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No ifs ands or goat butts

I made a new friend today… a goat.  Well, a few friends but one in particular seemed to enjoy my company.

My new goat friend ate some bread out of my hand and proceeded to sit underneath my chair. Horns and all. The chickens joined in the party for the bread and pecked it off the ground.

Cici and I stayed on the property of “Manifest” aka Shaun in Joshua Tree. He has 37 goats (and two dozen chickens on his land plus a rabbit or two, a scorpion, squirrels and some bats (who eat mosquitoes).

Cici thinks that the goats are fun to chase, except when they let her know when she is out of bounds. She does not seem as interested in the chickens and roosters. Maybe she thinks she is a goat without any horns? She wants to play and is learning how to play nice.

There are also UFO sightings in the area at Great Rock and Integratron in Landers and other places near the Joshua Tree National Park. Looks like we may have caught something on camera. What do you think ?



Manifest’s story with goats begins with his wanting to get an awesome Australian Shepherd as a pet dog, doesn’t everybody? Instead a goat named Dada Aye followed him around and has become his mascot. Dada is 5 years old, half-Nigerian dwarf, half-pigmy and four years later, she gave birth to a daughter named Shou Aye. He has trained these two to be his service pets. And they go with him practically everywhere he goes to swap meets and other places.

He also has a dozen males and three of each breed, Nigerian, Nubian and Pygmy, that he is hoping to breed with females to get a Griffin. The little baby goats are adorable.



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Manifest spent much time rock climbing in Joshua Tree from the time he was 17 to twenty-five. He also was a captain of a sport fishing boat in the waters off San Diego.

He thinks goats are special animals and here’s why.

“What I love about goats is that they are the closest animals to nature and source. They are the elves of the forest. They cultivate plants, grass and trees. They bring vibrancy to the land. Goats are simple like a four wheel dog. Their bodies are durable, endure weather better than dogs, like micro-camelettes,” he explained.

He has about two dozen chickens and roosters, Golden Phoenix, American and Cochin.


photo-on-9-25-16-at-9-22-am          photo-on-9-25-16-at-9-21-am

Manifest has a dream of creating Eco pets, animals that clean your garden and neighborhood, provide superfood (milk), without hormones, no pesticides, and no preservatives), pets that give back and have a job to do.

He has been learning a lot from his goats. “Goats live a simple life. They enjoy their days. Watching the world go by. Chewing their food. They go to sleep and wake up the next day and do the same thing all over again. People, meanwhile, live to work and work hard and have no time in their lives to enjoy life. Everyone’s working too many hours to keep up the Joneses and just to get by and we cannot even afford to live anymore. We don’t respect and honor products that are made well to last. Instead, we buy items that last a month rather than years. Everything is temporary not permanent. Throw away junk.”

Goats have a different perspective on life than humans do.

“Goats interact with nature every day and enjoy trees. They preserve and protect and grow life. They use trees to mark their territory, sharpen their horns, to convene together, come back together as a community. They have their favorite trees and do well eating Mesquite, Palo Verde and non-fruited Mulberries. Will eat creosote and non-native grasses in a pinch. They limit growth and keep the grass short. They give something back.

“The way they communicate with one another is through their actions and activities. Food makes goats happy. They respond to whistles and commands. And interact with one another through rubbing the nape of the neck, stomping of hooves, mane and tails, and howling and other noises. During mating season, late August through early October, the males are especially loud with snorts and hollering, stomping their feet, pawing the ground, and showing off to the females their level of vibrancy. This is very equestrian in nature.

“I think the Tasmanian devil was based upon a goat, emulating a goat. They get wound up and it can require a good amount of patience and persistence to train them. It did not take me as long as I thought it would to make my goats great pets. Goats want to be friendly and sociable with humans. Most humans have not taken the time to get to know them as pets. They throw them in a pen but the goats don’t want to be left alone. They are smart and want to communicate with us,” he concluded.

a new paper published in Frontiers in Zoology, (says that) goats have fewer commonalities with their dull farm counterparts and belong instead on the ungulate honor roll. These furry, hoofed eating machines appear more sheep- or mini-cow-like in their demeanor, but their IQs likely put even the most astute steer to shame, the researchers—real men and women who stare at goats—found.

