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Mad dogs humping

I once had a crazy dog. He was male and our neighbor’s dog was his best buddy pal. On Friday nights usually we would visit and drink wine, the women, and the doggies would play together. Often, the two male dogs would hump one another. And on occasion, they would wrap their paws around humans, usually men, and do their thing. We laughed and thought it indiscriminately funny. We joked about them being gay dogs and were mortified when their behavior became out of control, when they assaulted people’s legs with their overzealous sex drives. Hormones, who knew.

Thankfully, Cici has never been interested when canine friends or strangers have tried to have their way with her. She lets them know in no uncertain terms that they better move on or she will kick their butts. Growl growl growl. The dog in the photo below looks similar to Cici but she would never do such a thing with a member of her own species, never mind another. Just a funny photo, right.




There has been a lot of public discourse on the Internet and TV about groping women, sexual assault and locker room talk amongst men during this seemingly endless political election cycle due to the fact that the GOP candidate has been accused of assaulting numerous women. I have lost count, has it been nine or 15 or countless hordes? Ir started with the tape of him bragging about being a sexual predator. Women have this week come forth citing that he would peek into the dressing rooms at pageants to gape at half naked and naked young girls. He has even groped his own daughter on TV and called her a ‘piece of ass.’

He has countered the accusations by denying their veracity, threatening to sue the media, attacking the women by calling them dogs, pigs, not good looking enough for him to grope, and pretending to be the victim in the scenarios. It is common for abusers, bullies and predators to DENY, ATTACK AND REVERSE THE VICTIM AND OFFENDER ROLES. As far as I and many women and men are concerned, he is an unregistered sex offender and hopefully in the upcoming court case where he is accused of raping a woman when she was 13, he will reap what he has sown. Certainly, because of these instances and many other ways he has been mean, cruel, insensitive and hurt men, women and children, and his ignorance and belligerent attitude, racist associations and claims, serial lies, even about things he has said on tape, he is unfit for office. As the Australians in Parliament said, he is a revolting slog.



Cici and I have a lot more to say on this topic but will only discuss a few important items here. First of all, where there is smoke there is fire. Remember Bill Cosby? How many women did it take to come forward and accuse him before we started to believe that just maybe there was some truth in what the women were saying.

Women are too often not believed when they accuse a male of raping or groping them without consent. However, rapists lie 100% of the time and too often get off without any jail time due to the favorable to rapists culture we live in. ALL women have been harassed and assaulted by boys or men. ALL WOMEN.

Two, whatever the orange mutant has done and said has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Bill Clinton, who is NOT running for president. I actually did NOT vote for him either after I found out about his affair while he was governor from the person he had the affair with. This was before I even knew who he was and the story was sleazy and I vowed not to vote for him. NONE OF THIS EXCUSES THE GOP CANDIDATE FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE AND SAID.

Imagine IF Hillary Clinton groped a man…and/or done or said half of what Trump has.




Hypocrisy much?



We LOVE what Seth Meyers said about why it has taken women so long to come forward. Many said it was because of at the last debate Trump lied and said he had never assaulted a woman.

Meyers summed up the issue pretty quickly.

“When people ask why women wait to report sexual assault, that’s why, because instead of believing them, you question their motives,” he said.

“Stop pretending there’s an optimal time for women to go public with these kinds of allegations,” he added. It’s not like if you do it within the first 24 hours, you get a parade and an iTunes gift card.”


By the way, some women haters in the GOP think sexual assault IS FUNNY, they created a hashtag poking fun of the brave women who have come forward to speak their truths.


We also like what this woman wrote:

“The reality of our culture is that all women—yes, all—know what it feels like to be sexually harassed. Chances are they also know what it feels like to be assaulted. Every woman knows what it is to be talked over, paid less, fetishized. Every woman knows what it is to walk alone in her own neighborhood and feel the hairs on the back of her neck tense when a man walks by who gives her a bad feeling. Every woman knows how to quicken her step at night and look ahead into dark corners and cross to the other side of the street when nervous. Every woman knows what it is to be called “honey.”

As women have been saying for lord knows how long and as they will continue to chant for much longer still: We are not your honey.


“We are done being quiet. We are done looking for our place, trying not to cause trouble, trying to smooth things over. We are done being told that we are worth less, both for the work we do and for the nature of who we are. We are done being tasked with bringing the next generation into this world and raising them and feeding them and loving them only to have them grow up and spit in our face and lurch at us and whistle and tell us how much we do or do not please them with our looks and our behavior and our words.

