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Happy National Dog Day

this video is so beautiful and sums up how great dogs are… So God Made a Dog

Appreciate your best friend today and every day. They deserve so much love and care from us for all they do and who they are.

Took Cici into a supermarket because there is a bank branch there and it was too too hot outside in the car. 107 degrees today supposed to be. Well, everyone loved her and she had to kiss everyone. She also was slipping and sliding on the floor next to me in the scooter cart. Funny to watch her as always.  Love that dog so much.  My polka dot princess is so silly.

Appreciate your dog !  (Lots of treats and belly rubs)!

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Doctor Dog

when you do not feel well, I bet you turn to your furry loved ones for comfort and healing.  A purring cat, stroking a dog’s fur, a cuddle buddy make the best medicine. I have been having back pain which is quite unusual for me. Cici is such a source of strength during this time of healing. And I do not know what many of us would do if we had to be in a cold, antiseptic hospital environment without our beloved pets.

That is why, this article make me happy. Some hospitals are actually letting patients pets visit them while they are ill.   Imagine if every hospital had therapy dogs and allowed pets to visit patients.



Healing power of dogs


Counselors with fur







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Happy Vicktory dog day

On April 25th, 2007, police served a warrant in Surry, Va. The day before, Michael Vick’s cousin, Davon Boddie, was arrested on drug charges and listed the house as his address. The police and animal-control officers found 66 dogs and what appeared to be a dog-training complex of dark-painted buildings in the woods just behind the house owned by M. Vick. Police obtained another warrant and seized the dogs.

This photo is of the dogs rescue from the property. Thankfully, there were people who began the fight for the V Dogs lives. And thus began the journey for a collective group of dogs who would change the perception people had of pit bulls and fighting dogs and the laws that would one day open doors for countless dogs worldwide.

It all started on this day in 2007.

Happy 5th year anniversary to all of the Vicktory dogs, their pet guardians, foster parents and trainers, all of the folks who have loved them and been with them every step of their amazing journeys… BadRap, Best Friends, Our Pack, Monterey SPCA and others, the dogs could not have made it without ALL OF YOU.


If you have not read the book about these dogs, it is time to honor the dogs by getting a copy of The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant and reading it or giving it as a gift to your local shelter, a friend or loved one. This book will warm your heart and uplift your spirit. Yes, there are a few rough paragraphs to get through. But in the end, the story is one of tremendous courage, triumph and spirit. Against all odds, despite PETA and the Humane Society and others insistence that the dogs be euthanized, most of the dogs have not only survived but are thriving in homes with other dogs, cats, children and continue to inspire others. Eight of the dogs have become therapy dogs, visiting sick people and reading with children, have won awards and given the key to the city. A few of the dogs have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. Some of the pet guardians do speaking engagements and events. And a few have rescued other pit bulls who needed love and homes, too.

For Audie, Cherry, Danimal, Ernie, Frodo, Georgia, Ginger, Grace, Halle, Hector, Iggy, Jasmine, Jhumpa, Jonny J, Leo, Little Red, Mel, Oscar, Red, Squeaker, Stella, Teddles, Uba, Ziggy  and all of the other brave dogs…

Oscar just passed his CGC. He is an official Canine Good Citizen and is now eligible for adoption (has a pending home).


Ginger having her cake and eating her Happy cake, too…




What have you learned from these survivors of cruelty? How has this landmark case influenced your views on evaluating victims of cruelty? What have these dogs taught you about the importance of “seeing the dog, not the story?


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5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Today, Wednesday, April 11th is National Pet Day.

National Pet Day was founded by celebrity pet lifestyle expert & animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige and is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to create public awareness about the plight of so many different kinds of animals in shelters all across the nation.

To learn more about National Pet Day, like their Facebook  page, follow them on Twitter or visit their website at www.petdayusa.com.

Five Ways You Can Celebrate National Pet Day  

1. Bring a shelter pet into your family, and love it and enjoy its love. It’s estimated that approximately 16,000 pets die in U.S. shelters every single day. Adopting a pet is worthwhile, the joy you will receive from it is priceless.