“The researchers, who hail from Queen Mary University of London and the Institute of Agricultural Science in Switzerland, long suspected that goats might be more intelligent than they seem. For example, goats live in complex social groups; they are experts at getting at hard-to-reach foods (goats in the Morocco, for example, are known for climbing trees in search of tasty sprigs); they live a long time, meaning they are better able to build up a repertoire of memories and skills than some short-lived animals; and despite the misconception that goats eat garbage, they are surprisingly picky eaters, able to adeptly pick leaves off of thorn bushes or seek out just the right sprig of grass.


Did you know that the origins of the saying “getting your goat” references “an old English (Welsh?) belief that keeping a goat in the barn would have a calming effect on the cows, hence producing more milk. When one wanted to antagonize/terrorize one’s enemy, you would abscond with their goat rendering their milk cows less- to non-productive.”

So goats were known as the great calmers of nature and were kept in stables to calm down thoroughbred horses.


Goat Therapy = Goat Yoga

Were goats the original horse whisperers and/or cow whisperers?  And how about pairing humans with goats during Goat Yoga?

“You know, I’m in this horrible state but they’re making me laugh—that’s the therapy part, goats just being goats,” she says. “It was just so hard to be depressed and sad when—even when I was in pain I would forget about it because of them. They use horses a lot for therapy, and dogs, but nobody uses goats and I just wonder why. They’re hilarious animals!”


My new goat friend thinks goats are fun and  perfect for doing yoga with, for therapy purposes as well as calming people and other animals down.  He has his work cut out for him with Shaun, who has a rotten temper, is a bully, has a bad reputation with his neighbors and thinks he knows everything. Oh well…




The goat is not sure about interacting with my computer and becoming famous on the Internet. No ifs ands or goat butts …




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Gifts of Hope for Mother’s Day

Give a gift that changes a life… inspires hope and change… and is eco friendly

Gifts from Heifer International are the prefect way to show your mom, grandmother, aunt, or mother figure in your life that you care… fund a project in the USA, to give families in Arkansas and Appalachia in poverty, a leg up…  or give a goat, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, rabbits to help end World Hunger.






shopping at oxfamgifts.com for Mother’s Day can make a BIG difference.

 Shop now to print or send an eCard before Mother’s Day >>

Something as simple as a goat ($50) can be just what a family needs to fight hunger and poverty – in Sri Lanka, India and Kenya.  


Give your mom a gift that keeps on giving… Kiva… loan money (loans as small as $25) to people around the world… you choose… and they pay the money back… helps people get a hand up out of poverty…



Give a bow wow of a paw print lavendar scarf… for the dog mama …  Think Green 

this scarf is made in the USA, made of eco friendly fabric and printed with water-based ink… it is soft, shiny, and this company also makes tee-shirts for a cause (endangered species, eat your veggies and other great topics)… tees are made either 100% from organic cotton,  a blend of recycled plastic bottles (RPET)  and organic cotton, or other eco-friendly materials. To make the RPET, recycled plastic bottles are melted down and then processed into a fine yarn which, in turn, becomes a soft and silky t-shirt. They are made with No pesticides, less plastic in landfills.   It takes between 3 to 5 plastic bottles to make each RPET/organic cotton blend tee.  After the bottles are melted, the plastic fiber is blended with organic cotton to give these tees their soft, silky feel. These tees can be washed and dried over and over and they won’t shrink, fade or lose their shape.