“We are done feeling threatened walking down the sidewalk in our own neighborhood, in any neighborhood, at any time of day. We are done with feeling unsafe in our skins. We are done with being told our views and opinions are “emotional” and not logical. We are done being dismissed and diminished and interrupted and talked over. We are done with people not listening—never really listening—to what we say and how we say it, until a man says it, too.

“We are done being told that we are only attractive up to a certain age. We are done being told that we can be sexy or motherly and that both are acceptable but nothing but and never together. We are done with people telling us we’re “sweet.” We are done with trying to dilute ourselves to make someone else feel bigger. We are done asking you about your day and you never asking us in return or asking only as an afterthought when you realize you should. We are done feeling like imposters, never asking for more, only taking what is given.

“We are done waiting—for respect, for health care, for equal pay, for the same sense of safety and entitlement that others get to carry with them through their lives.

“We are done being the ones who always have to compromise our own dreams and ambitions for yours.

“We are done.”




Millions of women put forth their own stories on Twitter about their FIRST assault. After I wrote my own, numerous other incidences bubbled up inside of me. Situations that  I had forgotten about like the rabbits foot incident, the gold lame pants I wore in public when I was 10, the time my uncle groped me, when a guy stopped to ask my friend and I a question, he in his car with his genitals in hand, and so on. Too many incidents of being assaulted and harassed by men. Maybe because I was cute or pretty or naive or young or a female and fair game for predators. Perhaps because ALL women, no matter their age, attractiveness, or weight or height or race or religion are assaulted every day BY MEN AND/OR BOYS on the streets of America and worldwide.The men and boys get a pass because BOYS WILL BE BOYS. But we females have to deal with this all of our lives EVERY DAY worrying about what we wear, what routes to walk to work, streets to go on, neighborhoods to avoid, if we should go to a party or drink, or should we date this guy or not and if so, will he be a gentleman and care about US or just what his friends think and try to get away with assaulting us sexually. And girls and women who dare to speak out and accuse their predators are too often not believed, accused, shamed, and publicly humiliated. Our bodies, minds and spirits violated and re-traumatized because of having the audacity to SAY NO.

NO, we are not objects.

NO, we are not pretty things.

NO, we are not toys to be used.

NO, our bodies are not PUBLIC PROPERTY.

NO MEANS NO… no matter where, when or how we say it NO MEANS NO. It does NOT MEAN MAYBE OR YES. NO MEANS NO, go away and leave us alone. NO your hands are not welcome on any part of my body. NO, your tongue is not welcome being thrust down my throat or slobbered on my lips. NO, your words are insulting, demeaning, hateful and INAPPROPRIATE. NO, your eyes staring at my breasts or butt or vagina ARE NOT WELCOME.

Bottom line we deserve a PRESIDENT that we can trust not to rape, grope, or assault little girls, teenagers and women, especially not one who has been terrorizing females and minorities for decades.

Or as the comedian Andy Borowitz said:

Trump: “This is just a case of he-said-she-said-she-said-she-said-she-said-she-said-she-said-she-said.”


Andy Borowitz


According to Trump’s Law of Projection, the fact that he just accused Hillary Clinton of being on drugs is conclusive proof that he is on drugs.




Please vote.


fyi,  Republican women are unendorsing Trump twice as fast as men










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Dogs are a woman’s best friend


It does not take a genius to figure out that dogs can bring companionship, comfort and a good reason to exercise into your life. They will protect you from harm and stand by you during hard times and weather. For those of us who are single women, who are coming home to an empty home or apartment, it is comforting to be greeted by a bunch of wet kisses and tail wags. Someone there to greet you and make the world a friendlier place to live. A best friend. And it also is great to have a travel companion who is always ready for adventure.

But here are a few more benefits that having a dog when you are single can bring.

1. Dogs ARE unconditional love. Guys lie, cheat, steal and break  your heart. Not ALL guys but there are some real FROGS out there in the single universe. And despite our starry eyes and rose colored glasses, when we overlook BIG RED FLAGS (our friends and family usually don’t but how often do we listen to them?) and inherent warts and flaws, we are going to have trouble with a capital T. But your puppy will sniff out trouble and LOVE you always even if you leave her alone to go out on a date with a creepy frog.

