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Relaxing Spa in the Desert

If your dog could speak s/he would tell you to Leave the hustle, bustle, traffic, noise and smog behind and bring them to The Dog Spa Resort and Wellness Center for a fun time together. The DogSpa is the pet friendliest place on the planet, never mind Palm Springs and it is for both humans and canines. Talk about dogitude. The place oozes dog friendly vibes. For one thing, dogs go unleash everywhere, there are no pet fees, no restrictions in terms of size, weight and breed, and you can leave the dog in the room if the dog will behave.

That does not mean there are no rules. Guests are reminded not to feed their dogs in public, no treats in common areas, to pick up after their dogs, and to supervise their dogs at all times. The DogSpa is the brainchild of Paula Terifaj, a holistic vet, who knows dogs, knows dog body language and she watches out for any problem dogs. She wants the DogSpa to be a really fun relaxing place for everyone. She also rescues dogs and wants to get the many dogs in shelters adopted into forever homes.

“I wanted to create some place unique, different, a really dog friendly place for people and their four legged family members, to unwind, unplug and relax with fresh air, sunshine and mineral water pools,” she explained. The soothing mineral water is what really attracts people to this area. Year round swimming in a hot springs pool and getting a stress-releasing massage, who could ask for anything more?

Paula bought the intimate hotel in 2009 and spent two years renovating it to her specifications. There is a dog park that is fenced that dogs can enjoy. Dogs Vacation Free here. And if your dog happens to fall into a pool with you, well then, whoopsie. This resort takes dog friendly into a whole other realm.

The point is for you and your dog to share the experience. You do not want to have your dog stuck in some kennel or room while you are away having fun. People benefit from the whole experience and their dogs get to be part of it, too.  Imagine lazy days lying in the sun, swimming in the pool, enjoying the hot tub, and your dog is lying on a towel next to you relaxing, too.

A dog named black lab mix named Jake greeted Cici and I. He was running around the pool with a ball in his mouth that he would not let go of come heck or mineral water. Cici also met one of Paula’s dogs, Brad Pit, a brown beagle and pit bull mix. He was guarding the area between the kitchen and the dog park (a relaxation area). We did not get to meet her other dog, Black Beauty.




We stayed in a luxury Suite 4 (with café kitchen).Cafe Kitchens feature a full sized refrigerator, ice, coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, sink, and dinnerware. There are only six unique rooms including Wellness rooms with purified water, air, magnet beds and so much more.




  • Two hot mineral pools kept at the perfect temperature year around. Large swimming pool at a comfortable 88° F and Jacuzzi at a therapeutic 102° F. Both heated without gas by an underground hot water well.
  • Complimentary health conscious buffet breakfast from 8am until 10am.

If you live in LA or San Diego and want to spend a weekend or vacation and enjoy the mineral hot springs pool in Desert Hot Springs (a few minutes from Palm Springs), then this IS the place to visit. It is only two hours from LA and San Diego and you can bring your pooch(es).


Speaking of dog parks, Paula suggests:

l. Be prepared and be vigilant.

2. Bring a spray bottle of water, know where there is a hose, or bring an air horn or a whistle to use if dogs are not getting along.

3. Be mindful

4. Keep your eyes and ears on your dog at all times.

5. Be aware of the weather. Dogs should NEVER be left along in a hot car and in the summer, the pavement may be too hot for their paws and can burn their pads.

If you are seeking a small intimate healthy environment to do workshops or seminars or retreats, you may be able to rent the entire property for a yoga workshop, a cooking, meditation, or healthy retreat.

Ask for the Double the Fun special as well as a dog spa gift certificate. You and your dog deserve stress-free pampering time!   Click on the link below to find out more.


You can also go shopping with your dog at The River (a dog friendly shopping mall in nearby Palm Desert, yes indeed)…

and there are hiking trails. Click the link below to find out all about the trails, dog park and where to eat with your pooch, too.



There are some other dog parks in the area in case you want to visit (but you will enjoy the one at the Dog Spa Resort more than any of the others, we betcha plus who wants to drive all the way to Palm Desert or Indio when you and your pooch came here to stretch your paws and woof it up !