Blog Hop time…thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop  link

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Mama’s day gifts for dog mamas

Life is Pawfect by Robert Semrow

Photographer Robert Semrow has put together an adorable and whimsical collection of dog themed portraits including a scuba diving dog, a pirate, and my favorites, a baking dog with wonderful ingredients, a furry angel and a chi-wow-wow in a basket and a sombrero hat… each portrait comes with appropriate sayings and props… A wide variety of dogs, sizes and breeds appear in the book. This gift book is in color and is a laugh out loud pawfect gift for all of the doggie mamas in your life.


Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 6.56.37 PM

Photo on 2013-04-29 at 18.59

Lavender & Mint Buddy Wash Shampoo and Splash

Keeps your dog smelling wonderful, clean and fluffy, made in the USA, no alcohol, coconut oil based


Coconut shampoo base, aloe vera gel, essence of lavender, essence of mint, chamomile extract, sage extract, nettles extract, rosemary extract, wheat protein extract (natural deodorizing agent), tea tree oil, vitamin E, vitamin C.



Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits, grain-free and gluten free

Three delicious recipes: Smooth Aged Cheddar, Rotisserie Chicken, and Homestyle Peanut Butter

Grain Free Oven Baked Buddy Biscuits

Cici has been scarfing up the cheddar cheese biscuits. Loves them.

Blind Doggie wine by Ecluse

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 7.22.36 PM

An eclectic blend of some of the best Paso Robles reds, Blind Dog Midnight Run Cuvee is a delicious, doggone great wine! Barrel aged from 14 to 30 months, this complex wine is a perfect “companion” with meals.  Mom is sure to enjoy it with her friends. Perhaps you can even take her to visit this pet friendly winery in Paso Robles where she can meet Toby the blind dog up close and in person. (More about taking mom on a dog friendly trip to SLO County soon).


Once Upon a Flock: Life with My Soulful Chickens by Lauren Scheuer is a laugh out loud and heartwarming story of Lauren’s life with her quirky flock of feathered friends. Lauren builds Lucy a special-needs coop. Lauren hatches a chick in her home. Raising backyard chickens in New England is no easy task but leads to an immensely enriched life as Lauren and her flock’s guardian Marky the terrier soon find out.  Every mother hen will relate to the stories in this book.


Dog face t-shirts  with mom’s favorite breed 




Stella and Chewy Kisses

100% Angus Beef Treats – Beef.
100% Chicken Treats – Chicken.
100% Duck Treats – Duck.
100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats – Salmon.

Freeze dried raw treats… Cici says these are Yummy delicious, Woof woof !



The Original Dog Tarot card set and booklet is an amusing tool that gives human beings essential insight into the canine psyche.

Want to know why your dog shreds your slippers but ignores his designer toys? Does your pooch really want a puppy for companionship, or are you delusional? The Original Dog Tarot is an entertaining, tongue-in-jowl deck of tarot cards and accompanying book affectionately written for dog lovers who want to divine their canine’s mind. The 30 cards are a takeoff on the traditional tarot; they’re divided into the Major Barkana and Minor Barkana. Each card offers advice for both canines and the humans in their lives. You don’t have to be familiar with traditional tarot to use this deck. It is a witty and wise stand-alone oracle for anyone who has given up mastering the techniques of The Dog Whisperer.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 4.04.52 AM


A sample pack of MOO cards

Business cards, mini cards with a whole lotta WOOF…




Mama’s Iphone case with photo of her royal dog 


For your own royal dog likeness on an Iphone 4 or 5 case or Droid, please contact Amanda and tell her Cici sent you


Sealed With A Case

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no one here but us chickens

Told you the other day that we were looking for raw goat’s milk and fresh eggs from a real chicken farm, not a factory farm.

I finally found some milk at a store nearby. I am addicted but it is expensive and too far to go  to get milk all the time.

I also found a neighbor who is raising chickens and has an organic garden, too. Plus a dog and a cat.  a chick chick here and a chick chick there, here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick, ol McJulie has a farm, eeeiii eeeiii oooo…

Julie has two new baby chickens and a few other older chickens who lay eggs. Not enough to share. Apparently, you don’t need a rooster to get eggs. And there are various breeds of chicken that lay eggs, usually a few eggs a week and they have to be of age, almost a year.