2.  Dogs keep you active, young and fit. You do not always want to exercise. That is a massive understatement. You get home from work, before work, on the weekends, you just want to kick back and DO NOTHING, remain or become a couch potato. But when you have a dog, you MUST walk them several times a day.  And you may even take them for hikes and swims on the weekend, so that they get to zoom around. In the process, you get those endorphins flowing too. If you have a Jack Russell Terrier, Golden Retriever or other big dog, they are going to give you a workout like you have never had at a gym.

3.  Enhance your single life. At the dog park, traveling with your dog and all around town, you are going to attract and meet other people. People with dogs. Cute, single guys with dogs. Other women with dogs. All kinds of people with dogs. You will even get to know your neighbors. You have something in common and naturally have a topic of conversation. Much better than awkward encounters at bars, cruises, dances or blind dates. Even if you spend most of your life online, you will meet other people with dogs, especially if you write a dog blog and get involved with pet groups, blog hops and other activities on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.  And who knows, Prince Charming just might have a dog, too.

4.  Your dog is a good judge of character. Canines cannot help themselves. They are gregarious and social creatures. And they do NOT think twice about flirting with and going up to total strangers with a friendly tail wag and kisses. Your dog may be just the right magnet for meeting men, the kind of men who are reliable, loyal, faithful and good catches. Just the kind of men you want to MEET.  Now some of them may be married guys but some will also be single. And guys can’t lie about their looks, when you meet them in person.  You will still need to be selective but our dogs know the difference between good people and ones with nefarious motives. So if your dog likes the guy, (or growls every time she sees him), you might want to take notice and either give the guy the benefit of your doubts or stay far far away or give them the boot.

5. Dogs just want to have FUN. They love to have FUN and adventures and will get you OUT of the house and to the beach, park, pet friendly winery, and shopping mall. You no longer have to settle for meeting men online, through friends, and at desperate single places (speed dating, ugh). You and your dog are going to experience all the fun activities that your town and city have to offer and then move on to other places. As traveling companions, you will get to know all the HOT spots and great places to meet truly eligible single men just by following your dog’s nose. Canines are so good at sniffing out the good ones. And what red-blooded man can resist talking to a woman eating with her dog at an outdoor patio or a woman and her dog romping at the beach. Your dogs will like one another. You will meet someone mature and responsible enough to take care of another creature, someone who have share something in common with, a kind soul, a kindred soul and the rest will be ahhhhhh romantic history.



6. Love is a many splendored dog. Your dog’s breed may be a Heinz 57 pound pup or shelter dog, but if your dog belongs to a recognized breed, even if they are mixed (two recognizable breeds), you have something in common with a bunch of folks who also have dogs of a particular breed. Strike up the band to meeting pug lovers, daschund hounds and/or pit bull aficionados and your match may truly end up in doggie heaven. If your guy loves animals, is kind to animals, and has a dog that looks just like your dog, you could even win a contest (for two people who look just like their dogs and fell in love). And you might just meet at a pug conference, rescue operation or pug show/event. Is that Kismet or Pugmet or what?

7. Your dog will eliminate the frogs for you. A frog who is just out for a romp in the sack is not going to like sharing his bed with a dog, offer to take care of your dog when you are sick or on vacation, or deal with canine comes with the territories such as shedding, rolling in poop, barfing and/or other stinky adventures, never mind understand why you are worried about your pooch and need to get them to the Vet ASAP, or FIND THEM if they are LOST. If the guy is mean to your dog in any way, hurts your dog, abuses your dog, RUN DO NOT WALK AWAY (and call the Police and press charges). If he wants you to get rid of your dog, take them to the shelter/pound or give the dog away, you KNOW that the guy is NOT NOT NOT a keeper, definitely NOT husband material and NOT NOT NOT for you.

8. Dogs can be good babysitters. Not all dogs. And some dogs that you would not expect, like pit bulls (America’s nanny dogs). If you are a single mom and have a dog, both will repel frogs who could not care less about babies, children and pets. While some dogs are very good with children, NEVER leave a baby or child alone with a dog.

9. Dogs want to please you. Some guys do not bring you flowers, write poems, sing songs or dance with you. Even if they are good guys. Guys may not clean house, nor want to go shopping with you, listen to you nor want to go to the cleaners, salon or grocery store. But your dog will do whatever they can do to please you. and if that includes companionship, dogs are right there, on board, in the car and ready to go.

