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cute doggies





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Meet Joshua




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Adopt a dog

do not talk much about Cici’s spots/Dal side, but this is a wonderful resource about Dalmatians…


now on to the pit bull side…

first, the good news…

Seven happy and healthy former Vick dogs have reunited, five years later


how to adopt or rehome a pit bull


Now, the not so good news, a”vicious” pit bull KTLA banned from the show.

email: sarah.grooters@ktla.com, Nancy.Cruz@ktla.com

Yesterday morning, Sally was scheduled to be on KTLA, a local news station in Los Angeles, with two adoptable dogs, Gideon and Franklyn (see Franklyn’s video)

Franklyn’s foster lives an hour away and arrived early to be there.

Prior to the day, the producers of the show asked for descriptions of the dogs and were given them.

When they arrived, one of the show producers came out, looked at Franklyn (who was busy kissing a human admirer) and said, “Oh no. We have an anti Pit-Bull policy.”

I calmly told her that we were not informed of this, and had we been, we would have cancelled our appearance as breed discrimination is not something I tolerate, and more so, is against public policy.*

She stated that I could go on with Gideon but not Franklyn. I told her that if Franklyn was not allowed, I was leaving as well, so she went in to talk to another show producer. 30 minutes later in the freezing cold, she came outside to say that they would not allow Franklyn on the air. I explained that this is also a violation of law and that they would have to find something else to fill the spot since there is no way I would support or be in a show that discriminates.

Gideon, Franklyn, and his foster Sally then left.

* California Food & Ag code Section 31683 states, in relevant part: “Except as provided in Section 122331 of the Health and Safety Code, no program regulating any dog shall be specific as to breed.”

JOIN ME IN TELLING KTLA THAT YOU WILL NOT SUPPORT BREED DISCRIMINATION.  KTLA can use some education about pit bulls and could do a show about pit bulls. Be polite and professional. Thanks.

Contact details are below.

Producers for today:

Nancy Cruz

Sarah Grooters
sarah.grooters@ktla.com and 323.460.5530 (DIRECT)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ktla5?fref=ts

Fax Number: Morning News: 323-460-5404

To send an email to the morning news in general:

Fill in online form for “Contact the Morning News:”


Twitter: @KTLAMorningNews


Address for letters:

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k9 aggression triggers

at the doggie park, cici and her bff marla have lots of friends to also play with including zin, millie, trevor, shadow, pearl and pebbles, the dals, two airdales, a rat terrier, a jack russell terrier, and even a couple of puppy pitties… when cici and titan, a white puppy pit, first met they growled at one another and cici got over it and titan became her bff of the day, she licked and slobbered all over that poor puppy as she does with marla and most humans…

it is really really nice for cici to have a doggie pal that she gets to play with almost every day over time, she has not had that. marla can be a brat/bully at times but cici loves her and gets very excited to see her.

marla’s owner cynthia and i were talking about how some dogs just don’t seem to like one another, and how some dog owners just see a pit bull or german shepherd and leave the park. she said another dog does not like marla for some reason and after i left the park one day there was a big k9 brouhaha.  there have been a couple of run-ins for cici, because of irresponsible dog owners with out of control dogs.

if two dogs growl at one another at the gate, i would not bring cici inside, duh, but this one woman brought 3 dogs inside, they all ganged up on cici, cici grabbed an ear to protect herself and it was awful, thankfully no one got hurt.

so here is an article that addresses dog aggression triggers and offers solutions…


and by the way, i fell down and broke my wrist and finger, not cici’s fault, she was inside…

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beware: tea tree oil can be toxic for dogs and cats…

Update: click on the link, for more information about tea tree oil and other essential oils for pets

I just found this out because cici suddenly has a large red blotch on her neck today… she may have scratched herself… her ear infection seems to be back and I was going to put tea tree oil in her ears. I put some aloe vera on her neck straight from the plant and her neck seems better. I asked a few associates, one a healer, and she told me that she had put a lot of tea tree oil on her dog and her dog had a very negative reaction…

I cannot imagine why anyone would put tea tree oil on an animal’s skin …  seems much too intense and can cause a burning sensation.  so common sense would tell me not to do this … and yet I was going to put some in cici’s ears…

am glad that I did not listen to this person back in January, she said that she did not know this info then and just found out herself…

here is info I found online…

The oil is is rapidly absorbed both through the skin or when eaten and can be toxic to cats and other animals in higher dosages.

Symptoms of Tea Tree Oil Poisoning

Tea Tree Oil poisoning have been reported in both cats and dogs when applied to the skin at too high a dose. If your cat is going to have a reaction to tea tree oil, you will usually see it within 2 to 8 hours following application. Symptoms include:

  • loss of muscular coordination
  • lethargy
  • weakness
  • shaking and tremors
  • a change in behavior

cici has finally figured a way to chew up one of her new toys… she grabbed a very small one out of her new doggie bag, one of the toys that I did not give her, and she managed to chew it up… not totally…

oh dogs, can always seems to find a way to get into mischief in new creative ways…every single day… who me, mom? she looks so innocent and sweet…  I’m a good girl, and so cute, yeah, woof woof woof…



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time to vote, red or blue, poll your dog…

time to vote,  is your dog red or blue, a donkey or an elephant? what I like about these is that they have rye flour and barley flour… will have to try some for cici… send us samples, please !   here’s what the dogs have to say about the matter…    http://www.markfiore.com/files/post_31.mp3  by the way, I have a new squidoo lens about California chocolate… and a couple of others, check them out… http://www.squidoo.com/californiadreaming   http://www.squidoo.com/political_pets  REPUBLICAN PETS:  1. Bark at passing neighbors and traffic; home security is very important to them.

2. Ears perk up when Fox News comes on.

3. Big spenders at the local pet store.

4. Strongly believe pet matrimony should only occur between two cats or two dogs.

5. Believe in the 2nd amendment right to bare teeth and claws.

6. Are for electric border fences around the yard.

7. Want national ID tags for all pets.

8. Advocate for the pet tracking chip – you can never have too much surveillance.


1. Want universal veterinary care for all.

2. Want their treats for free.

3. Socialize with all breeds at the dog park.

4. Prefer their owner uses biodegradable poop bags.

5. Are very concerned with the rising cost of pet food.

6. Have the young puppy and kitten vote locked.

7. Want to end the war of dogs vs. cats once and for all.

8. Think of Ralph Nader as the dog catcher.

If your dog falls somewhere in the middle, don’t worry: The low-fat peanut butter and honey biscuits can also be ordered in bipartisan cases – six $8.99 bags of each.

The biscuits are made by Capitol Dog Bakery, which donates $1 of each sale to the Washington Humane Society.

(Photo courtesy of petlane.com)


 and if that wasn’t enough, here’s another quiz for you… what dog breed are you, human?  I’m a Lab… so what political persuasion are Labs, Dalmatians, pit bulls???  










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pit bulls are sweet, loving nanny dogs…

found some wonderful sites about pit bulls, how we raise our dogs, no dogs are genetically mean, pit bulls were nanny dogs, raised with children,  and a woman claims she loves her partner because he treats her like a dog…  





she looks just like my dog as a pup except my dog has lots and lots of spots (her dalmatian side)…











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