The city has ordinances that bottom line if your neighbors don’t care or complain, the city does not care. not sure that this is official but whatever. Monterey is kind of like that.

So we’ve been talking about getting a goat and some chickens here. One roomie is in favor but the owner said no no. He does not want to milk the goat. Our neighbors only care about graffiti on fences. Chickens, goats, who cares.

Here are photos of Julie’s chickens and dog.  Minka is a rescued greyhound about six, Cici’s age this summer.

where the chicks sleep and lay eggs…  they free range eat whatever she has on the ground, lots of organic stuff from her garden…

does anyone out there have chickens, a goat and a garden?     Cici and I need some real eggs and milk.  Everyone should have a little farm, grow their own food. Much tastier and healthier.

here’s a great post how to raise chickens and why…


How many eggs will my hens lay?    On the average, 3 hens will give you 2 eggs a day. That means to get a dozen eggs a day, you would need 18 hens.

What is the best breed for laying eggs?    Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Australorps and Orpingtons are all very productive breeds

What breed should I get?    Decide what you want from your chickens. If you want them for eggs, you should get a breed that lays a lot of eggs.

Will my hens lay eggs if I don’t have a rooster?    Yes. A hen only needs a rooster in order to lay fertile eggs that could hatch.


Goats milk is good for your dog

Raw Goat’s milk contains an ideal combination of nutrients in correct proportions, along with enzymes. It requires very little effort to digest and receive the benefits of these nutrients. This allows your pet’s organs to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body, rather than working at digesting more inappropriate foods.

Goat’s milk can be used as a supplement with raw food, dehydrated, canned or kibble. Simply pour it over the meal and stand aside. When used with raw foods, goat’s milk will target and destroy “bad” bacteria which may be present while encouraging the growth of “good” bacteria.

Successful dog breeders have long used raw goat’s milk to help raise litters and boost the nutrition for over-taxed bitches with large litters.



Dairy Delights
Domestic goats have provided humans with milk since prehistoric times. The ancient Greeks and Romans drank goat’s milk, and goat-milk cheese served as an important component of the ancient Egyptians’ diet. Throughout much of the world, goat’s milk is the dairy drink of choice and for good reason: These tough animals thrive where the rough terrain and vegetation can’t support cattle. Goat-milk cheese is widely enjoyed in Europe and generally comes in two types: fresh, often referred to by the French word for goat, Chevre, and aged.

In the United States, goat dairy products have increased in popularity as consumers discover they’re not only tasty, but easier on the human digestive system than products made from cow’s milk. Goat’s milk has smaller fatty-acid chains that break down more easily than the fat globules in cow’s milk. Goat’s milk and cheese also have slightly lower amounts of fat and cholesterol than comparable bovine dairy products. Like cow’s milk, goat’s milk is a good source of calcium, protein and phosphorous. However, be careful if you’re lactose intolerant—this sugar also occurs in goat’s milk.

An increasing number of dairies in our country are producing distinctive goat cheeses to meet the growing demand.


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green and white and nutty

Cici and i are exploring new foods and supplements in order to get well…

I’ve known about the Garden of Life products for a few years now but never tried them. But I finally took the plunge with the new Raw Probiotics for Women and Raw Super Green Food…

I don’t eat anywhere near enough raw fruits and veggies in my diet so that is changing and the Super Green Food helps.

Have also been taking Tibetan Herbs and Burdock and Chlorella in terms of supplements.

All are helpful in different ways, including detox and internal cleansing.