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Doggie Mamas Unleashed

Pampering Mama is what Mother’s Day is all about. And what better way to spoil you doggie mamas than by having your pooch make you breakfast in bed. Ok, not likely. Fido or Fluffy will likely hog the bed as usual, if you allow them sleep in bed with you. Or they will snore, belch, breath in your face and get fur all over the place (it is shedding time again in Spring)… Cici is much more interested in slurping up whatever food hits the kitchen floor than in learning how to make yum-yum’s for me.

Maybe your hubby, significant other, life partner and/or children, friends, loved ones, family will pitch in and get you and your dog some terrific gifts like the ones below.  Some of the gifts are strictly for the dog mamas and a few are also for Fido/Fluffy and assist doggie mamas in becoming and being better doggie parents.

Hint, hint, hint, hint, hint…

Malva cake, a South African dessert


This cake should be illegal, it is that addictive. You cannot stop eating or thinking about eating this light, fluffy, moist yet delightful pudding cake… not quite cake not quite pudding handmade by Kari in Aptos. Get the new flavor, chocolate one. Each Malva uses only the freshest and best local ingredients including cage-free eggs from the Glaum chicken ranch just up the road and fresh apricot jam from the local farmer’s market with no corn syrup in it. Kari and her family have been making each Kari’s Malva Pudding for the past year and a half in their home town of Aptos, California. Each Malva Pudding is hand poured and packaged and frozen while fresh to lock in the homemade taste. Very easy to defrost and reheat and pass off as your own delicious creation. Traditionally, Malva Pudding is served warm with a little warm custard in winter and warm with a little ice cream in the summer. Malva Pudding is the favorite dessert of Nelson Mandela. Art Smith, and Oprah Winfrey. You can purchase online or at various stores.



Rescue Chocolate is a gourmet chocolate company that donates all of its net profits to animal-rescue organizations across the U.S. Rescue Chocolate is “the sweetest way to save a life,” and Wild at Heart dark chocolate hearts filled with zingy raspberry ganache are the perfect way to show your mom that you care. ($6-$12)

A Doggone weekend getaway, with or without poochie…

Send Fido to a Doggie camp and go off on a romantic holiday or girlfriends getaway

Or bring Fido with you on a pet friendly holiday to any of the fun places listed here on our blog and maybe visit some doggone pet friendly wineries in Napa or Mendocino. What is better than going wine tasting with your best friend.


Napa dog friendly wineries:


Mendocino dog friendly wineries include Navarro’s and Toulouse.

Visit Pet Friendly Las Vegas before the weather becomes unbearable. This month temps should reach 80-90’s, by June, they will be 100+ until October. Stay in Mt. Charleston if you want to enjoy a little bit of cooler weather (averages 10-30 degrees cooler).


Petco’s eco-friendly dog toys


Cici is not big on toys but she enjoyed playing in the back yard with her bone. Chewing, tugging, fetching it.

Supergravy from Clear Conscience Pet Food

Is your dog or cat a picky eater? Or perhaps they are ill. Or like Cici don’t like to eat their veggies. Now, Clear Conscience has introduced Supergravy which mixes easily with water and goes on top of the regular food (kibble) that you feed your pet. Cici scarfed it up easily.

Supergravy contains:

Humanely sourced organ meats: Liver and heart from grass fed, free range raised bison and beef are concentrated in SuperGravy™. Organ meats are one of the best sources of A and B vitamins, minerals, taurine, Coenzyme Q 10, and high quality protein.

Aztec Omegas ™:  Chia seed, (Salvia hispanica L)  is revered as the “miracle food” of the ancient Aztecs. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and a powerful antioxidant. SuperGravy™ is one of the first holistic pet products to use Chia.

Organic SuperVeggies™:  Spinach, pumpkin, and carrots, all “superfoods,” are added in concentrated form to provide immune boosting phytonutrients.

SuperGravy™ comes in a small pouch for a 30 day supply and is less expensive (about 35 cents a day as compared to $2.00 or more a can of heavy cans of pet food) that many pet owners add to the food to get their pets to eat.


Flashbrite for Pets

Do you walk your dog at night? And does your dog have dark fur. In other words, are they visible at night? Just to be sure that they can be seen, 3M Scotchlite has created reflective ankle bands that fit easily and comfortably around your pets ankles to protect your pet. Your pet can be seen 360 from all directions. You can also wear stick-on patches for pet owners so that you can be safe, too.


