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It is the pits and not the pits

did it all begin with dogs?

the rancor, recrimination, disdain, and discrimination,

small versus large dogs.

breed discrimination.

breed bans.


talk to any owner of a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or pit bull (which is not a breed, a bunch of bully breeds including American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrirer, Pit Bull Terrier, and others) are lumped together and called pit bulls, and they will tell you about how their dog(s) are vilified, demonized, shunned, and/or called mean, vicious and/or killer dogs, no matter the dog.

is it any wonder then now we have right here in America:


red vs blue

GOP vs Democrats

conservatives vs liberals

Bernie supporters versus Hillary

men versus women

white Christian evangelicals aka white supremacists against everyone

heterosexuals against LGBT folks

white people versus nonwhite people

rich versus poor and middle class

1% versus 99%

housed versus unhoused

child molesters and rapists versus transgendered

environmentalists aka tree huggers versus climate change deniers and oil companies, big pharma and nuke, coal, industries

vegetarians and vegans versus meat eaters

war mongers versus pacifists

north versus south

didn’t we fight this war before, I seem to recall something…

people divided

a nation in crisis 

fighting each other and the whole world

when will we learn the lessons and stop blaming one another, pointing fingers, spewing hatred?

it is not the dogs, not the people…


a nation gone mad accusing one another for our problems


we are NOT NOT NOT going to solve anything with slurs, epithets, walls and bans


can we just agree to disagree and MOVEO N?????




on a different note, Cici and I are traveling and met with Howard Epstein in LA for lunch yesterday. It was fun and yummy and we grew up in the same neighborhood in NYC, went to the same high school at different times.







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The Naked Pit: most popular mixed dog breeds…

There has been some talk about popular breeds lately. Uno, the Beagle, won the show. The Bulldog made it into the top ten. And how about the mixed breed mutts? Perhaps we could have a category / contest for them. Cici says it’s discriminatory not to include the Heinz 57 type pooches in the popularity contests. Why do humans have to categorize people, dogs, cats, etc. anyway, she asks.

She wants me to do a calendar of Naked Pits, including Pit mixes, just like her my Dal-Pit girl… like that movie about those women who got tastefully naked and posed for a calendar to raise money for some worthy cause, anybody game?

If you’d like to submit your photo of your Naked Pit (including the mixed breeds), send them to me via email as an attachment. Just one photo, so make it sweet, cute, funny poses, and faces. The dog should be sans clothing, not wearing any of those dog coats, sweaters, hats and dresses. Just pure, plain and proud dogs. No people in the photos either. And include a paragraph of why your dog should be selected.

Some examples: (ok, I included a couple of pit bulls who are not mixed breeds)…






Overall most popular breeds


Ten most popular breeds in 50 large cities in the USA





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