After reading about different raw food diets and having done juicing in the past, am also incorporating more raw foods into my diet. Along this path, have recently tried some new foods I’ve never eaten before… kelp noodles, kale chips, cacao bliss (similar to coco loco), and seaweed snacks. I finally found some raw goat’s milk, love it and Cici is slurping it up too. And got some young coconuts, drank the water and am eating the raw coconut. There is a product called coconut cream that is recommended but it is very costly. Most of the products mentioned above are expensive, too but I am sick of feeling sick and tired.



been teasing my roommates about getting chickens (for fresh eggs) and a goat. Will soon write a post about a lady I met in the area who has free range chickens (for eggs), a dog, a cat and an organic garden. After the fiasco with the fence, and other reasons, am not really going to get chickens but I sure would like to find some fresh ones (the lady I met just has enough for her family).  Huge difference in the taste and nutrients between farm fresh free range eggs and storebought.

what I ate Monday:



thai coconut chicken and rice

glass of goat milk

scrambled eggs and ham

coconut water

sesame seed bar

kale chips

seaweed snack

chicken soup with kelp noodles (taste like ramen)


what I ate Tuesday:

yogurt with blueberries

2 chicken enchiladas

kale chips

seaweed snack

chicken soup with kelp noodles

lime pop


glass of goat milk

3 latkes (potato pancakes)

chicken salad


goat milk with rice krispies-like cereal and blueberries

rice pudding

chicken soup

3 latkes (potato pancakes)

 chicken salad

Cici is loving the chicken soup and the goat’s milk.

the creamy taste of the goat’s milk is addicting.

The winner:
 Goat’s milk
When Spanish researchers compared cow’s and goat’s milk from animals raised under similar conditions, they found that both have the same amount of essential amino acids needed to repair and build muscle. But goat’s milk contains a larger percentage of omega-3 fats, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and conjugated linoleic acid (or CLA). Studies suggest CLA has a number of effects, including lowering cancer risk, improving bone health, and helping reduce body fat.

HEALTHY CHOICE: Use tangy, slightly sweet goat’s milk (found at health-food stores) the same way as cow’s milk-on cereal, in smoothies, and when baking.


collecting cookie recipes to make for Cici and I…

I might add a dollop of yogurt or apple sauce

1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. In mixer, cream peanut butter and sugar. Add everything else and mix until well combined.

3. With your hands, roll the mixture into little balls (they stay together better if you keep them small)and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. You could roll them in additional sugar.

4. Bake for about 10 minutes. Cookies should still be soft when you take them out of the oven. Let them sit for a few minutes before you take them off the baking sheet.


1 (10 ounce can) Pineapple, drained and pureed
1 medium Sweet Potato, cooked and mashed
2 cups Brown Rice Flour
1/2 cup Oats

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
2. In a large bowl mix all ingredients one at a time, stirring well after each addition.
3. Scoop 1/2 tablespoon sized balls into prepared baking sheet and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Cool and Refrigerate.
Makes 4 to 5 dozen treats.

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to b and b or not to b and b…

that is the question…

last summer, I had two very different experiences at inns… this is totally true, no exaggeration…

which inn would you want to stay at and come back to again and again??? which innkeeper loves being an innkeeper and which one might consider retirement or another profession?

this is what the first innkeeper did…

1. when we arrived, i was offered help with luggage and asked if i wanted a cold drink…

2. my dog was also welcomed… i was told repeatedly that my dog had the run of the house and shown various entrances and exits to make it easy for us to come into or out of the house….there were chickens in a coop and baby chicks off the side of the house and my dog was more than tolerated, patted, rubbed and given lots of attention (plus cheese and sausage) and a bowl for water

3. my internet connection did not happen, so i was offered to use the innkeeper’s computer to use to get on the internet, was able to sit at their desk and also told that they had two phones with free long distance and i could make phone calls if i needed to do so

4. before the innkeeper left for a meeting, they showed me around, explained how everything worked, and made sure i was comfortable. plus, the home was immaculate, sparkling clean, and fresh …

5. when they returned from their meeting, they offered tea and two blueberry muffins before I went to sleep.

6. upon arising early, i was offered an earlier than usual breakfast and hot water for tea was available beforehand.