10. Dogs are less expensive than men. Think about it. You do not have to get dressed up, put on make-up nor impress your dog. Your dog is already impressed because you feed them, walk with them and play with them. Ok, you do have to buy pet food, treats, toys and bones and vet care but how much do you have to spend on dates? Maybe you cook for your guy, share some of the expenses of your dates, and if you have a frog, are paying more than your fair share. Add up the cost of clothes, make-up, food, gas, phone bills, gifts for birthdays and anniversaries and movies and compare them to your doggie expenses. Are you paying too much? Also add up the emotional price of dating frogs and/or looking for your one and only in the wrong places and you may wanna stick to your dog like glue and let your dog help you find your perfect match.

11. With a dog you are never alone.  One can be a lonely number. If you have a dog, you will always have someone to come home to. Someone to talk to who may not understand when you are mad, sad, or complaining but will love you anyway. Your dog wants to be with you always, even escorts you to the bathroom. A dog will make you laugh, makes a great snuggle/cuddle partner, keeps your toes warm, comforts you when you are not feeling well or are just plain blue and inspires hope that you will find Prince Charming and/or Live Your DREAMS, whatever they are.






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vick’s associates still abusing dogs?

Update: Premier K9


“Justice prevailed,” said Vince Farah, animal control supervisor for Henry County Animal Care and Control. “He can never operate the kennel again. It seems like that kennel has had a dark cloud over it, because there [also] were issues with the previous owners.”

Art Washington was the owner of Premier Canine, Inc., a canine-training and boarding facility, at 651 Ward Road, in Ellenwood. Animal control officials discovered unhealthy conditions at the facility, which has subsequently closed.”


Despite the news that Vick is the highest paid football player with a newly signed $100 million contract, I’ve decided to not let his seeming success throw me into a tizzy like it has some folks. Because his fake house of cards based on lies cannot last. And once again, it will all fall apart. Because he has shown no remorse, and it was reported in the news that he continues to hang out with the same folks, at a birthday party where someone got shot. He is not supposed to be hanging out with the same people he blames for his killing and abusing dogs. his former partner/animal dealer had one kennel closed down and now has been found to be abusing and neglecting dogs again.  Hello. (read below).  I suggest that people who want to make a difference, tell the world about Premier K9 asap. And make a lot of noise about it. None of the articles say whether Vick had obtained dogs from Washington and/or whether or not Vick and Washington are currently associates. However Vick has knowledge of dog fighters and abusers of dogs that he has not released to authorities that we know of.


An Indiana bank sued both Washington and Vick for $2 million after they said the pair refused to pay the bank back after getting a loan to buy 130 cars.

Channel 2 contacted the bank’s attorneys to see if that lawsuit was ever settled, and is still awaiting a response.

Premier K-9 touts professional wrestlers, basketball, baseball and football players as satisfied customers on its website.


Vick became partners with an animal dealer named Art Washington, first in a car rental business (a $1.4 million investment), then a horse farm on which Vick made a $200K personal guarantee.

Fox 5 in Atlanta reports that Washington is being issued 16 (61 being considered) citations in connection with the conditions at the kennel, and may face additional charges after further inspection of the facility.

State investigators have ordered Premier K9 to stop doing business.  State  agriculture inspectors have already ordered the facility temporarily closed after finding major violations.



Henry County animal control offices say they are considering filing 61 counts of inhumane treatment of dogs at the Premier K9 dog training and boarding facility…

Washington’s former kennel cloud nine pet resort was shut down due to animal abuse 12 years ago…

one lone teenage kennel worker was told to feed 61 dogs every other day… and the neglect happened over time not just a couple of days…  dogs at risk of heat stroke…two dead dogs…

Washington told investigators he is selling the business, which raises, sells, trains and imports German shepherds, Rottweilers and Presa Canarios.

Washington has had extensive business ties to Vick, WSBTV reported, including a partnership in a former car rental venture. ESPN Magazine reported the Vick and Washington were also partners in a horse farm at one point.

According to the Premier K9 website, the company has provided dogs to many athletes and celebrities…

Washington’s formal statement…


Vick’s ex-partner, Art Washington of Premier K9 has just been cited and law enforcement possibly will be pursuing more charges because authorities found dead dogs and dogs living in feces and in deplorable conditions.   Washington was operating without a breeder’s permit.  Vick was a breeder and was involved in numerous businesses with Washington.