Viva La Dog SPA’s Oatmeal shampoo to take away the itchies. Helps ease discomfort from insect bites, hot spots and other skin irritants.  Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is made with sweet almond oil which moisturizes skin along with oatmeal and aloe to soothe red, itchy skin. Lathered up nice and her fur is so soft. Cici is still itchy though. Perhaps we have to do more. I love the smell of the shampoo.


Mulligan stew

Cici loved the Mulligan stew chicken and turkey, both dry and canned food. Yummy, nutritious and good for her, too. Their claim, however, that eating the food would take away Cici’s itchies, cannot be verified, since they only sent 3-4 days worth of food, not long enough to test it out. We may purchase some for a longer test soon. Found the food a little pricey but if it takes away the itchies, it will be worthwhile. Also, they have a buying club, where you receive benefits such as 25% off all Mulligan Stew dog food and treat purchases all year long. The fee to join the club is $25 per year.


Think outside the box (or inside the box) this Doggie Mama’s Day.


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Start a Foot Licking Spa Salon for Fun & Profit

Start Your Own Foot Licking Spa Salon (Shoe Cleaning and Tail Lashing Extra) a Lucrative Home Business …

You can make a big pile of cash at home with a FOOT LICKING, (SHOE CLEANING and TAIL LASHING ) spa salon business!  This is perfect for multi-tasking dogs everywhere, honest.  Utilize shelter dogs, for a bonus and/or give a small % to animal rescue groups and you will have a faithful following. HIRE HOMELESS MUTTS !!! You will get TONS OF PRESS. You will never have to be concerned about cash flow again !

Wild exotic sounding spa treatments take place all over the world every day. Hot stones on backs. Mud spas. Seaweed, sea salt, herbal, even chocolate slatherings.

In Japan, tiny fish that nibble away all the dead skin on the feet, and in other areas of the body are all the rage at foot spa salons. The Japanese find this very relaxing and pools of foot nibbling fish are everywhere. Well, here in America, with our CAN DO spirit, we can make our Best Friends Foot Spas that offer FOOT LICKING a Huge Success!!

Here in California, folks are known for being the first in the country to do just about anything. We have raw sushi places on every block or mall, koi fish in our pools (similar to gold fish, only bigger and different colors) plus whales and dolphins in the ocean, some we swim with. None of these sea animals would work for a successful foot licking spa salon.

Have a menu of services and tell people what to expect. Give them what they pay for and more.

First, when people come inside your foot spa, if they have shoes on with laces, NO PROBLEM !  Your dog, if she is anything like mine, probably can untie the laces in a flash. Then s/he can help with taking the shoes off the feet, already beginning the spa treatment with some showing off.

Have a bowl of warm water ready for spa participants to put their feet into after your dog gets to cleaning the feet. Meanwhile, another dog can clean their shoes.

The dogs will take care of the shoes, put them in a special place. Then the customers feet are put in a pan of warm water. Very soothing. Feet are greased and wrapped as suggested below. After that, the foot licking treatment begins. Wonderful! The dogs are happy, the customers are, too.  And you are making loot, to boot, Heavenly!!

Felines welcome?

Some people may also like the feel of a different type of licking. One done by a very special tongue, a feline’s. Yes, you heard me right.  The sharp razorlike cat tongue treatment may precede the canine licking or happen afterward, whatever the customer wants !  Be sure to let them know that toe chewing or clawing is an extra benefit.

Similarly, tail lashing can happen at the beginning or the end of the process and may or may not be included in the spa treatment. No more than three dog tails are advised at any given time. And if you can train the dogs to wag in sync with one another, the better the effect.

A foot licking salon just might become your American dream. Your ship will have come in. All you need is a few enthusiastic dogs, a comfortable room with relaxing reclining chairs, some soothing music, incense, aromatherapy and/or a few scented candles to set the mood.

Put up a website, invite customers to your Open House and let them try their first treatment free or with a discount.

Your family pets can help earn their keep, utilizing their foot fetishes for good and help you make a small fortune in the foot licking business.

This could be a very lucrative full-time or part-time venture. Whatever floats your boat. And you can charge whatever the traffic will bear.

If you grease the feet with a thin layer of butter and then wrap them doggies (feet) in meat (hot dogs, turkey, sausage, bacon, chicken or deli meat, even spam will do),  the dogs will be motivated to lick longer. Foot licking can be a lot of work for a working hound. I can see the signs… Will work for hot dogs or Hot dogs lapping up the luxury. Creamy peanut butter is another possibility, depending upon the dog. Cheaper than meat, to cut your expenses when you are first starting out.