7. the breakfast was done with a lot of flair and i was told how they came up with the idea.

8. there was a parting gift to remember the inn and innkeepers by.

9. i was asked if i needed assistance with my luggage when i left.

10. i was also given suggestions about places to go and take the dog in the area as well as directions … i left feeling as though my dog and I were both pampered and cared for…

the very next day at another inn…

l. i was greeted by the innkeeper saying that my dog basically was not welcome (even though she knew that I was bringing a dog and writing about dog travel) because there were chickens running around loose on the property and a fraidy cat dog

2. i was also told that i was expected later in the afternoon, all of which was a complete unwelcome

3. i was shown to my room upstairs, no downstairs rooms were an option (I had thought there were two ground level cottages). When we went downstairs, the innkeeper and I chatted in the kitchen while my dog was in the car, in the hot sun, the phone rang and the innkeeper not only took the call but stayed on the phone for more than 10 minutes, while i sat there waiting, i finally indicated that i was going upstairs and bringing my dog with me

4. i waited for more than an hour for the innkeeper to get back to me, and she never did.

5. she had mentioned she would be doing a wine and cheese hour in the afternoon and when i finally came downstairs (after waiting for her to get back to me) and asked about it, I was told, you said you did not want any wine. was i offered anything else to drink or eat? no… the innkeeper acted like it was a huge inconvenience, doors were slammed and i finally was given a generous slab of cheese and crackers, no water, no soft drink, no lemonade, no conversation and the person left to go off to a meeting for the evening.

6. the next morning, i was asked if eggs were ok for breakfast at 8:30… i said yes. I was not asked about my preferences or allergies or how i like my eggs cooked. they were thrown together, homestyle, scrambled with bacon (which I don’t eat) and english muffins, and yogurt and fruit was offered. not exactly the sort of food expected at a b and b.

7. the room itself smelled funny, no desk to work on and i had no idea if there was any temperature control of the room if it got cold nor if I could get on the Internet or not

8. the downstairs seemed dusty, musty and not entirely clean, there was a tv downstairs in the living room, but i was not told whether i could watch it or how to use it and there was no tv in my room nor a phone either

9. no parting gift, and no assistance or suggestions except to take my dog for a long walk which i had before we arrived. she had been able to run and roam free at a couple of properties but not in a couple of days…. and this property had no place for her that was safe… there was a busy road with cars, horses, chickens and no fenced area for the dog to play

10. i could not wait to leave and left at 9:15 am, I cannot recommend this inn to anyone… and if an innkeeper treats a travel writer this way, this is indicative of how they treat their ‘real’ guests… some innkeepers think it doesn’t matter and just want to make money and wonder why no one is booking at their inn. and they think that it is totally fine to give the media their worst rooms and to treat us shabbily, and then expect positive publicity… on what planet??? most innkeepers are more media savvy and smart than that… but some have an attitude that is unfathomable to me… if you don’t want us in your home, don’t invite us…

and if we go out of our way to get you excellent media coverage, don’t flake on the opportunity or you will be blacklisted and banned from future opportunities. the media are people,, too and no one likes to be treated badly.

do you treat your guests as if they are pests or people you truly want to be in your home ? do you think any guest would ever want to pay to stay at the second inn, visit the second inn another time and/or recommend it to their friends?

according to bed and breakfast.com, It is more important than ever to give your guests the best service and to get involved in social media and do publicity… just saying, if you need assistance, contact me and if I can assist you with writing a blog, twitter, newsletters, or other publicity, let me know…




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have a heart and a paw…

Heifer International is a phenomenal charity that helps mostly third world people create a livelihood, by giving them what they need such as cows, goats, chickens, and other animals…

click on the link below and please purchase a charm or a few and proceeds will be given to help Heifer International do their fine work… and feel free to pass this on to your friends and associates. Thanks !


it’s a sweet charm, makes a great gift and good karma, ta boot !


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