Michael Vick remains on a very strict court appointed budget.  $40 million is guaranteed, and his creditors get $20 million by 2014 or 2015.  Vick, until 2015, gets to take an allowance of $300,000 for himself.

If Vick only earns the guaranteed $40 million:

$40 million – (roughly) $15 million in taxes and $1 million agent fee = $24 million

$24 million – 40% to creditors ($9.6 million) = $14.4 million

UPDATE: Darren Rovell says it’s actually going to be a lot less. There are substantial lawyer and accountant fees that Vick has to pay, among other restrictions. He could receive as little as 11% of what the Eagles pay him.

Two-thirds of every dollar Vick earns goes to creditors and taxes.

• The rest of the money is strictly controlled. Think of it as an allowance.

• Vick can spend $4,250 per month on rent and utilities and $472 per month on a car. His mother, who was on Vick’s payroll during his headier, pre-prison days, can receive $2,500 per month.

Michael Vick, I’ll never cheer for you – Jon Friedman’s Media Web – MarketWatch

http://www.marketwatch.com/story/michael-vick-ill-never-cheer-for-you-2011-08-31  NEVER!!!

It’s a fact that 100% of known serial killers admit torturing & killing animals before moving on to humans. If we excuse the animal abusers, we give our permission for them to take the next step. Punishing them harshly the 1st time they harm an animal can  save lives.

A survey of pet-owning families with substantiated child abuse and neglect found that animals were abused in 88% of homes where child physical abuse was present.

A study of women seeking shelter at a safe house showed that 71% of those having pets affirmed that their partner had threatened, hurt or killed their companion animals, and 32% of mothers reported that their children had hurt or killed their pets.

Premier K9 sells only prong and chain collars and poor puppies like this…they are located in Ellenwood, Georgia (about half an hour from Atlanta, Ga).

Strongly suggest/recommend that getting the word out about this asap…

On this blog, I will NOT allow comments that are violent, involve name calling, suggestions of how to abuse the abusers, and/or other such rage venting which solves nothing and saves NO DOGS. If you have ideas, petitions, constructive comments, feel free to make them, thanks.

well, it is another weekend, Labor day, so am hoping you are going to have a fun time… keep your fur babies safe… and if you’d like to join us, hop aboard the Blog Hop, thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions from the Plumecatch the code…


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twitter anyone?

you can meet fun people on the Internet, twitter, facebook, blogging…  networking…

and other pet bloggers are a very interesting bunch… some are authors, trainers, groomers, communicators, animal rescuers, pet product company spokespeople or just plain old dog owners. some have one dog, like me, others, a bunch of canines.

Edie Jarolim, is one such lady who I follow on Twitter. Her tweets are always fun, interesting and sometimes downright howlarious… so one day I clicked on over to her blog,

A guilt-free zone for good dog owners

http://willmydoghateme.com/,  and found out she has written a book called Am I Boring My Dog? and 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew…

after reading her posts, I wanted more, so I got a copy of the book.

indeed, it’s a wow-ser!

didn’t really know what to expect, except I hoped it would be fun like her blog and imagine, IT IS !

maybe you have a dog, or have dreamed of getting one, for sure you know other people in those categories, so get this book!  it answers basic questions such as should I get a mixed breed or a purebred, what should I call my dog, why should I get a dog rather than a cat, how do I know my child is ready for a dog, and outrageous others such as is there such a thing as a dog travel agent, a doggie shrink, and will my dog hate me if I dress her (YES!)…and do all dogs get grumpy when they get old?

and the best part is it is easy to read in small bits of time, because it is organized into bite-sized pieces, so if you are hurrying around for the howlidays and don’t have a spare second, no worries. This book provides practical info while making you chuckle, all in a short amount of time, no small feat.

cici and I especially enjoyed the section on  Fun and Games on the Road.

love the dog you’re with, and treat the dog owners in your life with this Erma Bombeck meets Victoria Stillwell read.