I would suggest that you call these spa treatments pet therapy for your clients. So they can tell all of their friends and brag about how special it is. Every American loves to prove their high class status and tell their friends and relatives about the new therapy treatment they’ve gotten and the more expensive, the better the therapy. And, soon you will even be writing off your vet bills, butcher and dog food as business expenses. Win win woof.


Your dogs will be pampered and revered. When you relocate to Bev Hills, and Paris Hilton, Doris Day, Betty White and other dog loving celebs jump on the foot licking bandwagon,  you will know that you have ARRIVED. You can also offer these foot licking services as part of a Doggie and Me package, part of your B&B. Also, when your dog has its own cell phone or beeper and Martha Stewart, Animal Planet and/or Oprah ask you to come on their show for a demonstration, your 15 minutes of fame will have begun.

Give the dogs whatever they want so they’ll treat the customers right !

Little yappy dogs may be too pampered and cause too many ego problems. Not showing up for work. Nipping at feet. Big, sloppy or medium dogs may be the best dogs. The kind of dogs that love to please and will lick feet all day long, every day if you let them. Doggie heaven and money too.


You can advertise that your spa is green and eco friendly, too… Dogs cleaning up the planet one foot at  time!


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Doggie and me in LA…


This pet-friendly hotel is just 12 miles from LAX Airport. There are 160 spacious upscale and modern non-smoking guest rooms and suites, complimentary wireless Internet, an outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis court, fitness suite, Zen-inspired Spa, On Sunset Restaurant, and the Luxe Lounge. There is a lot of grass for pooches to explore around the property and a pet waste station near the tennis court.

The “Doggie & Me” Package includes luxury suite accommodations and In-room massages for guests and their four-legged loved ones. While you receive your massage, your doggie receives hers/his. Doggies love getting a relaxing massage to soothe the stress of driving and city life.

The Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd. can accommodate dogs that are 50 pounds or less and requests that dogs be both pet and human friendly. The pet fee is $150 per stay.

Cici enjoyed chewing up the dog toy that she was given. Other pet amenities include treats and waste bags in a handy dandy small container.

There are 12 pet friendly suites and they are all on the upper floor for access to the grassy area…the Luxe Spa is also on this floor. Pets are not permitted in the restaurant or pool area of the hotel.

The hotel also offers four-legged friends their own dinner menus of beef and brown rice dinner or chicken and oats for $10 for 8 oz. and a snack menu of beefy banana bones and bites or beefy pumpkin bones and bites or Molly Paws for $15 for 24 pieces in a bag…

Soon, the Luxe may offer pooch pawties with Shazdehs Party Planning (for pampered Poochies)…

do check out the staff’s pooches (photos below of Seth Horowitz, General Manager of the Luxe and Zoey and Margit Haut, Director of Sales & Marketing and Daisy)

yes, it definitely is a dog’s life…

dog friendly parks:

Barrington Park on Barrington Avenue in Brentwood (half a mile from the hotel) features a fenced, off leash area


Will Rogers Historic Park in Pacific Palisades permits leashed dogs in the park and on trails for $1 per dog and is five miles west of the hotel along Sunset Blvd.




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God answers dog prayers…

saying prayers

Is this the cutest/sweetest photo ever? A friend sent it last night and I just had to post it here… Imagine what the dog is praying for? a cat to chase… some yummy treats… bones… doggie chow… a dog feast… a dog to play with… do dogs pray? fun to think about…

I think my dog is praying to be able to run and play again like she used to do … she keeps running around the yard now and every time we go outside, she wants to take a walk… she is definitely praying for a good run, a dog to play and wrestle with (or two), a belly rub, and a swim at the beach, chasing the birds…

or maybe she’s praying for a doggie spa… someone had this on their website, am happy to post the site, just noticed that the website is on the photo, upper right hand corner…. see below…

just had to add this link… animals comments about the oil spill in San Francisco… pretty funny… and a friend posted that there is a group of people who have been cleaning up the oil spill using hair mats, yes, mats made from human hair, and it apparently sponges up the oil, and some of these volunteers were chased away… but what a great and noble group of people coming together to clean up the mess that they did not make…



doggie spa

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