page, and be sure to send us your pet’s photo.



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Cats and cows and bells, oh my

The thing about both of these products are they are both equally good for use when traveing with your pet and at home. You can take them along with you on a trip, no muss, no fuss.

And these toys are just so doggone cute. Cici has been very gentle with chewing hers up, too… She has received the cat and the elephant and we have been playing tug of war with the cat. I have not allowed her to just chew it up on her own because it’s just so darned cute and it has a squeaky inside.  Kinda fragile, unlike most dog toys, but one of our favorites.  When you get one, be sure to supervise your dog so that they do not swallow the squeaky or other stuffing.

The Monkeez Makes a Difference pet toys feature a wide-variety of squeaky characters, including cats, alligators, monkeys, cows, dogs, elephants, frogs and dog bones. Each toy retails for $7.49.


In addition to pet toys, Monkeez Makes a Difference features kid-friendly
toys and tools that teach children to give back, including the best-selling
Genuine Monkeez and FriendsT plush characters, online games, real-life Do
Good challenges and a special 10% donation on each child’s behalf to one of
three nationally renowned charities of his or her choice including Best Friends Animal Society.

“There are so many children, families and animals in need not only around
the world, but in our own communities,” Chrysti Carol Propes, director
of Monkeez Makes a Difference says. “Parents are looking
for ways to teach the values of thinking of others and believing every
person can make a difference, and Monkeez Makes a Difference fulfills that
need in a unique and interactive way. On behalf of the entire Propes family,
we believe that even though they may be small, kids can make a big
difference and by creating opportunities like Monkeez Makes a Difference, we
can instill philanthropic values to last a lifetime.”

There are more than 90 plush designs in multiple sizes to choose from, including monkeys, owls, bears, lions, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, octopuses, panda bears, kangaroos, turtles,
koalas, alligators, hedgehogs, elephants, hippos, zebras, frogs, bunnies and
raccoons. Each specially marked character comes with a unique online game
activation code on the tag.

For more info, go to:  http://b2c.monkeezandfriends.com/category/149-dog-toys.aspx

Another adorable product is the PoochieBells®, the original dog doorbell… It is a training tool. Cici is already potty/house trained, she is six years old. And I could see where the Poochie Bells could be a very useful tool for a dog / puppy who is learning and maybe not vocal nor persistent about their needs. All you have to do is train them to touch the bells to alert you that they want to go outside. Of course, hang the bells onto the door and voila. Instant alarm system. What I like about them is they are pretty, useful, and the bells have a nice sound and there are enough of the bells so that you would definitely hear them go ring a ding ding… but in a nice way.

Each PoochieBell comes with simple, clear training instructions.

PoochieBells are for any age, size or breed.




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Restitution: And the People Said Amen…

My wish tonight is for everything
to become upside right

instead of inside out
and tumbled like weeds

that is where
i draw my personal line
in the sand

and hope and pray
and wish upon a star
that everything will right
itself again

Dogs are not cats

and cats are not birds

and never will fish be

leopards and porpoises

are not horses and cows

are not sheep and monkeys are not

caterpillars and squirrels are not camels

and chickens

are never gonna be


no matter how many of us wish and pray

for them to be so

the world should not have
gone awry
our meters on empty
our fortunes unkempt

Destiny awaits us
dare we rush away
from its call
hurtling ourselves deeper
into darkness and spaces
that were never meant to be
so painful

we should not have bent
and crawled and run and tangled
ourselves up into big blue balls
twisted with grief and sadness

do we have to wait for
the end to come
in order to be free?

for the world to be so
fragile and scattered
and shattered

for truth to be so obscured
and muted
for losses so permeated
and permeable

for people to shout to the heavens
save us
and the heavens
cry out with answers
but their cries fall on
ears that have not heard
a word in years

why is a child crying
when his mother
should be bawling
her very heart out

how can our leaders
fall so far short
of greatness
and dare to pluck their power
off of our trees
and stick their noses
so far out at us
like children and Pinocchio
saying nah nah nah nah

nanny nanny boo boo
the preschoolers wail
but is this proper behavior
for grown-ups
never mind our fearless leaders

where is that light in this dark tunnel
how do we find our way
when we are grasping for air
like miners looking for canaries
in caves that never should have been
tampered with

there isn’t a breath in sight
but there is California burning at night
with fetid air
and Arnold spraying poisons into our
in order to make money
for people who don’t deserve it
and to make things worse for the rest of us

how can we the people breathe
when there are so many untold truths
unburied bodies
and bold lies
that stick at our craw
and won’t go away

is it not better for us to
hurl ourselves into the wind
then to knock our heads
against the stoneheads of
the powers that be

we must hold onto each other’s hands
and never let go
for in our unity
there must be peace

We will find Peace
even if they don’t get it
and never will.

There’s a chance Peace will come

in our lives… John Lennon

All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance…




Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me… Peace Shield

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