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dog saves dog…

girldujour brought this to my attention… see Comments under doggie buffet post…


reminds me that a few weeks ago, I was at a Starbucks and there was a dead kitty cat lying in this parking lot… a woman ran into the Starbucks and said something about the cat, I thought it was alive and went out to help… it was lying there, eyes open, in the middle where people could run it over again and again… I asked this man if he could move it and he did… I prayed for the kitty…

kind of sad…  but it’s good to know that dogs take care of their own kind.   I know my Cici always finds people to lick and give love to who have recently lost their dog or miss their dog… she provides healing balm to them every day…  dogs know who needs their loving attention, there are some people who she walks right on by and others who she HAS to go meet… it’s always interesting…

dogs are amazing creatures !!!

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Dogs are people, too and stuff that white people like…

Have you been reading the blog Stuff White People Like…here’s what they had to say about dogs… 


It should be understood that in white culture, dogs are considered training for having children. That is to say that any white couple must get a dog before they have kids. This will prepare them for responsibility by having another creature to feed, supervise its bathroom activities, and to love. Because of this, white people generally assume that their dog is their favorite child unless otherwise stated.

 The blog is pretty funny… and true…and I think that they left out a lot about dogs and rich white people… because they are talking about rich white people… not poor white people… let’s be clear.  For instance, in the Stuff White People Like, they left out about designer dogs… you know all of those foo-foo dogs, Labradoodles and all kinds of poodle mixes that are the latest dog to have, dress and show off with your designer clothes and designer shoes and designer handbags. Paint their toenails, dye their hair the color of their favorite dress or braid their hair. There are even designer handbags that are made to fit your dog into or vice versa. Whatever would you do without your designer dog handbag?  Can’t leave the house without mine… hah…

It should also be said that some rich white people only like small designer dogs. Tiny dogs.  Yorkie-poo dogs. Chi-poo dogs.  The smaller, the tinier the better. You know, how you can never be too rich, or too thin. Your designer dog can never be too tiny. A dog the size of a pin. 

With a dog that weighs a ton, 54 pounds, I cannot compute or empathize although sometimes when my dog is hogging up the bed, I wish and pray for a small designer dog, a no muss, no fuss dog… a dog that isn’t a dog… a dog that is more like a cat… independent, small, a container dog.  Now you know that someone is going to invent, clone or create out of a test tube a dog that does not shed, that does not bark, that does not growl, that does not sniff butts, a dog that does not chew, a dog that does not slobber, a dog that does not pant, a frankendog that does not do any and all of the assorted dog activities that dogs now do. A non-dog, dog… 

Rich white people also like to spend a lot of money for their designer dogs and on their dogs… and brag about how much they spent. After all, their dogs are their most prized possessions…  show off dogs, show dogs… how many tricks can you teach a mutt, after all…  mutts are white trash dogs while designer dogs are upper echelons dogs. They’ve made it passed the canine ceiling and are living in the rich white person’s penthouse.  They are dogs with attitude, fashion sense, and refined tastes. They are dogs with portfolios, trust funds, their own cell phones, and their own laptops. They are not lapdogs anymore. No sireee… These dogs have arrived. They are status dogs. Cream of the crop dogs.

But wait a minute, dogs are people, too, right.  I hate to tell you, rich white people, but dogs are canines not human beings. They ain’t never going to be human, well, maybe in another life.  Sounds like a funny book or movie to me. Dog reincarnates into which movie star’s husband. Let’s see, how about Sarah Jessica Parker in the new Sex and the City movie.  Big used to be her dog but now he’s her hubby. Or a celebrity dog lover like Doris Day, Betty White, Mary Tyler Moore, their dog dies, oh no, yes, dogs do pass over, and in its next incarnation becomes their child.  

I once read a book, don’t remember the name, that was from the perspective of a cat in Tibet, I think. So this dog becomes human reincarnation book turned into a movie could be like that, don’t you think?

 Anyway, I thought that the dog weddings, dog techie gadgets and other doggie paraphernalia that I have posted about, even designer dog names, are hilarious.  Because rich, white people are treating their designer dogs like children. They even leave their inheritance to their dogs. Now what the heck is a dog or a cat going to do with all of those millions?  Seems a terrible waste and absurd especially when there are so many homeless pets and starving dogs in India.

