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Pets and Hurricane Sandy

It is in times of need that true humanity and love of one’s neighbors really shines. May we all remember these actions even when we aren’t caught in such circumstances.  Share the good, power, millions of folks are still without power…
Obama on Hurricane Sandy: “I am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. I’m worried about the impact on families.”



The Huffington Post

A resident and his dog are evacuated on Tuesday from a neighborhood in Little Ferry, N.J., one day after Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast: http://huff.to/X1CaUz
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alley cats



Instead of donating $5,000 to the Red Cross, Romney spent $5,000 staging his own charitable event for a photo op with canned goods.  Red Cross doesn’t want canned food or photo-ops. It needs cash. Text “redcross” to 90999 & give $10.

From the NJSPCA:  Patrick and the Scavelli’s did fine during the storm just another new adventure for Patrick.  looks like at least 10 days before power is restored here at a minimum. Sorry for the disruption of information. We were hit pretty hard. Please contact your local shelters and see what help they need. NJSPCA is working with many hard hit shelters. Capt is dreaming of a hot shower sometime in the future…

“Hurricane Capt” will strike NJ next week dealing with any and all shelters that refused to accept people with their animal companions. Seriously there are still shelters that will not allow animal companions ?? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told people to keep their animal companions with them as they headed to shelters. Shelters that allow animals are comforting for all involved including children and the elderly. If anyone is refused entry into a shelter here in NJ because of an animal companion Capt wants to hear from you. Take your companions with you and do not accept being turned away. Stay safe and again do not be intimidated into separating from your animal family. Capt

I’ve lived in Jersey most of my life and have NEVER seen such devastation. I have close friends who lost everything they own including their home. Food is scarce and gasoline is a 2.5 hour wait if you can find it. Yet through all this NJSPCA agents and officers are fighting the destruction to help save lost/missing pets – starting with the hardest hit, the Jersey Shore. These animals need food, blankets, crates, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Donations are urgently needed. NJSPCA will transport and distribute the supplies to animals and shelters in need. Monetary donations can be made at njspca.org hurricane chipin. Thank you for your help! Tiffi

If you want to give / donate for pets, give to local rescues and no kill shelters such as our friends who have helped Patrick, at the NJSPCA,

  • 1119 Livingston Ave.
  • New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
Phone (800) 582-5979
Website http://njspca.org

Please DO NOT donate to ASPCA nor Humane Society of USA nor PETA. They do NOT help animals/pets.   More info at :  http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=10899

Friendly Fire…

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my Halloween angel

Cici does not like getting dressed up…

can you tell???  LOL

candy candy candy…

in the midst of Sandy, and all that is happening on the east coast, my beloved NYC, and NJ,  CT, etc., here is an amazing and miraculous and inspirational tale… a tribute


the location of my father’s old store…Canal Street… it was a dark , dirty and hole in the wall store… with a basement filled with rats…  and old used machinery…industrial equipment… that he bought and sold


Happy Halloween!!!




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Barking at her own reflection… don’t worry, be happy

My friends had suggested that I take my dog on virtual walks, through a guided visualization, where she can run and play on the beach, as well as (I added this) play with other dogs. I also gave her a divine physical therapist, healer, trainer, and it was a lot of fun. Afterwards, believe it or not, her leg was stronger, she stopped hopping, and she even tried to climb this hill, which she has not done before. Some people may not think this means anything or think it’s coincidence, ok, that’s fine. For others, you know this works so I thought that I’d mention it. I will continue doing this.

My dog is bored and wants to run and play more than she can at this point, so part of doing this, is to help her dissipate some of the energy she has excessive amounts of, which leads to chewing up everything in sight and / or sticking her head under the bed and whining or growling or barking at me.

Speaking of barking, so funny, she saw her own reflection in the door to the laundry room and was barking at herself, thinking it was another dog, so i opened up the door so she could see that there was no dog in there… she sniffed around, looked confused, and looked at me, like what happened, where did the dog go? funny girl…

We did some training, stay and come and she did ok, but a few times, she just decided to mosy over, took her time, or she came before I told her to come… so this needs some work, she is still young…


dog self awareness…


dog training course

Countown to my birthday/Thanksgiving… got a huge turkey… so far no one to share it with… my friends are in Vegas or California or on the east coast, some in other countries, too. Dead relatives and the ones who are alive, never mind. I used to dread the holidays because it meant spending time with the family, now I’ve got no family to spend them with. Sad.

I would love to be at the beach, in Carmel, Monterey, Maui, Hawaii, any of the islands, in the Bay area, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Pacific Grove, for my birthday… have a reservation, but don’t know yet how that could happen due to circumstances. Being stuck in northern Nevada is ok. It’s quiet and peaceful here at least. Could be worse. Count my blessings.

Praying for a new car/SUV, silver one, good on gas mileage, a Hybrid, or efficient, low mileage used one, as well as my own home near the beach. I used to live in Bodega Bay at the beach. It was cold in winter but I loved it there, listening to the surf / waves at night, the deer would come to the lawn, there were rainbows. The stars. Sigh.

There are a lot of stars here at night, and weird animal sounds. Rumors of wild bears, coyotes, and horses.

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