2. Of the 66 percent of American households that own pets, only 1 percent of them insure their pets. ProtectYourBubble.com’s research shows that those with pet insurance take their pets to their veterinarian more often. Pet insurance is available for as little as a $1 day and can help your pet receive the treatment they need.

3. Pets like to be pampered too. Call your pet groomer and have them go all out this month with special treatments such as exfoliation treatments or hot oil treatments.(Or stay at home and have a spaw day).

4. Take the day off work and spend it with your pet. Your furry family member is used to your schedule and will be thrilled when you don’t actually leave him/her for the day.  (Or bring your pet to work with you).

5. Offer your loved one treats, but in moderation. 53 percent of adult dogs and 55 percent of adult cats in the United States are overweight. During this week, offer your loved one the treat they love, but also make sure they’re getting the activity they need or make a decision to provide them a healthier diet.

from ProtectYourBubble.com, a new pet insurance brand in the U.S. that offers affordable and comprehensive coverage options for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds.

Post your pics/photos of your pets


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happy holidays for the v-dogs

sweet happy jhumpa jones


and  a few of her furry friends

Ginger Girl

Here you see me sitting in front of the Christmas tree of Dogtown; instead of ornaments the staff hangs pictures of some of us animals that have been adopted. Oscar and I would like to be on that tree next year…Squeaker

Cherry Garcia

Handsome Dan


Leo, gone but not forgotten

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Let my Patrick Go (Home)

Ok, Cici says, Silly Humans, What are you all fighting about now… ALL dogs deserve to be loved, pampered polka dot princesses/princes. And especially if they’ve been mistreated, abused, starved, neglected, and/or abandoned, they should get extra special treats and fun in their lives. And if you are a pit bull, you’re more than likely been given a bad rap and been treated badly. So, you need a real, true, loyal companion for life. A nice home. A bunch of bones. And some lizards to stalk, squirrels to chase, and grass to roll around in. Simple. Basic dog 101 stuff.

Why cannot humans behave and STOP fighting over Patrick, she asks me as only a canine can do.

Good question.

I am disgusted and dishartened by the comments made about Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter and everyones claim to know “whats best for Patrick” you all need to step back and look at yourselves and what your saying … BASHING the very people who saved him…. SHAME ON YOU! You all make your own judgements as to why they are doing what they are with NO basis….

Now, let’s have a POP quiz about Patrick to see if you truly are a Patrick fan.

who is Patrick?

How did he get named Patrick?

What is the name of his owner?

Where is he now?

How much does he weigh?

When will he have surgery and why?

When will his owner go to trial and where?

Is there a law named after Patrick?

Who is AHS and GSVS?

Where is Patrick’s furrever home?

Good questions, and the last one is the Question of the Day. If you are a faithful and loyal member of the Patrick’s Movement, or an obsessed Patrick fan, follower, pal or miracle watcher, then you know all of the answers to the above. If not, you can catch up here below.

Ok so back to Why are people fighting over Patrick today?


clarifying this situation. It had seemed to me oh no, not another drama about Patrick. Another day, another people drama about Patrick. Now I understand why people are upset. Also, because of a twitter conversation with the Patrick Movement-Maryland, sorry I don’t know your name. I also think Best Friends and BadRap should weigh in on this since they took in many of the Vicktory dogs and had a gag order to deal with for a long time, too where they were not able to talk about the dogs. I used to work at Best Friends and also think that if Patrick cannot be adopted (REALLY HOPE HE CAN BE by the GSVS staff member who has stepped forward), then Best Friends would be a good place for him. Still, it is not a home, I pray Patrick has THE BEST POSSIBLE FURREVER HOME. He certainly deserves all the love, care and training and fun a loving family will give him.

Moving on to our rally on May 6.  Animal Friends Pet Rescue and Patricks Pet Food Bank in Seaside/Pets of the Homeless are hosting a rally and adoption event on May 6, 2011 at noon in the Crossroads Shopping Center, on Rio Road in front of the Pet Food Express. May 6 is the date Patrick’s owner Kisha Curtis is going on trial for abandoning, starving, neglecting and abusing him ( throwing him down a garbage chute in New Jersey on St. Patrick’s Day (hence his name).  He was found by two maintenance workers, brought to AHS, barely alive, a skeleton weighing 20 pounds. He now weighs 36 pounds and just had surgery this week. He was neutered, had his teeth cleaned and also had a hair mass removed from his tummy, that had been lodged in his intestine. He has been lovingly cared for by the good folks at GSVS Hospital.