Still, dogs are children who can’t talk back. Sometimes, you just wonder what the dog is thinking when you see these rich white people with their dogs. Bet the dog would be cast out into the street, disowned and rejected if their owner knew that Fidarino thinks that they’re nuts, too, just like the rest of the world.Dogs can bark and bite and growl at you whenever they don’t agree with you. Dogs are children who don’t spend money and talk on the phone, but you can spend a fortune on them and call your relatives to speak to the dog. Dogs are children who don’t spend hours rotting their brains out watching TV… oh yeah, now they have those doggie videos and dog TV shows…

Cici perks up every time she hears dogs barking on my computer, on a video and TV… she looks and sniffs and gets all excited, tail wagging…  Where are my comrades?  she looks at me as if to say… She’s not my kid. She’s my dog. And a very sensitive girl. There is a line that gets crossed. Yes, I think animals are smarter than people in some ways. They know things that we don’t. And we know things that they don’t. But some people ascribe almost supernatural powers and abilities to their pets. Some people. 

I think that the reason that rich white people put so much into their relationship with their dogs and cats is because they are lonely.  The people not the dogs. And maybe they are obnoxious, crazy and neurotic and think that no one loves them except their dog or cat. And maybe no one else does because they are so obnoxious, crazy and neurotic. Instead of changing into better human beings, just get a dog or cat to love you. Instant love. Instant friend. Problem solved. That way, you can pretend that you are all right and society will agree with you too. I admit that I have felt that way.  Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms. Or go play with my dog. The dog (or cat) becomes a scapegoat for the rich white people’s emotional baggage.  Not fair to the dog or cat but shrinks the shrink/therapy bills. 

All you have to do then is give the next rich white person you see with a tiny designer dog, a belly rub or a doggie kiss and a cookie and everything will be all right…  All they need is love… the rich white people and their dogs need love, too. After all, they are living with rich white people and putting up with their stuff.

Now that I have riffed, ranted and raved about rich white people’s dogs… and you are warned, I will do so again, can you tell I’m in a mood today… Just woke up in a mood.  That’s another thing that rich white people like. Moodiness. Shows that you’re a better person, you have feelings. Rich white people have Feelings, oh oh oh feelings… 



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holiday gifts for your dog… some of the silliest, ecofriendliest and absurd…

 Some of the most absurd, eco friendly, organic and cute..





ok, why does a dog need a spa for $40, can they not make do with a nice bath?  buy some good lavendar shampoo from the health food store for $5-6 and suds away…




luxury poochie perfume for $250-500… for two to four ounces…yeah sure right, if you buy this, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya… harvested exclusively in Switzerland… 


just so you know that i am not a total grinch… how about some all natural fragrances for your mutt for $12.99 and up…




or some all natural doggie treats like Paul Newman’s or Sister Joan’s Liver Nutri-Bits Boot for $4.95… and they support a good cause, I think…




or you can purchase all natural organic treats from australia




or from 




HAND-PAINTED BREED PICTURE ‘PAW’TY CAKES FOR YOUR DOG! These are NOT computer-printed images on icing paper sheets!!! We hand-paint your dog’s picture directly onto the cake!!

(Kitty cakes too!) 


* Just $5-$10 to paint your dog or cat’s picture on his or her birthday cake!



you can always dress your dog up in a dumb outfit….


Deluxe Dog Santa Claus Suit 


Dress your dog up this christmas with the Kyjen Deluxe Dog Santa Claus Suit! This christmas dog costume is top quality and easy to put on and take off. This holiday dog costume comes with Santa hay, beard, a plush body suit and boots. Dress your dog up this Xmas! 


Prices Starting At: $9.99



now this is what every canine needs… dog greeting cards made from rawhide, edible cards… cute idea actually… you just have to get the from England…





chow now brown bow wow… how about a raw bone for $1.50 from the grocery store or


some all natural organic dog food for $90… puhulease…  they do have some other reasonable products here though… 




you can also get all natural organic dog food for $30  (go to your local whole foods or wild oats health food store)…. different brands, I like Paul Newman’s and so does Cici, she’s got taste..


how about a loofah dog, this is cute… for $5




and then we have doggie sweaters… for the really pampered puppies…




and you can also give your dog a playmate from a rescue shelter or their own personal trainer or canine rehab from an aqua paws type place with a pool and caring staff or you can take your dog with you wherever you are traveling, yes, we are going to the beach, Monterey and Marina and Pacific Grove and Carmel, we shall visit for three weeks, and enjoy the beach, chase the birds, and have fun in the sun, well, it’s been pretty cold here, so the beach will be a nice change of pace and play…




oh by the way, none of these companies are paying me to promote them, so tell them if you buy that I sent you so that they can send me a nice thank you gift for Cici…


bow wow for now… 



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