We are holding this event in solidarity with all of the Patrick Movement rallies across the nation and virtually online on that date.

Pet lovers and the public are welcome to attend. The doggies will be sporting green bandanas in Patrick’s honor. Please wear green, too. We will be providing doggies for adoption, music for dogs, a raffle, information about adoption and abused animals, as well as goodies (baked goods).

If you’d like to donate pet food to Patrick’s pet food bank, adopt a pet, or  to help us at the rally, please give me a call or email me. Thanks for your generous support.  Below is our flyer.

flyer for rally


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Dear Oprah

Updates: It seems God/Goddess heard our cries and O/Vick heard our comments, because Vick canceled the interview.


It seems Piers Morgan may be doing it, so if you want send him Lost Dogs books, and/or a link to the O comments… scroll down to bottom, pages and pages. yay !!! yipppeee!!!


this should cover all the icko sickos excuses, ok.



Since I do have a Dogtime account but cannot figure out how to login to it and have had no assistance from their support team, this is the comment I was going to make on Leslie Smith’s blog post. My own Dear Oprah letter.

Dear Oprah,

Since you were supposed to have BadRap on your show a little while ago with the dogs and flaked on that, I highly doubt and am very skeptical that you will ask Michael Vick anything but softball b.s. PR crapola.

I am personally sick, disgusted and fed up with hearing about Vick, from HSUS, Oprah and Obama. Am ill almost every day, crying all of the time.

If you are reading this and want to make a difference, please sign the petition on facebook and send it along to all of your friends and relatives.  Also, read others remarks to Oprah here.  You are NOT alone.

You can also write to Oprah’s Executive Producer Sheri Salata on Twitter, @SheriSalata and @Oprah and @OprahWinfreyNetwork and @PiersMorgan and @CNN and @Cnnbrk and @andersoncooper  with the hashtag #Vick

Look at my 4PawsUp page at all of the Victory dogs, and you tell me what kind of a person could torture and kill those dogs FOR SIX YEARS.  NO EXCUSES, Oprah.

I have a pit bull mix that I rescued from out of the hands of a homicidal maniac. Vick is a psychopath and should be in jail and / or a psych hospital.

If you saw the Richard Hunter video from Dallas, Vick showed NO REMORSE and his bodyguard said they don’t care about the dogs.  Video below and for context, this was not the Mayor, but the Mayor Pro Tem Caraway who had no authorization to give the keys to Vick and who has been laughed at and was supposed to get the keys back according to the real Mayor Leppert.

Vick has had THREE+ chances to meet the dog rescuers who’ve lovingly cared for the dogs and has refused.

What is it going to take for America to wake up???  Does Vick have to abuse, kill and maim children / people????  Law enforcement and ASPCA says there is a well documented correlation between people who do horrific things to dogs and then to people.

No one in their right mind could have done the things that Vick did, enjoyed doing, and got a thrill out of doing.

As Hunter said in the interview he did, Vick is MENTALLY ILL. And if he had ANY REMORSE he would give up the names of the dog fighters not just do what he has been mandated to do. There is MUCH he could do but what is he doing but playing football for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS???

It’s all a big show for greedy people.

No, I am DONE with you Oprah. I used to be a BIG FAN of yours, but I AM DONE.  I WILL NOT WATCH OPRAH ANYMORE until you have BEST FRIENDS, BADRAP, Jim Gorant, author of The Lost Dogs and a few of the dogs on your show.  If you do not do that, you are a BIG FAKE.

The audience should have a copy of The Lost Dogs at the very minimum and Oprah, you should read from the book to Vick.  If you let him off the hook, YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE and DEFINITELY NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE !!!!!

I hope I am wrong about you and am praying for a miracle.

CeliaSue Hecht & my beloved Cici

a former fan




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